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The Foundational Sales Podcast

The Foundational Sales Podcast

By Paul Cuomo
Sales is a thinking persons' game....Let's start thinking
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Discussion and Book Review with Author, Mentor, Life Coach and Consultant, Jaron Banks- Awaken to Your Adventure

The Foundational Sales Podcast

Discussion with the founder and CEO of Revboss, Eric Boggs
Today we have a great discussion with Eric Boggs, founder and CEO of Revboss. Revboss a unique sales prospecting company that simply helps their customers get more customers. In this discussion we are going to discuss outbound prospecting in general, where the space is going in the future and how Revboss will play a roll.  Prior to launching RevBoss, Eric built teams and growth programs as the Founder & CEO at Argyle Social (acquired by Gravity4), employee #1 at Bronto (acquired by NetSuite), and as a consultant / advisor to SaaS companies like Device Magic and UserVoice. He completed his undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill and earned an MBA at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business school, where he was a Dean’s Fellow. Eric and his wife Kelly live in Durham with their three young children in a historic home that they’re slowly renovating.  Ask Eric about guitars, backpacking, Carolina basketball, or Arsenal football.
August 25, 2021
Discussion with Mike Orscheln of EQ Growth Solutions
In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Orscheln, CEO of EQ Growth Solutions. I worked with Mike at Patterson Medical  when he was leading the medical division. Mike was always someone I admired as he was tireless and passionate about what he did.  Mike is a true servant leader and he is taking his knowledge and experience to his new company, EQ Growth Solutions. This podcast will go over Mike’s journey, management philosophy and will provide insights pertaining  to the future of sales and sales management. EQ Growth Solutions is focused on engaging leadership in the development of a tailored strategic management process for their business which will lead them to a high performing culture and outstanding results. Contact: Phone:(847) 702 - 3686 Email:
July 9, 2021
High Probability Selling with Carl Ingalls
For many of us who have read sales books, took courses or browsed through the thousands of hours of free sales training online, we often notice that much of the material and concepts are a regurgitation of past concepts. High Probability Selling is not. High Probability Selling is a way of selling without “getting people to buy.” No persuading, no convincing, no arguing, no handling objections.  No impressing people, no pretending to be a friend, no groveling for the sale.....yes you just read that. I had a wonderful discussion with Carl Ingalls, a Consultant who trains salespeople on this methodology.  High Probability Selling the book, was written by Jacques Werth and the process was discovered by observing behaviors of top sales performers within his organization. The book was recommended to me in the late 1990's and it has had an enormous impact on me.  Very excited to share this interview with the audience. High Probability Consulting 4 Leslie Lane  (attn Ingalls) Wallingford, PA 19086    USA Carl Ingalls Tel:  +1 610-627-9030
June 30, 2021
Discussion and Book Review with Author, Mentor, Life Coach and Consultant, Jaron Banks- Awaken to Your Adventure
In sales, it's critical to step back and make sure we are on the right path. Jaron Banks is a transformational coach, technology consultant, entrepreneur, storyteller, and dream traveler. In the '70s, as a child, he began an inward journey into his night-time dreams and nightmares, and today he has reawakened the dream traveler tradition of spirituality in his own life. Gifted with a vision of our true nature as human beings, he is continuously studying and researching ways to awaken our highest potential. Jaron is the founder of Dream Power Academy; inspired by his personal experiences of nightly dream travel, he helps individuals remember their dreams both in waking life and dreaming life.  He facilitates transformational coaching sessions, group programs, retreats, workshops, and seminars. As a premier storyteller and dynamic illustrator of our human capabilities—Jaron Banks inspires people to find gifts in the challenges of the world around them. I spend a fascinating hour with Jaron reviewing his book and how he helps people live the life they truly want. To find out more or reach out to Jaron, please go to:
April 2, 2021
Samurai Selling Book Review and Discussion with Greg Christensen
Samurai Selling, a book by Chuck Laughlin, hit the shelves in 1993. Are the sales messages and philosophies from the book still relevant? Who is the book designed for and what can one expect to get out of this book?  I invited Greg Christensen, a 25 plus year sales and management professional to the podcast. He told me about this book a few years ago and went through the corporate Samurai Selling training program. Greg is going to share his thoughts, how the book has resonated and changed him and how it can do the same for you.  Greg is also going to share his thoughts on the sales profession, changing environment and will discuss how you can adopt using the principals from this book.
February 27, 2021