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Soul Song Solutions

Soul Song Solutions

By Olivia Immitt
Meditations, conversations and intellectual explorations of sound, thought and movement. Your host, Olivia Immitt, is a guide to deepen your connection to your power, pleasure and purpose. As a certified sound healer from the Globe Institute, Olivia finds it important to explain why something works on a scientific level in addition to implementing the techniques. By understanding how something works we are able to satisfy the rational mind so that we access the subconscious mind. Join Olivia on a journey of self discovery and empowerment.
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Astrology as a tool for Empowerment with Astro Phil

Soul Song Solutions

Astrology as a tool for Empowerment with Astro Phil

Soul Song Solutions

Astrology as a tool for Empowerment with Astro Phil
Do you feel it? Something is happening. Astrology can be a place where we can find answers as to help us navigate the celestial energies that are effecting all of us on a collective and personal level. Knowledge is power. The more we are aware of what is affecting us, the more empowered we become. In this conversation, Phil AKA Astro Phil, explains how you can take simple steps to understanding the movements in the skies and how they play a role in your life. He also describes what is happening in 2021 as an overall theme for the year that is influenced by the current relationship with Saturn and Uranus. This relationship is creating tension, however it can also create great opportunities for lasting change.  To learn more from Astro Phil, who has devoted his life to help others gain more understanding and awareness about Astrology and the intuitive language that accompanies this work, visit 
April 28, 2021
Release and Receive Meditation
Short guided meditation to open up the channel of life that flows through you. In order to receive we must first release. Imagine an offering in front of a fist in a clenched position. The fist must first let go and open up it's palm in order to receive. In this mediation you will be guided to release and then make the connection to receive. Vocals accompany this mediation to help you drop into a deeper state of relaxation. 
April 27, 2021
Let's Get It Started
Is there something that you have always wanted to get started? Or is there something that you are currently working on bringing into the world? Either way, there are many people right now that feel this unique point in time as a calling to finally do whatever it is that they have felt called to do for a while, but have not yet done it. Until now. There is a doorway opening. It is time for us to step through it. To offer our gifts to the world. In this episode your host, Olivia Immitt, talks about what she is getting started. She touches upon the some of her offerings in short detail and why they are beneficial. Each one of her offerings is rooted in helping people connect with their power to create the lives that they want to live and to create what they are called to create. The world needs us to share our gifts with the world. The time is now.  To see more about what Olivia is offering, visit:  To schedule an appointment or a FREE consultation with Olivia, visit:
April 19, 2021
Becoming a Mom and Starting a Business
This episode is of a raw and unedited conversation between your host, Olivia Immitt, and her personal coach, Lizzy McDonald. The journey we explore is a personal one. One where Olivia shares what thoughts and emotions arise as she becomes a mother while simultaneously starting a business and how the two intertwine. Finding out that she was pregnant on the day that she launched her website is just one simple example of this. Olivia sees this as an opportunity to be brutally honest with herself and others. For in doing so we let yourselves free, giving the permission for others to do the same. The insights that Olivia has had are mostly related to reframing how she sees herself and the world. Turning around the story from one of blame to one of self empowerment.  To find out more about Lizzy's process of guiding others to activate their highest selves, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @_lizzy_mcdonald_  To see what Olivia is birthing into the world with her offerings of sound and how you can become a sound healer, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @olivia_immitt and @soul_song_solutions   
April 10, 2021
Flow State
What is the flow state? How do you tap into it? In this episode you will experience the state of flow. Raw and on the spot. The state of flow is where solutions reside. We already have everything we need to create what we want. When we tap into a state of flow we can connect with the answers that we are searching for that already exist. Melt away the restraints you have put upon yourself to be and act a certain way. Let yourself go. Let yourself flow. 
April 6, 2021
My Journey With Sound
The intention of this episode is to share some of my personal knowledge about sound, that is ever expanding, and my journey that brought me to use sound as a healing tool. I share some of the physical ailments that I was experiencing that subsided when I started working with my voice. These symptoms included digestive issues, food allergies, passing out when stressed out, unexplainable anxiety and more. By working with my voice I was able to bring my body back into a state of balance. In this episode you will find out why. In my humble opinion, I think that the voice is the most powerful sound healing tool that so many people have access to. If you can speak you can use your voice to help balance your body. It is my hope that this information will inspire you to start using sound as a healing tool by connecting with your voice.
March 31, 2021
Meditation for Letting Go of Should
Imagine yourself moving through your life from a place on inspiration and flow. This is possible when we let go of the limits we put on ourselves that stem from our beliefs about what we "should" do or be. By questioning if something is a true moral obligation or if it is a self imposed limitation you will start to see where you are holding yourself back. This meditation was made with the intention to facilitate letting go of the should(s) that restrict, control and stifle the free flowing space of creativity. This is key for manifesting our desires and dreams into reality.  This meditation was recorded on the Cumberland River in Eastern Kentucky. You can hear the sound of the river flowing in the background throughout the meditation to help you drop into your state of flow.  
March 28, 2021