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The Outrun Show – A Radical Parkour Podcast

The Outrun Show – A Radical Parkour Podcast

By Outrun Parkour
Jump into Outrun culture, a parkour and radical fitness show. Our awesome banter will bring you into the world of Outrun Parkour culture where you can get better by learning about training parkour, using technology, achieving goals, and staying healthy, all while being entertained by Outrun founders and hosts Travis Lee, Jesse & Justin Clark.
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Ep. 45 | Mini Vans & Ravens & Training, Oh My! || How do You Find Your Parkour Style?
On this episode of the Outrun Show we discuss the designing Castle Black, Travis decides what bird he is, we discuss the diagonal progressions when training parkour, the power of showing up and learning how you look when you move. Castle Black and the Outrun Event Van? (1:10) Is Travis a Crow or a Raven? (6:53) What’s the most sustainable way to train parkour? (13:50) How do you work on a diagonal progression? (22:39) Group training and Videogame Raiding? (29:18) Why is it a good thing to just keep moving? (37:05) Time investment matters more than words? (39:55) Do you know what your movement looks like? (44:55) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
April 25, 2021
Ep.43 | Are You Better Than Your Past? | How to Be Original in Parkour? | Super Student Pt. 3
On the third part of the Super Student Episodes we discuss how you can be a great student for yourself, the beauty of being the chef of your domain, and how to beat your past self. Is Tik Tok replacing TV? (2:00) How can you learn parkour faster? (9:58) Are you choosing to be a student? (13:59) Does a good chef refuse to use other’s recipes? (18:47) What makes anything original? (23:07) How can you keep yourself accountable? (28:15) What is your morning routine? (30:30) Can you beat your past self? (35:01) Puzzles are the key to learning new things? (43:20) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
April 07, 2021
Ep. 42| The Biggest Key to Improvement? | How to Respect the Dojo | Super Student Series Pt. 2
On this episode we continue the keys to being a great student for your peers and your Gym/Dojo. How can being a great peer feed into other parts of your life and when should athletes take their foot of the gas for the benefit of the group? What is Respecting the Dojo? (1:13) Do you let your peers listen to the coach? (6:00) Are you encouraging or are you being a hype man? (8:42) When should High level athletes hold back? (14:35) What is the biggest key to improving? (17:35) Positive reinforcement vs. harsh criticism (22:00) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
March 22, 2021
#41 | How to Learn Easier | Become the Perfect Student | Can You Stop Judging Yourself?
Welcome to Part 1 of the Student Series; Have you ever wanted to know  the secrets to learning quicker and with less effort? In this episode we  discuss why school may have hindered your thought process to learning,  pushing yourself to keep up, learning alone, and how to tread the line  between humility and confidence.    - Did school inhibit your learning capabilities? (00:45) - Are you implementing lesson alone? (5:14) - Peer training pressure and rising baselines? (10:42) - How can you balance the line between humility and self-confidence? (16:17) - What can you understand your athletic baseline? (21:50) - Why shouldn’t you compare yourself to others? (25:30) - Are you paying attention to the little wins? (29:50) - Closing Thoughts! (35:08)  Apple:  Spotify:  Support us on Anchor RSS:
March 13, 2021
What's The Right Way to Introduce Parkour to Friends? | Minecraft Parkour? | Ep. 40
On this episode, Justin, Jesse, and Travis discuss how to introduce beginners to parkour, Minecraft parkour videos, being cold in Colorado and the best techniques for parkour newbies. Living Life at -0 in Colorado (00:55) How to introduce people to parkour? (11:30) Why should you learn from a coach? (15:55) How should High level athletes act around newbies? (24:15) Minecraft Parkour and Buddhist Style gaming? (33:30) To be a coach or to learn with your friend? (44:55) Technique of choice for beginners? (51:35) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
February 15, 2021
Ep. 39| The Outrun Show Gets a Production Change? | Wall Street Vs. Reddit
On this episode we talk about how the Outrun Show is changing and what that means for your viewing pleasure. Reddit fights Wall Street and unsolicited financial talk gets thrown around. Wall Street Vs. Reddit (1:17) Sell now or hold the line? (12:30) How do we cry? (24:26) Outrun Show Production Change (29:07) Best of the Outrun Show (37:17) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
January 30, 2021
Ep. 38| The Keys to Being an Amazing Coach & Best Hype Music for Parkour Training?
