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Perfcked Podcast

Perfcked Podcast

By Lauren Ellman
Here’s what happens when people stop using filters, and start getting real. Each week, your host Lauren will be interviewing different influential people from around the internet and asking them about how they manage their relationship with social media. The conversations are candid and unedited. You’ll hear from bloggers, influencers, actresses, singers, directors, podcasters, entrepreneurs and more. No one has it all figured out. These conversations will cure your FOMO and encourage you to confidently pursue your own dreams, whatever they may be.
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15. Asking for the signs and trusting when they come with certified yoga instructor + community leader, Bianca Mestre- Cabrero

Perfcked Podcast

55. Getting Introspective with Comedian Mario Ramil
Welcome back to another episode of the Perfcked podcast! We are so excited to introduce you to today's guest, Miami-based comedian, Mario Ramil. Mario shares about how he got started with comedy and what it's like keeping up with it as a career. He shares so many insights into what it's like creating online content right now and building a career from it. Being funny on the internet isn't as easy as it looks, and we're so grateful Mario gave us the real talk on today's episode. Remember to subscribe to the show and share with anyone who may want to hear from our guests. See you next Friday!  ~ CONNECT WITH MARIO: Instagram Tik Tok Podcast ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: @laurenellman_
May 06, 2022
54. Dealing with Rejection and Enjoying the Process with Courtney Dlugos
On today's episode of the Perfcked podcast, we are joined for a second time by one of our favorite people, Courtney Dlugos.  Courtney is an actor and Tiktoker who is as smart as she is funny. In today's conversation, she shares about how her experience as a working actress and social media personality and what it's like to balance all of that while maintaining a healthy mental state.  Also, during today's intro, our host Lauren shares a story about seeking help for her depression in the hopes of encouraging listeners to advocate for themselves.  ~ TALKING POINTS: + Rewiring our brains around rejection + Learning to enjoy the process + Managing our mental health and career pursuits + Staying true to ourselves ~ CONNECT WITH COURTNEY: TIK TOK INSTAGRAM ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: @laurenellman_
April 08, 2022
53. The Digitization of the Human Psyche with Austin Archer
Welcome back to season 6 of the Perfcked podcast! Thank you for your patience during our almost year-long hiatus. We are so happy to be back and kicking off this new season with one of our favorite creators, Austin Archer.  You may know him as @yourpal_austin on Tik Tok, where he writes and performs songs and skits for his over 1 million followers. He is a freelance artist for hire in Los Angeles, CA. With more than 20 years professional experience as an actor, singer-songwriter, director/choreographer, and script writer, Archer boasts a breadth of expertise in a wide variety of forms. In today's episode we cover all of our favorite topics: the omnipresence of social media, the current state of society's mental health and how to f*ck with trolls on the internet.  PS: We have a brand new theme song for the podcast! Guess who made it 👆🏼 ~ TALKING POINTS: + Foreboding joy- what it means and how to avoid it + How to deal with trolls on the internet + Safeguarding our mental health against social media's pitfalls + Remembering there can be just as much good as there is bad online + The digitization of the human psyche + Dissecting the creative process of content creation + What "being in the biz" is really like ~ CONNECT WITH AUSTIN: @yourpal_austin ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: ***Leave a review for BRB on Amazon*** @laurenellman_
April 01, 2022
52. Learning how to love your appearance from the inside out, with Helly Angel
When did you first realize you were in a toxic relationship with your own appearance? Have the images on social media made it worse? On today's episode we are unpacking all of that and more with content creator and podcast host, Helly Angel.  Helly has taken to Tik Tok to reveal the truth behind filter influencer photos, plastic surgery, stripping and more. She keeps it all the way real, which is just our style here at the Perfcked podcast.  TALKING POINTS: + Unpacking unrealistic beauty standards pushed by influencers + Revealing the truth behind plastic surgery + Fixing our toxic relationship with our bodies through self-love + What stripping is really like + Exploring the benefits of affirmations and manifestation + The power of social media to break these cycles  ~ CONNECT WITH HELLY: @hellysangel ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: ***Leave a review for BRB on Amazon*** @laurenellman_
June 18, 2021
51. Unsubscribing from toxic productivity with Melina Charis
Do you ever feel shame or guilt around resting? Today's guest breaks down why that is and how we can unsubscribe from the cult of toxic productivity. Mental health is more important that productivity, we've just been conditioned to believe the reverse. Our guest, Melina Charis, unpacks this and so much more in today's episode.  Melina is an energetic coach who helps soul-centered creatives, dreamers, and entrepreneurs come home to their true selves and trust the magic within them. She uses a combination of energy work + coaching to help clients liberate themselves from limiting beliefs, connect to their higher selves and their infinite wisdom, and learn to consciously create a life and business that feels fully aligned and authentic to them. She believes that only YOU know how to live your life authentically - she just helps you peel back the conditioning so you can remember how. TALKING POINTS: + Prioritizing mental health + Examining toxic productivity + Healing through creativity and physicality + Embracing masculine and feminine energies + Owning our magic  ~ CONNECT WITH MELINA: @MelinaCharis ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: ***Leave a review for BRB on Amazon*** @laurenellman_
June 11, 2021
50. Lifting the veil social media places over the wedding industry with co-founder of Bustld, Samie Roberts
Are you or someone you know currently planning a wedding? This is the conversation you need to hear! On today's episode we are speaking to Samie Roberts, co-founder of Bustld. Bustld is a wedding planning platform that helps connect vendors with brides + grooms. We are lifting the veil social media places over the wedding industry. Samie helps couples plan the wedding they want, not the one social media tells them they should have.  Samie provides the creative and industry insight alongside the operational expertise at Bustld. Her background at a top PR agency in New York City provided her the knowledge and know-how on how to properly design and execute large events. She used that knowledge to launch one of the top wedding planning companies in Charlotte seven years ago. She combines all this knowledge in her passion for bringing wedding inspiration and knowledge to couples at Bustld. ~ CONNECT WITH SAMIE: ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: ***Leave a review for BRB on Amazon*** @laurenellman_
June 04, 2021
49. How to take conscious breaks from social media, and why you should do it regularly, with Terra Joy