On this episode of the Outrun Show the crew discusses the best music to workout and focus to, the ideas that surround stoic thought, the main topic of how to communicate to students to become a better coach, and thinking about how you want people to remember you. Best Workout Music Genres?(2:02) - Working out to NPR (4:00) - Playlist per mood? (9:40) - Emotional Focus (18:40) - What are Stoic thought processes? (30:45) How should you be speaking to your students? (40:30) - What words can you use to communicate better? (48:30) - Coaching to the level of the student? (1:03:54) - Coaching curiosity and improvement? (1:15:55) What should be your student expectations? (1:19:40) - How can you become an interesting and inviting coach? (1:25:50) - Retirement Speech (1:30:50) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
January 23, 2021
Ep. 37 | How to get Bulletproof Parkour Mobility? | Iced Coffee Doesn’t Love you?
On this episode we discuss how much love is really put into iced coffee, what to do and not to do to get strong mobility for parkour, and why jackets really do fill out your style. Jackets, the style you need? (1:05) - Baby Gym Update (6:00) Iced Coffee doesn’t love you? (7:17) Bulletproof parkour mobility? (19:57) - Are you gifted or cursed for mobility? (29:24) - What is the Nordic hamstring curl? (38:01) Mobility do’s and don’ts for training. (43:47) - Squishing your meat (47:00) - Static stretching (48:40) - Singling out your muscles (53:15) - Mobility for longevity (1:01:20) - Front split (1:05:30) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
January 16, 2021
Ep. 36 | New Year’s Resolutions | Gaining a New Mind, New Food, & New Kitchen Workouts
On this episode Jesse, Justin, and Travis discuss their new years resolutions. Touching on the topics of moving out of your comfort zone, new things, training your mind, summoning aliens, and standing strong during a sentient snake uprising. New Year’s Resolutions! (1:10) - Never order food twice? (2:00) - Kitchen workout equipment? (12:50) - Mindset Meditation and summoning aliens (21:34) Can you focus on your goals during a sentient snake uprising? (34:24) - Goals or stubbing your toe, which is more important? (44:00) - What is the trick to accomplishing resolutions? (49:10) Apple: Spotify: Support us on Anchor RSS:
January 09, 2021
Ep. 35 | Parkour Training in Airports? | Pigeons in The Bathroom? | How to Improve Your Back Squat?
On this episode the crew discusses how to train in an airport, on  planes, and on trains. Then we give you some tips and tricks to improve  your backsquat and the benefit of training horse stance.  Unpaid talent? (1:57) We are experiencing heavy wind today (6:20) Escalator airport handstands? (10:20)     - Where can you use horses in an airport? (15:40)     - The DIA conspiracy theories? (19:00)     - Rest or stretch? (22:30) Justin finds in-flight bathroom pigeons? (23:30)     - Ostriches on a plane? (28:40)     - Split squat eye contact? (33:00) How can the horse stance benefit you? (36:30)     - Stretching can prevent injury? (45:34) Back squats for Range of Motion? (48:05)     - What is the truth of perfect shapes? (56:45)  Where can you find us? Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
December 26, 2020
Ep. 34| Design Update For The New Gym | Near Death Hike | Valuing Business Partners
On this episode of the outrun show we discuss the cyber future, what happens to buttons, what our thought process was when designing the Outrun brand, a hike that could have been fatal, and the benefits of business partners. The Cyber Future (3:09) - What is the future of buttons? (7:00) What is the Outrun Brand? (17:00) - How do we think about designing a gym? (26:50) - The great foam pit debacle? (35:01) - What is a gym boat? (38:44) Why should you double down on your dreams? (41:30) - The benefit of trusting business partners? (46:15) Jesse’s Death Hike and the power of love (49:20) - Who are the right people to surround yourself with? (59:20) Where can you find us? Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
December 19, 2020
Ep. 33 | Would there be Parkour without Hong Kong Cinema? | Storror Videogame on Kickstarter