Have you ever taken a break from social media? Or participated in a social media detox? On today's episode we are speaking to Terra Joy about the benefits of taking breaks from social media and how to use those breaks to reevaluate our relationships with technology. There is so much power in becoming more aware of our own behavior and examining what needs to change. Terra has so many impactful insights about this topic and more and she generously shares them with us today. Terra is an intuitive healer who is fascinated by the human experience and how to make the most of it. her Tik Tok, @thesagesoul, is rapidly growing. She is deeply passionate about all things relating to healing, soul wisdom, personal development, ego transcendence into higher consciousness, rewiring the subconscious, meditation/awareness, emotional intelligence, escaping the matrix, and self-love. We touch on all of this and more in today's episode and I know everyone listening will walk away from this conversation with a lot to think about. TALKING POINTS: + Throwing out "the plan" + A practical explanation of consciousness + The intersection of mental health and social media use + How to take intentional breaks for social media + Following our curiosities + Exploring human psychology  ~ CONNECT WITH TERRA JOY: Support Terra on Patreon @TerraJoyful on IG @TheSageSoul on Tik Tok ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: ***Leave a review for BRB on Amazon*** @laurenellman_
May 28, 2021
48. So you have trauma. Now what? Let's talk about post traumatic growth with Joelle Rabow Maletis, psychotherapist, military psychology and PTSD expert
So you have trauma. now what? Let's talk about post traumatic growth. Joelle Rabow Maletis, MAEd, MA, LMFT, is the CEO and Clinical Director of JRM&A. She is a psychotherapist, military psychology and PTSD expert. Joelle incorporates therapeutic models such as CPT, CBT, DBT, somatic work, EMDR and solution-focused therapy to allow clients to make changes in their own lives. Her appearance highlights include being a Ted Ed PTSD video expert, as well as being featured on ABC’s 60 Minutes: Beyond the Headlines and many more. She has appeared on various podcasts including Transforming Anxiety, Root Cause, Fertility Forward and Mental HEALTH Break. She is a published Author, Associate Producer to the award-winning short film Repressive Fire, and is going to be a keynote speaker at the 2021 International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) World Congress 16 to share her knowledge on trauma-focused therapy and Post Traumatic Growth." On today's episode, we discuss recognizing what trauma is and how to grow with it. Or as Joelle puts it, post-traumatic growth. She also makes the important point that there is no such thing as BIG trauma and small trauma. Trauma is trauma is trauma. We've all be touched by it and we all deserve to learn how to move through it. TALKING POINTS: + Answering the follow up questions, "and so what"? + What comes after we recognize trauma? + What is post traumatic growth + Understanding what trauma looks like, where it comes from, how it manifests + Trauma looks and feels different for everyone + Understanding trauma is trauma is trauma + The importance of finding the right therapist + The normalization of going to therapy ~ CONNECT WITH JOELLE: ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: @laurenellman_ *FYI* Preorder BRB and get access to the audiobook narrated by Lauren. Forward confirmation to to get the audiobook link! And if you'd like a signed and personalized copy, preorder from Books + Books (Lauren's local, Miami independent bookstore) and include the personalization in the order comments! All details at 
May 21, 2021
47. How Psychedelics are Revolutionizing the Mental Health Space with Olivia Alexander, CEO + Founder of Kush Queen
Get in, loser, we're taking a trip! Today on the Perfcked Podcast we are speaking to Olivia Alexander, CEO + founder of Kush Queen, about how psychedelics (and cannabis) are revolutionizing the mental health space. She serves so much valuable information and insight in this episode, you're going to want to take notes! Olivia is the CEO and founder of a Kush Queen. In less than three years, she has grown Kush Queen into a multi-million dollar, multifaceted brand carrying only the finest in both CBD-only, and THC-infused products. She was one of the largest digital influencers in cannabis with over 2.5 million followers and an average of 100 million monthly impressions. Olivia’s belief in, and passion for cannabis shapes her determination to normalize the lifestyle and medical usage for everyone. As a voice for progressive change and female industry inclusion, Olivia was recognized as Dope Magazine’s “2017 Social Media Influencer of the Year” and was called “The Mariah Carey of Weed” by Elle. Today's episode is a bit longer than others because Olivia had so much to share with us and I made sure to record every single bit of it! We get into her childhood, her mental health journey, the many sides of the cannabis industry, legalization, activism, psychedelics. Enjoy! TALKING POINTS: + Healing isn't linear + Success is subjective + Normalizing mental health + The war on drugs + Activism in the cannabis industry + Female industry inclusion + The modern psychedelic revolution + Alternative therapies  + Accessibility, activism and product quality ~ CONNECT WITH OLIVIA @TheLivAlexander Kush Queen Shop ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN @laurenellman_ *FYI* Preorder BRB and get access to the audiobook narrated by Lauren. Forward confirmation to to get the audiobook link! And if you'd like a signed and personalized copy, preorder from Books + Books (Lauren's local, Miami independent bookstore) and include the personalization in the order comments! All details at 
May 14, 2021
46. Author, Lauren Ellman, Reads Chapter 1 of New Book BRB: A Memoir About Coming of Age in the Digital Age
We are back with season 5 of the Perfcked Podcast! And for the first episode back, your host Lauren is reading you chapter 1 from her new book, BRB: A Memoir About Coming of Age in the Digital Age. This book is the story of Lauren growing up as a millennial with the advent of social media and how these technologies have fundamentally impacted our generation's mental health and adult lives. Here's what people are saying about the book: “Some of us have, what I like to call, Anxiety with a capital A, where we have an actual diagnosis and clinical disorder. But I think that most people are dealing with anxiety with a lower case a. The daily anxiety of life. Lauren offers such an apt description of that anxiety. We’re all comparing ourselves to the highlight reel on social media, and I really appreciate how Lauren reminds us to recognize the difference between real life and online life.” -Kristen Howerton, author of Rage Against the Minivan and co-host of the Selfie Podcast “Adored this book and found it to really be so relatable. It was a great read during a week when my relationship with social media felt rocky. Ellman is a fantastic writer who fills the book with advice and stories that make you feel like you’ve known her for a lifetime. Highly recommend!” – Jen Glantz, author of All Of My Friends Are Engaged, Always A Bridesmaid (For Hire), and Finally The Bride “BRB is a nostalgic and hard hitting truth punch to the gut. It will open your eyes to the way growing up holding hands with the internet and social media has influenced who you are, and what’s even more beautiful, it will inspire you to break that all down and start anew. A fresh and important memoir every millennial must read.” – International Bestselling Author Kandi Steiner The book is available NOW to preorder, releasing May 25. If you preorder before the 25th you get access to the entire audiobook for FREE. Just forward confirmation to and receive access to the audiobook, narrated by Lauren herself. You can listen to the entire book while you wait for your physical copy to arrive! And if you'd like a personalized and signed copy, you can order from Lauren's local, Miami independent bookstore Books and Books and include the personalization in the order comments!  All the details and links to purchase can be found at Enjoy chapter 1 or BRB: A Memoir About Coming of Age in the Digital Age by Lauren Ellman. 