On this episode we discuss the original influences of parkour, why  parkour grew because of the internet, cinema holding back athletes, and  the announcement of Storror’s videogame kickstarter.   Dreaming of the new gym (1:47) The Storror Videogame Kickstarter (5:50)     - What audience would a parkour game capture? (12:15)     - Support Storror's videogame Did Cinema inspire movement practice? (20:20)     - Is anything truly original? (24:50)     - What is Hong Kong cinema? (30:15)     - Throttling athletes for movies? (33:56) Parkour’s digital co-founders? (43:07)     - Did the ancients train parkour? (48:30) Should Parkour be used as an umbrella term? (50:55)     - Can we recognize origin and grow up? (58:53)     - Is parkour really about being practical? (1:04:32)  Casino Royale Chase Scene: Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
December 12, 2020
Ep. 32 | Human Generalist: Is it enough to be human? | Getting Thanos’d on Social Media
Today on The Outrun Show the crew talks about what it means to be a human, why Facebook reduces some accounts to atoms, what is natural training, and Jesse tells us why he decided to learn freediving. How do the COVID vaccine trials work? (2:25) Travis’s Facebook Account Gets Thanos’d (9:45) - Instagram Stealing things? (18:15) - Facetime Culture? (21:20) What is the problem with the Move Nat bar top out? (26:08) - Travis’ Move Nat cert experience (32:20) - Progression Problems? (38:45) The Natural World and Human fitness? (43:35) - Should humans be well rounded? (49:39) Jesse goes freediving? (56:57) - What program should you take? (1:04:20) - Should you really be good at everything? (1:11:20) - Rafe Kelley – Return to the Joy: Parkour in Nature Where can you find us? Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
December 05, 2020
Ep. 31| Free Gains | GOMAD from Milk | Best Compound Parkour Skills
On this episode of The Outrun Show the crew talks about the danger of birthday Sushi, how milk can make you GOMAD, and what free grains you can acquire from parkour. What is Birthday Sushi Roulette?? (1:02) - Can you “GO MAD” from too much milk? (7:20) What on Earth are free gains? (17:00) - What Parkour Skills give free gains? (21:56) - Parkour makes you better at other sports? (25:55) - Jesse launches himself into a wall? (32:00) Why don’t Jesse’s bails make Travis panic? (36:30) - The Parkour athlete measuring stick? (43:30) - Feeling that sense of accomplishment! (50:00) - Editing programming you paid for? (53:30) What lift should everyone do? (1:00:15) - Do you need glutes for clout? (1:07:30) - Do tall people have strength disadvantages? (1:11:45) Do your instructors have an impact on you? (1:18:40) - Final important tips? (1:23:30) Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
November 21, 2020
Ep. 30| Become a Master Videographer & Why Do You Actually Want Censorship?
Do you need Parkour Insurance? (1:20) - You have one body, should you go to the doctor? (6:00) Why does social media need censorship? (7:15) - What is the beauty of Reddit? (13:35) - Social Media has a dark side? (20:05) How to create your own content! (25:40) - Do you need friends? (25:40) - What is a gimbal? (29:45) - The importance of a videographer? (32:25) - Why do videographers stand in weird positions? (34:20) How can you trust the person filming you? (39:15) - Its time to make content (46:30) Can high level athletes become videographers? (51:30) - B-roll and spicy videography? (59:00) - Why are you running from vertical video!? (1:09:00) FINAL TIPS FROM THE CREW (1:18:00) Dom Tomato Height Drop: Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
November 13, 2020
Ep. 29| Battling the Frozen Training Tundra & How To Consume Parkour Content?
On this episode the Crew discusses streaming platforms, the best place for consuming parkour content, training in winter time, and sprinting uphill. The Difference between streaming platforms (1:00) - Parkour production quality? (7:22) - Media Outlets and video styles (14:00) -  Artesian or Artisan content? (20:22) - What is the problem with parkour on YouTube? (28:20) Winter Training and Parkour Style (36:07) - What is a winter Warm up? (40:50) - Are you better than past versions of yourself? (45:55) - What about traditional training in winter? (51:35) Will you be a beautiful butterfly after winter? (56:58) - What is Bernie Senders? (1:01:58) - The one strength exercise to rule them all? (1:05:55) - The minimum effective training? (1:12:34) - Broad jumps without breath? (1:23:00) Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
November 07, 2020
Ep. 28 | How Can You Fight Fear & What Are Our Scary Halloween Stories?