May 07, 2021
45. If You Don't Take Your Work Seriously, No One Else Will, with Jules Montgomery
Have you ever been curious about how these social media algorithms work? Or maybe you're a content creator and just wish you could crack the code to get your content to go viral. Today's guest has the insight you need. She's giving us a peek behind the screens and she's spilling her secrets about the ways of the interwebs.  Today on the show we are chatting with Jules Montgomery, a digital creator who is now teaching others how to understand the algorithms and get their content where it needs to be. She offers such a keen insight into the social media machine and how it all works. Sometimes creating online content can feel like screaming into a void, but Jules assures us that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You're not going to want to miss this one! And if you know anyone else who could benefit from this conversation, please make sure to share this episode with them.  PS: This is the final episode of season 4. We'll be taking a brief hiatus during the month of April and season 5 will be launching Friday, May 7! Make sure to connect on social media so we can keep hanging out during the break. Links down below! TALKING POINTS: + Its ok (and normal) for plans to change + Social media can be fun + No one is immune to the comparison game + Setting boundaries with social media is key + You're worth taking yourself seriously  ~ CONNECT WITH JULES: Instagram 0-10K Social Media Crash Course ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + Instagram + Newsletter + Tik Tok + + Facebook ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
March 19, 2021
44. The Endless Comedy of Online Dating Profiles, with Amelia Samson
We've all been through that horrible break up that rips our life apart. So many of us are made to feel like we aren't allowed to take the grieving process after that break up seriously. Today's guest took it upon herself to change up that narrative. Amelia Samson is an actress, podcast host and online content creator. After a particularly difficult breakup, Amelia decided to start recording daily video diaries to document the healing and growth that comes on the other side. Her videos struck a chord with a lot of people and she has since garnered an large following online. She shares candidly, both online and in her podcast the Hoely Hour, about her escapades through the online dating world. She even shares screen shots of things men are actually saying on their online dating profiles that you literally have to see to believe. Some are so outrageous, she's been able to turn them into merch! This exposé offers an invitation to a bigger conversation that we all need to be having about the dating environment being cultivated for young people. There is definitely room for improvement.  On today's episode, Amelia shares with us about her relationships, her work and her mental health journey. Tune in to hear how she turned her experience going viral on Tik Tok into an opportunity to cultivate community. Links to connect with Amelia can be found below.  TALKING POINTS:  + Grieving after a breakup + Cultivating community + Becoming comfortable with our bodies and sexuality + Online dating during a global pandemic + Finding our identity outside of a long-term relationship ~ CONNECT WITH AMELIA: Instagram  The Hoely Hour Podcast FB Group ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + Instagram + Newsletter  + Tik Tok + + Facebook ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
March 12, 2021
43. Perfectionism Doesn't Deserve Praise, with Ashleigh Renard, author of Swing
Do you ever feel like you deserve a medal for "doing it all"? Well, you don't. But I'll let today's guest explain why. On today's episode, we are meeting Ashleigh Renard, retired competitive figure skating coach and author of Swing: A Memoir of Doing It All. Tune in to hear how she rehabbed a shabby marriage and wrote a book about it.  In our conversation, you'll hear Ashleigh unravel the story a lot of us have adopted that perfectionism deserves praise. As Ashleigh puts it, "perfectionism is the only addiction we envy". This is especially true for women, even truer for mothers, and even truer, still, for mothers consuming content online. We believe we need to "do it all". We lower the bar for others while raising it for ourselves. If its easy, we are failing. And then, when we inevitably feel burnt out and unhappy, we feel immense shame for not being grateful for our lovely looking lives. This only leaves us feeling more isolated and lonely as we keep trying to make everything appear perfect.  Well, eventually the perfect bubble bursts. Problems we avoid always come to surface. Anger and resentment shoot out sideways. And something's gotta give! In listening to Ashleigh's story, you'll figure out what that something is.  TALKING POINTS: + Doing it all doesn't equate to having it all + Unpacking the "martyrmom" complex  + Perfectionism is cause for intervention, not praise + Learning to give ourselves the love we deserve + Doing things we judge/envy others for + Dismantling the cultural conditioning around gender ~ CONNECT WITH ASHLEIGH: Website Instagram Pre-order her book and get a FREE audiobook ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + Instagram + Tik Tok + + Facebook ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
March 05, 2021
42. Normalizing Not Having A Plan with Adrienne Neufeld
Do you ever see an influencer on Instagram and think "OMG their life is so picture perfect, my life will never look like that". Yeah, me too. Well, our guest today decided to joke about those picture perfect squares to reveal the ultimate truth we all forget: it's mostly an act. What we see online is a fraction of the whole picture, and Adrienne took it upon herself to make hilarious videos impersonating our favorite Instagram influencers to help us all stop taking these filtered newsfeeds (and ourselves) so seriously.  Adrienne is a stay at home mom who creates online content with the intention of making people laugh. She wants to combat the FOMO and show the lighter side of social media. And she's doing a damn good job at that! In our conversation today, you'll hear about Adrienne's backstory and how many different times she had to quit before landing where she was meant to land. I'm so grateful for what she shared with us because conversations like this normalize not having a plan. It's normal to try things and quit when we don't want to do them anymore. It's normal to not have a set direction (most people don't). It's normal to want to be a stay at home mom. It's normal to eventually want a life outside of motherhood.  I hope you leave today's conversation with the insight that you don't need a specific goal to work toward in order to feel worthy. You are worthy right now, wherever you are, whatever you're doing or not doing. Let our goal be this: to be open to opportunities. Invite them into our lives and be willing to accept them when they arrive. And in the meantime, let's keep our eyes open for those moments of lightness and fun that spring up around us every day.  TALKING POINTS: + Quitting isn't failing + The only direction any of us have is forward + Laziness is a construct + Life requires trial and error + SAHMs need to drop the shame  + Influencers show a fraction of their lives online ~ CONNECT WITH ADRIENNE: Instagram  ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + Instagram + Tik Tok + + Facebook ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
February 26, 2021
41. Why Your Success Milestones Are Bullshit, with Jen Glantz
The one, the only, THE Jen Glantz. Headline-making CEO, author, podcaster, speaker, determinista & the sidekick who always brings a good story + a sizzling slice of pizza 🍕  The concept for the Perfcked Podcast came from a conversation I had with Jen years ago. I had been admiring her work and wishing I could be her and she sat me down and told me the truth. She said, "Lauren, you have to remember that every single person you see that is 'suddenly successful' has years of trying and failing and redirections and heartaches and triumphs that you will never see or know about". And that's exactly why I started this show. To create a space for those stories to be told. And Jen does it better than anyone I know. She's candid and honest and as real as it gets!  When I first started pitching guests for season 1, almost two years ago now, Jen's was the first email I sent. It is such an honor to share this episode with you and introduce you to one of my favorite people. Go ahead and click all of those links below now, because you're going to want to follow her all over the internet once you're done with this episode!  TALKING POINTS: + Why failing is a necessary part of any success story + Remembering that everyone has backstory you don't see online + The beauty of talking to strangers + Making authenticity a daily practice + Feeling the fear and doing it anyway + Most benchmarks and milestones are bullshit ~ CONNECT WITH JEN: + Instagram + + Finally The Bride Book + Any Younger Podcast + Any Younger FB Group ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + Instagram + Tik Tok + + Facebook ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