Halloween is almost here so the crew shares some of their spooky stories and how to deal with fear when it comes to training.     Halloween is almost here so the crew shares some of their spooky stories and how to deal with fear when it comes to training. Should you fear the T-Rex or the Velociraptors? (0:55) - Halloween is upon us! (6:33) Spooky stories for spooky season (12:00) - Zombie hunting and the attic skull (18:00) - The Purple Man (23:50) - Pingree Park Spook House (29:55) Facing the spectrum of fear (34:00) - Difference between risk and consequence (40:10) - What is a timer? (50:00) - How should you approach something scary? (56:25) Why is inversion important? (1:04:20) - How can you trust yourself? (1:06:53) - Fear hacks (1:13:20) - What to do when you can’t get a challenge? (1:20:30) The CSU mountain Campus: Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
October 30, 2020
Ep. 27 | What Are Crimes Against Coaching & The Outrun Cybertruck?
On this episode The Crew discusses owning supercars, and the many crimes that coaches might commit when teaching their students. What’s Jesse’s problem with cars? (1:08) - ‘Merica Car Problems (6:35) - Supercars as an art form (12:43) Crimes Against Coaching (18:34) - The YOLO Coach (22:00) - Krusty The Coach (28:53) - Crash Test Dummy (33:33) How do you prove yourself to a coach? (38:50) - The Negligent Step Dad (45:00) - Audience Coaching (49:30) - Jump Harder (59:30) What upper body strength do you need to swing? (1:06:45) - Why check the height of challenges? (1:12:40) Kid struggles to break a board: Anchor: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
October 23, 2020
Ep. 26| How To Warm Up Fast, Dystopian FoCo, & Justin’s Hand Got An Upgrade?
In this episode the Crew talks about the smoke from the fires in Colorado, their favorite videogames, Justin’s wedding, and how you can warm-up quicker and more effectively before your workouts! FoCo Dystopia 2020 (1:05) Impactful videogames? (6:07) - What’s our favorite videogame? (11:05) - Does multiplayer change the gaming experience? (19:30) Life updates, Justin’s hand looks better! (27:14) - What is a design language? (35:23) Is there a more correct way to warm-up? (38:25) - Cultivating heat in a warm-up? (43:23) - Getting lost in the music? (50:30) - How to warm-up fast for your workout. (54:54) - How can you fix weaknesses in your body? (1:04:00) Find us on Apple Podcasts: Find us on Spotify:
October 16, 2020
Ep. 25 | Are You Training Hard Or Surviving, Justin's Hand Got Attacked & What's World Chase Tag?
Can Justin use his hand anymore? (1:00) What is World Chase Tag? (4:58) - Why is tag so dangerous in a parkour gym? (10:30) - Can Chase Tag become a specialized skill? (17:55) What is training hard for parkour? (25:15) - Stories from training for hours on end. (33:01) - Are you training or surviving? (39:52) - Is it important to be original or to be “perfect”? (47:32) Can you get results without training intensely at some point? (54:55) - Why don’t we often train sprints and lift weights? (1:00:15) - How can you find the middle ground in training? (1:05:30) World Chase Tag: Justin’s Kong Gainer at (1:13 – 1:15): Find us on Apple Podcasts: Find us on Spotify:
October 02, 2020
Ep. 24 | The Best Mentality For Rest Days, Outrun Groundbreaking Ceremony, & Choking On Steak?
On this episode the crew discusses the importance of rest days, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new gym, and what obstacles we would love to have to train on. What was groundbreaking ceremony like? (1:10) - There is parkour insurance for athletes? (6:20) - Is Outrun making a good footprint in Fort Collins? (8:40) Obstacles we would want in a gym? (14:40) - Why are some cities better for Parkour? (23:30) - How do we feel about parkour done in movies? (29:34) How can you relax after Casino Royale? (34:25) - Justin vs. FOMO, who would win? (38:32) - Videogames can help you feel better? (42:34) - Eating right, choking on steak? (46:25) Do you ENJOY you rest days? (53:09) - How can you diversify the things you enjoy? (59:19)
September 25, 2020
Ep. 23 | When Should You Learn To Roll & Origins Of Our Orbit & Terra Programs?
In this episode, Justin, Jesse, and Travis talk about learning Ukemi in parkour then we dive into our mindsets and reasoning behind Outrun’s Orbit and Terra programs. Start Trek and the new gym? (00:41) - We were gifted cookies and our thoughts on parkour rolls? (6:28) - Our recovery tools and kicking tables? (13:34) - When should rolls be taught when learning parkour? (20:50) How can rolls be taught in a safer way? (29:20) - Rolls for bails or rolls for style? (35:35) The origins of our Orbit and Terra programs (39:19) - Why is Orbit not a purely acrobatics program? (45:43) - Cipher culture as it relates to Orbit? (50:40) What is the focus of our Terra program? (56:50) - How do we cultivate exploratory nature? (1:03:48) - What is the Terra mindset? (1:09:42) - How can humans feel more human? (1:18:43) Why is Terra not focused on parkour competitions? (1:20:45) - Parkour for self-defense? (1:26:50) Orbit Vibes: How we saved a kind person: Crazy bboy final from 2013: Skateboarding fails flowing into bboy moves:
September 19, 2020
Ep. 22 | Your Best Options For Unlocking New Skills & How Can You Benefit From Mentors?
On this episode Justin, Travis, and Jesse discuss the best gym tools to use to practice flipping and how to discover the mentors in your life and how you can seek them out. Do aliens actually exist? (00:28) Our favorite tools to use to learn flips? (6:40) - What about the foam pit, AT, or spring floor? (12:03) - Why don’t we like trampolines for parkour? (21:30) - Wait, what’s happening to the foam pit? (31:15) Why should you have mentors in your life? (34:21) - Do you have a mister Miyagi level mentor? (39:56) - Can mentors make it okay to play Pokémon? (43:30) - Do you secretly have mentors in your life? (48:40) What is our dream for the future of Outrun and mentors? (53:40) - Can quitting be okay? (1:01:10) - Why are you in your current job? (1:08:38) - Parents can teach you how to endure suffering? (1:16:30) - How do you find your passion in life? (1:21:30) Aliens!?
September 12, 2020
Ep. 21 | A Big Announcement & Who Was The Best Avatar?
On this episode of the Outrun show, Outrun founders Justin, Jesse, and Travis discuss Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Later in the show we have a big announcement about the future of Outrun Parkour. Which Avatar show is better, The Last Airbender or Korra? (1:20) - What makes these shows special to us? (5:17) - Nurturing friendships and battling through crisis. (9:40) The Outrun Hero’s Journey. (14:20) - Gymnastics helped create parkour gyms? (19:15) - Samurai Jack Joins the team. (21:21) - What happened before Fort Collins? (25:10) - How did we develop Fort Collins parkour culture? (32:36) THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (45:02) - A hornet gets attacked by Travis; Cullen finds the body. (45:55) - Back to the announcement. (47:15) - What’s the focus of Outrun? (56:00) - Surprises we are keeping up our sleeve. (1:00:30)
September 05, 2020
Ep. 20 | Could Parkour Improve PE Class, Big Sports, & Floods and Babies?
In this episode we talk about why we got interested in helping PE programs, why some sports might not actually build good teamwork in school, and how we believe kids can work together better. Our Physical Education Experiences. (1:30) - PE Teachers Showing YouTube Videos? (6:40) - 19th Century PE Classes? (11:34) - Fighting the War on Calories. (16:00) What are “Big Sports”? (20:00) - Why do we play “Floods and Babies”? (27:17) - What makes it hard for kids to work together? (31:59) - Survival Skills? (36:50) Do we have a solution to PE deficits? (38:55) - What makes us want to fight dragons? (48:02) - How can Parkour help with teamwork? (52:25) - Masked Training (58:01) JFK Physical Fitness: What is an atlatl, you ask? The proof is in the pudding.
August 31, 2020
Ep.19 | What Skills You NEED From Parkour, Hanging For Your Life & Bosu Balls?
Baby Pterodactyl Nuggets? (2:14) - If a someone falls in a river, do they know parkour? (7:14) - Are you overconfident after an accident? (11:15) What SHOULD everyone know about parkour? (16:16) - Can you accurately judge your capabilities? (20:40) - Have you fallen and can’t ascend? (24:24) - What do you do with your legs? (27:51) Accidents and natural disasters? (32:37) - Why do you need to go so fast? (37:00) - Are you accurately reading your situation? (41:20) Travis’ has a vehement hate of Bosu balls? (45:02) - Iowa had an inland hurricane? (46:56) - Have you ever done a hang? (52:15) - Bosu ball; building better balance or blowing out knees? (54:16) Why is hang gliding dangerous? (1:01:18) - Could parkour save your life from shake weights and bowflex machines? (1:07:45) Iowa Derecho: Hang glider mishap: That one “The Fray” song:
August 22, 2020
Ep. 18 | Why Should You Train Outside, Is Your Kid In The Right School & Parkour Spirit Animals?