February 19, 2021
40. The Practical Magic of Intuition, with Nikki Novo, Medium, Intuitive + Spiritual Mentor
Have you ever felt that nudge in your gut when something felt off? Or that voice in your head telling you to go for it! That was your intuition. And on today's episode of the podcast, our guest is sharing about how she learned how to strengthen hers. Nikki Novo, author of the "Final Swipe", is a spirit guide advocate, medium, intuitive and spiritual mentor. She lives in Miami with her husband and children. Tune in to hear how her life took her from a devout Catholic family to speaking to spirits and mentoring others to do the same.  Nikki's story is full of twists and turns, and the best part is that the insight she shares is totally grounded and down to earth. The subject matter may seem a bit out there for some of us, but after hearing from Nikki, you'll know how accessible the gift of your own intuition is. You just need to learn how to harness it and strengthen it. And Nikki offers so many practical steps to get you started on that journey.  TALKING POINTS: + Following spiritual curiosity + Learning to trust intuitive hits + Recognizing how our intuition communicates + Intuition and the senses + Spirituality as a practice + Honoring the journey + Abandoning societal or family expectations  ~ CONNECT WITH NIKKI: The Final Swipe Podcast The Final Swipe Book ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
February 12, 2021
Season 4 Trailer | Exploring The Intersection of Mental Health And Social Media Use: The Perfcked Podcast
We're back with another season of the Perfcked Podcast, where people stop using filters and start getting real. Join your host Lauren as she interviews influential content creators from around the internet and asks them about the parts of their lives that don't show up online. The conversations on this show are unfiltered and unedited, so you can get the whole picture (not just the highlight reel). Tune in every Friday to listen to these candid conversations that explore the intersection of mental health and social media use.  Season 4 is launching Friday, February 12, with a brand new episode going live every Friday after that. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss out.  Are you ready to find out what happens when people stop using filters and start getting real? The Perfcked Podcast Season 4! Let's do it!  // TO DO: Subscribe Rate + review Share with friends Shout out on social media Mark your calendars for Feb. 12!  HOST:
February 06, 2021
39. Reimagining New Year Resolutions With Your Host, Lauren Ellman
This episode is a bonus episode before we sign off for  our in-between-seasons hiatus. Season 3 has come to an end, and season 4 will be launching Friday, February 5. So mark your calendars!  Today on the show, I am unpacking the idea of New Year resolutions before we enter into this last week of the year. I love the idea of having some resolutions to walk into the new year with. I just wanted to reimagine mine a bit. So, I thought I'd share my process with you in case you'd like to do the same. 2020 was the year off loss, love and new beginnings. And, now, as the sun is setting on this "unprecedented time", I'm fixing my gaze on the horizon and taking a nice deep breath as I welcome our new chapter with open arms. 2021, we're ready for you, baby. ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
December 23, 2020
38. Breaking Rules and Making Bank with Andrea Crowder
Andrea Crowder is, in her own words, fucking OBSESSED with transformations. Mind, body, spirit and bank account. She teaches women how to master their own mind, body & emotions so they can create a life that feels good, on purpose. Because women who feel good, do good. As you will hear, she's always been a creator of transformational experiences. Every project she touches is aligned with one mission: put money, freedom and power into the hands of good hearted women.  Hearing from Andrea is like an instant download. She speaks so clearly and succinctly about how to get what we want out of life. It instantly makes sense. She is a master manifestor, and shares more about how we can practice manifestation in our own lives. Andreas story and approach to life is inspiring and speaking to her lit up such a light within me to start owning the things I want to making them happen. as she says "see it. speak it. know it. have it."  Andrea is the perfcked guest to end this season, and this year, with! Let's make 2021 all about harnessing our inner power to create the beautiful lives we all desire and deserve.  ~ TALKING POINTS: + Getting to the root of your desires and manifesting from there + Simplifying the practice of manifestation + Breaking rules to make more money + Honoring our desire for more wealth + Trusting our intuitive downloads + Connecting to higher frequencies  ~ CONNECT WITH ANDREA: ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
December 18, 2020
37. Reconnecting With Nature To Heal Ourselves, with Certified Health Coach, Natalie Jackson
Are you feeling all sorts of out of whack? Are you mind and body totally disconnected? Then this episode is just what you need. Today we are speaking to Natalie Jackson, a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and also a wilderness instructor, tiny house designer and builder and lover of human-powered adventures. Today on the show, Natalie talks to us about her work and how she helps people discover their ability to heal themselves through Yoga and Ayurveda), behavioral science, mind-body connection. She leads a high-vibe community of others seeking the same balance and she does such an excellent job explaining what all this means in a way that's practical and accessible. It is her mission to help willing individuals to get unstuck, regain their health, reset negative thinking and reduce anxiety so they can experience their own self-empowerment and intuition. Natalie is just the sweetest, brightest soul. She's earthy and grounded, but also like a breath of fresh air. And hearing her talk about reconnecting with nature to heal ourselves is a lesson i think all of us can use right now. especially as we're nearing the end of this tumultuous year and entering into a new chapter. Let's listen to what Natalie has to say, learn from her, and bring these learnings with us into 2021. ~ TALKING POINTS: + Learning how Aruveyda works + Resetting negative thinking + Reconnecting with nature + Slowing down + Living more mindfully and minimally + Taking a holistic approach to our health  ~ CONNECTING WITH NATALIE: ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
December 11, 2020
36. Thriving with Mental Illness, with Anxiety Relief Coach, Amanda Palmer
Do you feel like your surviving with mental illness, rather than thriving with it? Do you think that's even an option? Well, Amanda does! Today on the podcast we are speaking to Amanda Palmer, of Amanda Palmer Wellness. She is an anxiety coach, who teaches her clients how to integrate habits, routines, and actionable steps to create the life you are meant to live. After an early diagnosis with anxiety and depression, Amanda's entire identity was thrown in the air. Suddenly, she was labeled with this diagnosis that meant she was inherently flawed or broken. After time in talk therapy, taking medications and being checked in to in patient care, she finally came to the conclusion that she is not broken. She is whole. And she is not flawed, she just feels deeply. The good and the bad. When she discovered meditation she knew she had found something special, because she finally felt connected to that wholeness.  At the age of 19 she got into a motorcycle accident that left her bed ridden for months. This was another pivotal moment that taught her how to care for herself, and the importance of caring for herself. Now, she goes out of her way to put herself in situations that are uncomfortable or even scary, to prove to herself that she can thrive with anxiety. She's on a mission to teach others that they can do the same. And she shows them how! In today's episode you'll hear all about Amanda's story and how she helps herself and others thrive with anxiety through mindfulness, habits and radical self acceptance. ~ TALKING POINTS: + Therapy vs Coaching + Waking up excited for the day  + Thriving with anxiety + Separating yourself from your mental illness + Incorporating mindfulness into recovery + Actionable habits to integrate today + Reducing anxiety and fear naturally + Creating routines that support your health goals + Feeling calm in times of uncertainty ~ CONNECT WITH AMANDA: ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
December 04, 2020
35. Understanding why CBD works and how to use it, with Brittany Carbone, founder and CEO of Tonic CBD
Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Are you suddenly suffering from anxiety or depression because #2020? Then today's episode is the gift you've been waiting for. Today on the show I am speaking to the founder and CEO of the CBD brand that I love, trust and swear by, Brittany Carbone, founder and CEO of Tonic CBD.  As Brittany explains, TONIC was born out of necessity. She was looking for a natural way to manage her anxiety and depression. Something that could help like cannabis had, but would be workday-friendly. She began combining CBD with ashwagandha root because they have similar effects, but take different pathways to get there. The idea was that together they could cover more ground, doubling down on each other’s effects to create a stress-relieving, mood-boosting, adaptogenic powerhouse…and that’s exactly what happened. These products have changed my life. They are the only thing I have found that offer consistent and effective relief to my anxiety and depression. And the more I learn about it, the more empowered I feel to make better decisions about not only my mental health, but also my physical health. That's why I am so thrilled to share this interview with you, because I know once you hear from Brittany you will feel the exact same way. Empowered!  ~ TALKING POINTS: + Understanding the science empowers us + Not all cbd is created equally + The cannabinoid system and why it matters + CBD can help with just about anything + The complicated hemp indutry and what we can do to fix it ~ CONNECT WITH BRITTANY + TONIC CBD: (discount code: perfckedpod for 10% off) ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
November 27, 2020
34. How millennials can opt-out of "checklist culture" and learn to love delayed gratification, with Bethany Adkins, author + host of Millennial Mission podcast
Are you overwhelmed watching everyone else's life fall into place, never knowing when yours will? On today's episode, our guest reminds us that what we see online is only a fraction of the real image and that we are not all called to the same path. And if you know me, you know she's speaking my language.  Today on the show we are speaking to Bethany Adkins, author and host of Millennial Mission podcast. Bethany is a Pediatric Nurse turned stay at home mom who has always had a love for reading and writing, and she finally decided to pursue it full time. She is now a blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, and podcast manager. If she is not adventuring with her family in her spare time, you can find her at the nearest coffee shop diving into a good book or creating one of her own.  In today's episode, Bethany speaks on breaking the stigmas of Millennials, giving a call to action for us to rise up for future generations. We discuss living a life outside of cultural norms to pursue your purpose and standing out in a world that screams conformity.  ~ TALKING POINTS: + The lost art of delayed gratification + Shifting from the highlight REEL to REAL life + Sharing the "during" between the before + after + Getting out of debts + How we can stop accepting less than we know we deserve + Opting out of checklist culture + How to set realistic and pragmatic goals  + Stopping the performance to fit into society's boxes + Setting realistic goals before the pivot + The benefits of delayed gratification + Making the intention to practice delayed gratification + actively seeking it out + Purpose and service go along together + Tip: You know its your purpose when you want to quit, but you just cant + Finding our identities within a relationship + Preserving through the storm because the trials make us stronger ~ CONNECT WITH BETHANY: The Millennial Mission Podcast My Why Journal More links ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
November 20, 2020
33. Taking off the cape of "having it all together" and learning that done is better than perfect, with Kat Harris of The Refined Woman
Do you ever feel like you're carrying a ton of bricks around, trying to maintain the appearance that you have it all together? Today's guest speaks to us today about removing that shiny, perfect mask and unlearning all the lies we tell ourselves. Comparison is a thief, and Kat Harris is tired of it. Kat Harris is a Brooklyn-based online educator, digital content creator and female empowerment advocate. Her vision is for women to know their beauty, identity and value. She has a B.S. in Biblical Studies from Dallas Baptist University and is Co-Founder of the online publication The Refined Woman and host of The Refined Collective Podcast. She has also been a full-time photographer for the last decade with her work being featured in:  Vanity Fair, GQ, Forbes, People, Who What Wear, US Weekly, and Glamour UK.  Kat believes in the power of story, that done is better than perfect, quality triumphs quantity, and that every opportunity is an opportunity for growth if we choose it to be. In today's episode, she graciously unpacks her experience with entrepreneurship, burnout, anxiety and ultimately find her way to exactly where she was intended to be.  ~ TALKING POINTS: + Using social media as a positive tool, not falling victim to it + Removing the shiny mask of perfection and the cape of having it all together + Unraveling the pressure to always have it all together + Asking for support and accepting when it comes + Remembering that nobody's path is linear + Defining burnout and how it manifests + Debunking the myth of "the hustle" + Recognizing anxiety in our physical bodies + Noticing vs judging our emotions + Learning to trust our bodies + Gathering evidence for everything that can go right ~ CONNECT WITH KAT: (waiting list for Kat's new book) ~  CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop
November 13, 2020
32. Managing anxiety with rituals + routines, with your host Lauren Ellman
I talk a big game about mental health. I advocate for it. I try to educate myself about it. I share as much as I can to normalize it. However, when it comes to practicing what I preach, I have been slacking lately. I have been trial and error-ing my way through self-care tools over the years and have collected a few in my tool kit that I know help me. But sometimes, it's hard to implement them.  So, I want to use this episode to talk about some habits and rituals that I use that I know help manage my anxiety. Ideally, I would implement all of these every day. But that's unrealistic. However, a side effect of my anxiety is perfectionism. If I can't do something perfectly, I can't do it. If I can't do all the things, I can't do any of the things. This leaves me knowing what I need to do to help myself, but not doing it. Realistically what I need to do is choose a few, 3-5, that I can touch on every day. That's a realistic goal. And in today's episode I am sharing a fun challenge I've put together for myself to make that happen.  ~ TALKING POINTS: + Managing anxiety with rituals, habits and routines + How current politics are effecting our mental health + Knowing what tools work, but not using them + Rolling the dice to choose what self-care to do each day + Sticking to certain micro-routines to always have that to count on + Self-care is a daily dedication to the self  ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Free "social media detox" guidebook + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop + Moon Juice Magnisi-ommm (product mentioned in episode, not an affiliate link) ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
October 30, 2020
31. Avoiding burn-out and ditching the BS lies we tell ourselves, with Naomi Powell, marketing expert, international speaker + business coach
Do you realize how many times a day you talk yourself out of an easier life? I do it all the time. I tell myself all these lies that lead me to be in a constant push and shove instead of flowing with ease. Today's guest has no time for our BS lies and is here to debunk them once and for all. Our guest today is Naomi Powell and she is here to teach us how to work smarter, not harder.  Naomi is a marketing expert, international speaker and business coach. She is the founder of The Lifestyle Edit, offering start-up support for women, by women. She also hosts the Thrive Mastermind, a yearlong high touch experience for high-level entrepreneurs ready to grow their impact and income. Her philosophy is simple: we are masters of our own destiny and we have the power to make our lives and businesses look exactly as we want them to. Audacious goals are worth striving for and success comes from alignment, not hustle. In today's episode she shares scoop on how she found her way to this mindset and offers tips on how we can do the same.  ~ TALKING POINTS: + Working smarter, not harder + How to uplevel while avoiding burnout + Working less and earning more + Knowing you're worthy of support + Cutting out the lies we tell ourselves about how things need to be done + Building a life around what we know to be true ~ CONNECT WITH NAOMI:  + + + ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
October 23, 2020
30. How to get unstuck and start making shit happen, with Candice Coppola, entrepreneur, author and host of The Power in Purpose podcast