In this episode Jesse, Justin, and Travis talk about the benefits of  training outside vs. training indoors, what kind of schooling may be  right for your kid, and what their parkour spirit animals may be.    Lasers, Transformers, Dinosaurs (1:17)     -   Should you train indoors or outdoors? (4:10)     - Are you putting your body at risk? (7:57)     - What benefits are there to outdoor training? (13:55) Justin and Jesse’s Origins (18:46)     - Downsides from training outside first? (22:59) Is your kid in the right school? (26:58)     - Does your kid’s school have a good PE program? (32:18)     - Athletes and Geeks are not mutually exclusive. (36:40)     - Homeschool or normal school? (40:00) Do the brothers love or hate everything? (44:59)     - Travis’ parents are intellectuals? (50:30)     - Why did Jesse quit football? (56:11) Parkour spirit animals and the fig newton. (59:18)
August 14, 2020
Ep. 17 | The Debate Between Parkour Vs. Freerunning & Hacks to Learn Your First Flip
On this episode of The Outrun Show, Jesse, Justin, and Travis discuss learning flips, backflip hacks and the debate between freerunning and parkour. What’s the danger of learning backflips? (1:40) - How do you avoid flip injury? (5:17) - Why won’t Travis let you huck and hope? (10:54) - What flip is the safest to learn first? (14:14) - The early signs of failure in a move. (16:06) What is hype dependency? (19:44) - Backflip hacks with the boys! (23:50) The debate between freerunning and parkour begins. (29:51) - Parkour has a French heritage? (34:12) - The origin of the term freerunning. (39:26) - Chinese word for parkour? (42:51) Our opinions on the debate. (44:48) - Is it a pointless argument? (47:30) - Speed competitions weren’t parkour? (54:40) - All thumbs are fingers and all freerunners do parkour. (58:56) What does tricking have to do with this? (1:02:03) - How did parkour gyms originate? (1:04:39) - Our last words on the debate. (1:07:37) Breaking The Jump by Julie Angel: Jump London:
August 07, 2020
Ep.16 | “A Wavy Freestyle” Video Reaction | BLM & Parkour | Recovery Challenge for Better Sleep
“A Wavy Freestyle” Live reactions. (1:08) - Post video reactions and comments. (4:40) - Recognizing our privilege. (10:25) Can Justin say he is getting married? (16:55) - Do weddings require Thai Tea? (19:10) Should we sleep less and own sugar gliders? (25:07) - It is time to rise and fall with the sun. (29:24) - What is the importance of body temperature? (34:17) - We’ve had one, yes, but what about second sleep? (39:53) Does bad sleep make you dumber? (43:53) - Are you losing muscle mass in your sleep? (49:37) - How can you track your performance level? (53:10) “A Wavy Freestyle” by Sqvadron (Go give it a view): Support Sqvadron from and check out the shop: Support Zilla directly: Support Breath & Repeat from Marquis Johnson: Does Lack Of Sleep Hinder Muscle Growth and Performance:
July 31, 2020
Ep. 15 | Can Adults Learn To Do Back Flips & Is It Possible To Balance Without Sight?
On this episode of “The Outrun Show” Travis, Justin, and Jesse discuss balance tips and the age-old question of do you have a limited window of time to accomplish what you want to achieve when training parkour. Is Travis damaged when it comes to balance? (00:54)     - Do you have underlying fear from an injury? (5:24)     - Balance tips and tricks. (9:01)     - Should you be timing yourself on rail balance? (14:45) Where should you focus when you are balancing? (18:58)     - Removing sight with balance? (25:07) Do you feel too much pressure to succeed? (27:15)     - Are you creating unreasonable time frames for yourself? (32:04)     - What is your attitude toward accomplishment? (36:00)     - Is a back flip at a wedding a good goal to have? (41:54) Is it better to build a plateau or climb to the peak? (43:50)     - Jumping roof gaps at 80 years old? (48:00)     - Are you enjoying training in the moment? (53:01)     - Does the skill you are chasing create a window or a door? (58:56) Can you learn a back flip in adulthood? (1:03:37)     - What are door skills in parkour? (1:08:08)     - Who are you trying to impress? (1:12:11)
July 24, 2020
Ep. 14 | How to explain what parkour IS NOT & should fish be allowed in parkour competition?
In this episode Travis, Jesse, and Justin discuss how athletes can benefit from bench pressing, what isn’t parkour, and if fish would be allowed into a parkour competition. Should Parkour Athletes be bench pressing? (1:42) - What part of the body does everyone love? (4:12) - Bench press vs. Deeper Range of motion. (5:05) - Are you bench pressing correctly? (8:53) What isn’t parkour? (14:51) - Is parkour focused on objects or on the person? (16:37) - Where does parkour even come from? (21:41) - Would climbing be considered parkour? (25:49) Is parkour about the competence and adaptability? (31:31) - Should we be focusing on less controlled environments? (34:03) - Is object manipulation parkour? (37:40) - Why does context and environment matter so much to us? (41:00) Could you use a fish in a parkour competition? (46:55) - Why is there a kiddy pool on a parkour course? (50:50) - Is adaptability the primal essence? (53:45) - What do we really value? (55:00) Why “hardcore parkour” needs to die. (58:20) Parkour body types
July 17, 2020
Ep. 13 | How Can You Build a Strong Friend Group?
In this episode we tackle the topics of split squats, how to evaluate your friend groups, negative people, and what kind of positivity is the most beneficial to you. Travis’ Split Squat Love Affair? (0:48) - Why should you train the split squat for mobility? (5:23) - What does the split squat look like? (7:11) - Travis’ demonstrates a split squat. (8:47) - Sticking the landing with just the balls of your feet. (14:05) Building your best friend group! (16:58) - Can you notice negative people in your friend group? (18:34) - How do you find out if your group has growth mindset? (24:09) - Are you motivated by anger and self-deprecation? (29:24) Why should you share your success with others? (32:04) - Who is your core group of friends? (36:39) - Do we want negative people in our friend group? (41:29) - How can you channel negative energy into growth? (48:48) - Saying “That’s just how they are.” Doesn’t support growth. (50:30) Are you authentic or just insensitive? (56:18) - What is toxic positivity? (57:00) - When does positivity become excessive? (1:02:50) - Sometimes you should just battle your friends! (1:05:41) - Standing your ground with silence. (1:10:00) Happiness should be the group goal. (1:15:10)
July 10, 2020
Ep 12 | How Can You Treat Food Like Medicine?
In this episode Travis and Justin talk about nutrition, diets, hunting at a store and sleep tips to improve your overall health and recovery. Do you train with a poor diet? (00:33) - Different people need different diets? (4:06) - What is your body telling you about your health? (5:58) - Is your food too processed for your body? (8:31) Do you follow the SAD diet or a whole foods diet? (10:01) - Can placebos trick your body into being healthier? (14:52) - How do you treat food as medicine? (17:07) How should you go hunting for food? (20:03) - You hunted the food, now you must cook the food. (24:18) - Travis’ 5 ingredient medicinal dish? (28:51) - How to use beef in stew like a champion. (34:14) What nutrients are even in this medicinal dish? (38:11) - Should you even be eating snacks? (40:37) - Berries are better for you than bananas? (46:43) - Smoothies and how to make them healthier! (48:45) Are you getting quality sleep? (53:48) - Drinking coffee and taking a nap? (58:04) - Parkour training can feel like a dream? (1:01:30) - Put your phone away before going to bed! (1:04:51) Wrapping it all up and putting it in a grocery bag. (1:08:45)
July 03, 2020
Ep. 11 | What Does Functional Fitness Even Mean?