Have you been feeling stuck? In life, in a relationship, in your career? This feeling is familiar to most of us. The feeling in your gut when you know it's time to change, you just don't know how or where to start. The art of the pivot takes practice, but today's guest gives us all the tips we need to get started on that journey. Candice Coppola is an author, podcast host, business coach, and entrepreneur who believes that if you want your dream business - you have to become the owner that dream business needs. In today's episode, Candice shares her backstory and serves as proof of concept to the advice she offers. She is on a mission to help women discover their gifts, build businesses around their talents, and live each day on purpose. As a successful entrepreneur who grew a business from the spare bedroom of her home into a multi-country, multi-six figure company - it's safe to say she's navigated the bumpy road of entrepreneurship. Her 5-star podcast, The Power in Purpose, explores how to build a profitable business with purpose—and the stories behind successful entrepreneurs who have.  Candice's work and voice can be seen in many publications, but most recently and most notably in her two books The White Dress in Color: Inspirations for the Modern Bride and The White Dress Destinations: The Definitive Guide to Planning the New Destination Wedding. ~  TALKING POINTS: + Trusting your path + Learning and owning your purpose + Practicing the pivot + Letting purpose lead your life and business + The bumpy road of entrepreneurship + Knowing and charging your worth + Always offering value to become a magnet  ~ CONNECT WITH CANDICE: + + + ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
October 16, 2020
29. Building more empowered and aligned relationships with social media, with Ksenia Avdulova, content creator @breakfastcriminals and host of the Woke and Wired podcast
Have you ever wished you could make social media a more enriching and empowering space for yourself? Do you ever get stuck lost in the scroll? On today's episode we dive into all things social media with Ksenia Avdulova, content creator @breakfastcriminals and host of the Woke and Wired podcast. You already know how much we love exploring the intersection of mental health and social media over here on the Perfcked Podcast. Well, this girl gets it! She even shared an impactful personal reflection with us to offer some insight into how we can check in with ourselves when we're making decisions about how and why we show up online. She truly practices what she preaches and it was such a pleasure getting to know her. Ksenia Avdulova is a public speaker, founder of the award-nominated digital platform Breakfast Criminals, and host of Woke & Wired podcast, focusing on expanded consciousness and entrepreneurship in the digital age. Named "35 Under 35 In Wellness" by Wanderlust and "Top Social Media Coach" by Yahoo Finance, Ksenia is here to transform how you show up and make impact online through the Conscious Social Media Method, her tested methodology that helps you bridge your inner tech (intuition) and outer tech (social media). Ksenia has partnered with brands like Vitamix, Miu Miu, Adidas, THINX, GirlUp and Glossier and appeared on the cover of Kashi GOLEAN cereal boxes nationwide (without being a pro athlete). She has led keynotes and workshops, including the United Nations GirlUp Summit, Washington University's Olin Business School, WELLSummit, MindBodyGreen's Revitalize, Lead with Love, The Upside and other conscious leadership events globally. ~ TALKING POINTS: + Building more empowered and aligned relationships with social media + We get to choose how we interact with social media + For social media, intention and the energy put into it matters most + Authenticity is a practice + Sharing what lights us up creates the most connection + Everyone has their own medicine to share with the world ~ CONNECT WITH KSENIA: + + + + ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
October 09, 2020
28. Laughing + Learning With The Mom Friend You've Always Wanted, Renee Reina of The Mom Room
Are you ready to drop the mom guilt? Or, at the very least, understand where it comes from? Today, we are joined by the super smart and always hilarious Renee Reina of The Mom Room blog and podcast. She shares her story of being a forever academic and how she uses her wealth of knowledge in the field of psychology to better understand this new realm of motherhood. She offers so many insights into why we think and behave the way we do as women and as mothers, all while being super approachable and funny.  Renee, who just finished her PhD in psychology, shares extremely relatable content about motherhood, relationships, mental health, and everything in between. Her Tik Toks are laugh out loud funny (be prepared to wet yourself, especially my fellow mamas). And she's just launched a podcast where she explores all the corners of motherhood, finding humor in the good, the bad and the ugly. She's the mom friend you've always wanted! I loved getting to know her on our call and I know you're going to love getting to know her, too. Below are some links to follow Renee around on the internet and continue consuming her hilarious, relatable and informative content.  ~ TALKING POINTS: + Understanding mom guilt and where it comes from  + Discovering our new identity after becoming mothers + What is a default parent + How to cope as parents in quarantine + What #toddlerlife does to our brain + Creating more than we're consuming  ~ CONNECT WITH RENEE: + + + + ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN: + + ~ AFFILIATE LINKS + CODES: + Hello Fresh $40 off + Tonic CBD 10% off with code: perfckedpod + MudWTR coffee alternative + Poshmark $10 toward first purchase with code: loeyblog + ThredUp online thrifting $20 to shop ~ Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe.
October 02, 2020
27. Getting back behind the mic and accidentally getting stoned, with your host Lauren
Welcome back to the Perfcked Podcast! I'm your host, Lauren, and I accidentally got super stoned before recording this episode. I share the story, and the recording, for your listening pleasure. I reflect on how these last 6+ months have impacted me and what I'm doing with those reflections. Lots of cool downloads in this one, plus a few silly giggles from your girl.  I was a tiny bit embarrassed at first, but then I realized how absolutely perfcked it was. The entire premise of this show is to share stories with you, unfiltered and unedited. So, here's what happens when your host stops using filters and starts getting real (stoned). Enjoy!  LINKS FOR YOU: + Check out TONIC CBD (use code "perfckedpod" for 10% off your order) + Sign up the The Perfcked Newsletter + Follow Lauren on IG @mybrandofhappy  Please, please, please! Rate, review and tell your friends! You're my perfcked people and I want more of you in our tribe. 
September 25, 2020
The Perfcked Podcast season 3 begins Friday, September 25! Make sure to subscribe and mark your calendars so you don't miss anything. This season is full of deep, insightful, candid and unfiltered conversations. Our guests are all influential content creators and they're sharing the parts of their lives that don't show up online. We discuss how they manage a healthy relationship with social media and why that's important. Life ain't perfect, but filters help! Check out this trailer to hear from some of our amazing guests. And make sure to share with anyone you think it perfcked enough to be partying with us. Below are a few ways we can stay connected. The first episode of season 3 drops Friday, September 26. Until then, I hope to see you around the internet! LET'S HANG OUT!
September 16, 2020
26. Examining my experience with race as a white person in America
As I have begun to dedicate my platform and voice to the Black Lives Matter movement this past week, I have also started to confront my internal experience with race as a white person in America. I am sharing this mental unraveling here on the podcast in an effort to encourage others to do the same.  Think back on all the moments in your past where race came into play. Follow those threads back to the root. Re-examine them. What did you learn in those moments about race? Are you still carrying those learnings with you today? It is our job as white people right now to understand the role we've all had in the oppression of black Americans.  The inherited, learned racism runs so deep. It has been taught for generations. And, as you'll hear in this episode, it has been taught and passed down systematically and subtly.  In this episode, you'll hear about my experience as a white kid growing up in Miami. Miami hip-hop culture serving as the backdrop of my adolescence.  Identifying as Cuban, but presenting as white. Since recording, some other examples of my experience with race have come to mind. Times I’ve been pulled over for doing something illegal and being let go. Certain roads I was told not to drive down in Miami. Being told not to go near the beach during Urban Beach Weekend. Malls or clubs I was told I can't go to because they were in "bad" neighborhoods.  Taught fear. Learned fear. I recorded this in an effort to lead by example and give you permission to reexamine your relationship with race. Don’t let feeling guilt or embarrassment keep you for using your voice. Along with using our privileged voices to further this movement externally, we need to self reflect internally and unravel all the inherited racism we’ve collected over the years. Silence is no longer an option. Ignorance is no longer an option. It is up to all of us right now. We can be the change. 