What training methods are we stealing? (2:30) - How are we learning from different programming? (4:49) - Can you still do work after training? (7:59) - What does functional fitness mean? (11:00) Do you have training deficits? (15:21) - Does your squat have to be perfect? (17:50) - What “functional” things should parkour programming have? (22:00) Why should you find a good parkour coach? (26:27) - Elevation changes are key to parkour. (31:15) - What does Travis have to say about CrossFit? (35:57) - Why are we aware of our silly nonsense? (40:05) What to watch out for in coaches and programming? (45:01) - Don’t punish athletes with movement! (46:45) - What do we have to say about Grit-Based fitness? (51:09) - What is good about suffering in a group? (53:44) Why do parkour athletes huck and hope? (57:10) - Final thoughts on programming parkour training. (59:20)
June 26, 2020
Ep. 10 | What Are The Best Skills You Can Take From Other Sports?
In this episode we talk about different sports, the athletes who come  from them and the benefits they could potentially have over different  kinds of parkour athletes.
June 19, 2020
Ep. 9 | How Do You Train in a Group?
Justin’s group training. (00:53) - Facing obstacles at a new spot. (4:01) - Training outside alone. (6:00) - Cleaning up where you train. (7:50) Understand your impact on the outdoors. (10:00) - Breaking branches and intention. (13:00) - Value of group training. (14:05) How was Travis being a noob? (15:31) - Age gaps in training groups. (16:29) - Filming with groups. (19:48) - You do have time to get better. (24:30) - Being humble in your training can make you better. (28:16) How do you enjoy training? (32:58) - Do you enjoy being alone? (36:14) - Group training etiquette. (38:35) - Justin loves complex lines? (41:07) How has your life affected your training? (45:25) - How are groups like a bank account? (49:07) - How to avoid being a toxic group member. (51:50) - What are our current goals for training? (55:22)
June 13, 2020
Ep. 8 | Whats The Most Important Thing To Know Before You Train Again?
Today we talk about getting back into training after coming back from dealing with different life events, what it means to train at different levels of effort, and why it may be a good idea to do private training sessions with a coach. When do you realize you took some time off? (1:00) - Did you really unlock that skill last time? (4:30) - Why some people like muscle soreness. (5:38) - When is muscle soreness actually pain. (9:44) Why are you returning to training? (13:29) - Turning negative emotions into positive results. (17:00) - Level of effort training. (19:23) - Light training vs. rigid programming. (22:20) Are you training too hard? (25:25) - Programming around level of effort. (29:04) - Listen to your body’s recovery. (33:00) - Eat before training. (35:24) - Growth at 60% to 80% LOE. (37:37) Paying attention to your central nervous system. (39:40) - Watch Avatar the TV show not the movie. (40:46) - Don’t rush yourself coming back into training. (43:23) - Outrun Labs and private training sessions. (46:04)
June 13, 2020
Ep. 7 | What is Breve Culture?
In this episode Jesse, Justin, and Travis shed some light on how traveling can help form brands and how breve culture began.
June 13, 2020
Ep. 6 | Are You a Good Student?
In this episode we discuss what it means to be a good student and how that can impact your ability to teach others.
June 13, 2020
Ep. 5 | What Are The 4 Key Training Mindsets?
In this episode we discuss the play, performance, competition, and growth mindset's affect on different athletes.
June 13, 2020
Ep. 4 | How Can You Reduce Injuries?
In this episode Travis and Jesse stay on topic and talk about the novice effect, motivation, training habits, and how to reduce injuries.
June 13, 2020
Ep. 3 | Does Training Change in Different Seasons?
In this episode we talk about our favorite ways to shake off the dust from winter and get ready for spring and summer training.
May 01, 2020
Ep. 2 | How Are We Bouncing Back Amid a Crisis?
At Outrun we talk about swinging like gibbons, fighting walls, learning to flip, and judging parkour by only watching the highest level athletes.
April 24, 2020
Ep. 1 | COVID-19, Parkour Home Training, Video Games, Twitch
Hey crew! In this episode Outrun Founders Travis Jesse & Justin discuss overcoming adversity and the impacts on the gym. We give insight about our personal mindsets and the sprit of parkour. The discussion gets into if kids should be allowed to use chat while gaming.  Twitch, and how to improve your ability to play APEX Legends and Fortnite. We wrap things up with ways to get better at home and how to support the gym's students & staff while taking on the challenge of COVID-19s affect on the economy. Skip to the end for training tips or listen for the secrets from the beginning. Shout out to all our coaches and staff working hard behind the scenes to keep the culture going. Special thanks to the members helping to keep the dream alive! Enjoy our first formal episode of The Outrun Show. Learn more about us at
April 16, 2020