June 05, 2020
25. Making conscious consumption easily accessible with Ashleigh Morgan, founder of Recycle2Riches
Are you ready to adjust your lifestyle to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious? Today's guest gives us all the tips we need to get started! Ashleigh founded Recycle2Riches in an effort to combat the unsavory practices she witnessed first hand after working in the fashion and manufacturing industry. From waste + pollution to unfair working environments, she decided enough was enough. Ashleigh chose to be the change she wanted to see and started her own company based around the concept that #everythingcanbesomething. In today's conversation, she walks us through where she started, how she went from concept to execution, and how each one of us can start implementing small changes in our own daily lives to make a big difference.  Recycle2Riches believes that transparency and collaboration is the solution to changing the culture of consumption. Their mission? To develop a brand that utilizes all resources. To inform consumers of all the elements that go into each product and to make conscious consumption easily accessible.  This episode is going to light a fire under your butt! Trust me. Ashleigh breaks it down into such an easy to digest concept, that you'll be making small changes all over your life and start witnessing the impacts right away. Click the links below to connect with Ashleigh and shop Recyle2Riches. They are currently selling non-surgical cloth masks made from recycled materials. You can buy 1 and give 1 for just $6!  Just a reminder, this is the last episode of season 2. We'll be back soon with a line-up of all new guests. Until then, please continue hanging out with us online and keep telling everyone you know about the show! Send your friends specific episodes they may be interested in, or share about the show on your own social media. Spreading the word is the biggest and most impactful way to support our show :)  ~ CONNECT WITH ASHLEIGH+ RECYCLE2RICHES: ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN + PERFCKED PODCAST:
May 29, 2020
24. Working smarter, not harder with entrepreneur and business coach, Melissa Lin
Have you ever thought about earning the income to allow you to finally leave that 9-5 you dread each day (and are secretly working on your online fitness biz in your cubicle because deep down that is your true passion)? A few years ago, our guest was in the same spot. Melissa Lin is an entrepreneur and business coach who got her start trying to DIY her own online fitness business that went nowhere. After 2.5 years,  she figured out the strategies and mindset shifts that she needed to make in order to be successful.  In this episode, we get into everything she was doing before she decided to launch her own business. We get into the limiting beliefs put onto us by others, facing our fears, and pursuing our passions. If you're in need of some motivation, Melissa is your girl!  WE TALK ABOUT: + Entrepreneurship + Limiting beliefs + Abundance mindsets + Family and cultural pressures + Working smarter, not harder + Her driving force: creating the life she imagine for herself while helping others do the same ~ CONNECT WITH MELISSA LIN ~ CONNECT WITH PERFCKED PODCAST
May 22, 2020
23. Sending love letters to strangers and the discipline of creation with writer, TED Speaker, and online educator Hannah Brencher
Have you ever felt hungry for a more intimate human connection? In today's episode, we hear what our guest did to feed that hunger and learn about the international project that sprung from it.  Hannah Brencher is a writer, TED Speaker, and online educator with a heart for building leaders. During our conversation, she shared about her career, her mission, and her creative process.  Her second book “Come Matter Here” arrived in bookstores in May 2018. Her first book “If You Find This Letter” tells the story behind the social movement, More Love Letters. Since 2011, More Love Letters has spread to over 70 countries, all 50 states, and over 100 college campuses. Named as one of the White House’s “Women Working to Do Good,” Hannah and her work have been featured in publications such as CNN World News, the Wall Street Journal,, and Glamour among dozens of others. Hannah lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Lane. ~ + Writing her first love letter to a stranger on the subway + Booking her first speaking gig ever with TED  + Getting thrown to the sharks and learning how to swim + Learning that you can do it without knowing how to do it + Letter writing symbolizes connection- something missing in the digital age + Creating and sharing thoughtful content + Creation mode vs publish mode: content is more peaceful vs more anxious + Setting the boundary that personal life isn't content + The "discipline of creation"- training herself to batch produce thoughtful content + Focusing on impact, not numbers  ~ CONNECT WITH HANNAH: ~ CONNECT WITH PERFCKED PODCAST: ~ REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE, RATE + REVIEW. PLUS, SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW (WHO SHOULD BE HERE)! xo- lauren 
May 15, 2020
22. Turning 30 and WTF that even means, with your host Lauren
Better late than never. I meant to share this a couple of weeks ago, on my actual birthday. However, my schedule has been a little loopy lately and I didn't get around to editing it. So here it is now. In this episode, I am talking myself through turning 30 and what it means to me. I explore the idea of my Saturn Return and all the work I have to do in order to step into this next phase of life. I work through how to cultivate more self-love and manage external pressures and set more reasonable expectations. It was a serious download. Hope you enjoy it! And happy happy to anyone who has celebrated anything during lockdown :) 
May 11, 2020
21. Clearing physical + mental clutter to beat the overwhelm of motherhood with the "Life Minimalist", Allie Casazza, chart topping podcaster + entrepreneur
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with motherhood? You are not alone. Today's guest shares the story of reaching her breaking point and the changes she made to create the brightest life for herself and her family. The main and most significant change being decluttering, both her physical and mental space. I think now more than ever, we are focusing on what is essential. And the act of decluttering is the act of evaluating what in our life, physical and otherwise, has accumulated and getting rid of the things that aren't needed anymore. That's what this conversation is about today: how to make that space and what to do with that space after we've made it. Allie Casazza was a stay at home mother of 4, and after a few curve balls and life changes, she decided to take her notebook of business ideas and run with them. She believed wealth and abundance were available for her family and as soon as she made that shift, her family started reaping her rewards. Allie tells it like it is, without a filter. She's honest, she's effective and she offers up some real tips that you can start implementing right now. ~ CONNECT WITH ALLIE:
April 24, 2020
20. Being lonely in a house full of people with Lauren, host of Perfcked Podcast
Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever felt lonely in a house full of people? In today's episode, Lauren is coming to terms with this feeling.  "I have been self-isolating with my husband and three kids for a month now. I spend the majority of my day alone with the kids while my husband works to keep his business, and the businesses of his clients, up and running. The kids spend the majority of their days asking me questions, complaining about what I'm telling them to do, making a mess and ignoring me. When I do get to Facetime my friends, either one or both of us are being interrupted by screaming kids every few words, or I'm using humor to gloss over how I'm really feeling because I don't want to burden them or waste what little time we have to hang out venting about my "feelings". I have a standing appointment with my therapist once a week, which is so incredibly helpful. But one hour a week talking to someone I'm paying to hear me talk doesn't quite do the trick.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ This is all to say, I'm lonely. I’m lonely because I crave connection. I crave intimate conversation. I crave sharing. I crave listening. I mean, it's one of the main reasons I started the podcast, so I could literally schedule meaningful conversations into my calendar.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ I spent most of my childhood and young adulthood surrounded by friends. Hanging out. Joking around. Being myself. I miss being myself. I miss who I am outside of being a mom and a wife. I miss being a person. I miss being Lauren. And now that I've admitted that, I can start doing something about it. Being stupid on tik tok is definitely helping." ~ CONNECT WITH LAUREN:
April 17, 2020
19. Quieting the voices of judgment and finding your own way with Chelsea Culbertson, content creator @choosingchelsea
Are you struggling with body issues, or finding that your past body issues may be resurfacing during these triggering times? In today's episode, our guest, content creator Chelsea Culbertson, shares with us about her journey toward self-love + body neutrality. Chelsea has been using her space on the internet as a platform to empower her audience to embrace whatever stage of life they're in and become more neutral about their bodies. Neutral meaning, not putting judgment toward. Our bodies are neither good nor bad, they're just bodies.  We also discuss her unconventional parenting journey as a young mom and how she used that experience to learn how to quiet the voices of judgment from others. Over time, she has taught herself how to focus on her own voice and learn how to listen to it. The work is never done, and, as we discuss, the comparison never really goes away, but the effort to focus on and listen to her own voice has made a big difference.  ~ We also talk about: + Learning that body size isn't connected to happiness + Embracing every stage + Body neutrality + body confidence + Cultivating self-love + Our mindset is what reflects in the mirror + Embracing our unconventional parenting journey + Setting boundaries between ourselves and other people's opinions about your life choices + Understanding that no one knows what they're doing + Knowing there is no one right way to parent + Trying to quiet the voices of judgment + Learning that the cycle of comparison doesn't end ~ RESOURCES: JOIN THE PARTY!
April 10, 2020
18. Processing whatever tf is going on right now with your host, Lauren
Are you feeling pretty fcking scared/lost/confused right now? Good news! So is literally every other person on the planet. Let's talk about it. In today's episode, your host Lauren gets behind the mic to try and process what these past few weeks of quarantine have been like and what the other side of all of this may look like. Join her as she brain dumps and tries to make sense of it all.
April 04, 2020
17. Finding community, confidence and a brighter way of life on the other side of sudden trauma with Lori Beth Auldridge, podcaster, blogger + yaya
Do you have a village or community to lean on, in good times and in bad? In today's episode, Lori Beth Auldridge is speaking to us about the importance of finding your village or creating your own in the absence of one. Lori is a podcaster and blogger who has made it her mission to encourage women to find their sisters and nurture those villages. She shares the bright side of life, honestly and authentically, as a way to normalize the concept of building the perfect life for your own family, ignoring society's expectations. This episode was recorded just before the COVID-19 pandemic became serious here in the states. We touch on it briefly. Lori also shares a heavy story about a moment of immense trauma that touched her and the islands of Hawaii a few years ago. This led to a deeper conversation about the effects of sudden trauma and how to adjust to life on the other side of it. It highlights an important perspective for us to hold onto as we're moving through these very uncertain times. Lori Beth is a mama bear to three little girls. She and her husband Chris run a renovation business in upcountry Maui. Her days are filled with her favorite things…coffee, writing, homeschooling, babywearing, audiobooks, binge reading parenting articles, miniature goats, fancy chickens, exploring Maui, moms groups, and more coffee. Yayamamas is her way of spreading aloha and to put more good into the world. ~ Also in today's episode: + Balancing running a family business and homeschooling +   The importance of community and building a village +   Shamelessly sharing the positive, bright side of life +   The value of connecting to nature +   Experiencing sudden trauma and adjusting to life on the other side +   Working hard for the life you want and remembering to find the time to appreciate that life +   The joys of podcasting +   Navigating marriage as passing ships in the night +   Creating a family life and schedule that works for your family +   Finding that place where you feel at home +   Navigating the roles and expectations put on us by others +   Spreading the spirit of aloha +   Sharing openly about "opting out" not to brag, but to normalize it +   Motherhood is hard AND beautiful. The occasional struggles do not negate the beauty of it all ~
March 27, 2020
16. Coping with our reliance on tech and finding our way back to embodied living with Dr. Doreen Dodgen-Magee, award-winning author, speaker, & psychologist
Have you ever felt like you needed a break from social media and technology because it was making you feel anxious or depressed? Yeah, you aren't the only one. Not by a long shot. In today's episode, we are so honored to be speaking with Dr. Doreen Dodgen-Magee, an award-winning author, speaker, & psychologist who has traveled the globe researching and speaking about how technology affects our brains and bodies, our relationships, and the development of our sense of self. As you know, this is a topic your host Lauren is voraciously curious about. She has been exploring this intersection of mental health and social media use in her content for the past 10 years, so this conversation was like an all-you-can-eat buffet! Doreen offers up so much practical advice and tips that you can start applying to your life right now to help cope with the ambient anxiety and disembodiment that we are all suffering as a result of our over-reliance on tech.  ~ We cover: + Is over-use of technology actually affecting our brains + mental health + What is ambient anxiety and how do we cope with it + Narcissism as an insult vs a mental disorder + Becoming disembodied or disconnected from our physical lives + How to be bored and liked it + Tips for reconnecting with our physical, embodied lives + Actionable steps toward a healthier relationship with tech and social media + How to involve our kids in this lifestyle  + Teens and tech, pros and cons + Advances on the horizon to be hopeful about ~ RESOURCES: 1) Dr. Doreen Dodgen- Magee's site: 2) List of resources: 3) Dr. Doreen Dodgen- Magee's IG: 4) Dr. Doreen Dodgen- Magee's book: 5) Perfcked Podcast FB group: 6) Perfcked Podcast IG: 7) Lauren's IG: ~ REMEMBER to hit subscribe, so you never miss a perfcked conversation! New episode out every Friday. And if you like what you heard today, please rate the show and leave a review. It helps tremendously. I hope to see you around online! 
March 20, 2020
15. Asking for the signs and trusting when they come with certified yoga instructor + community leader, Bianca Mestre- Cabrero
Have you ever asked God/Spirit/The Universe for a sign of a way out of a toxic situation, only to ignore it once it fell into your lap? In today's episode, we are speaking with Bianca Mestre-Cabrero, a certified yoga instructor and community leader, about her incredible story of hitting rock bottom, asking for a sign, and trusting her intuition to follow that sign once it was presented to her.  After finding herself sprawled out in front of a 7-11 with glass shattered all around her and ambulance lights flashing in her eyes, Bianca knew she had hit rock bottom. That was her moment. Warning signs had been nudging her plenty before that, but that was the moment they finally smacked her over the head and woke her up. She knew she was in a toxic situation and that she needed a way out, she just didn't know which way to turn. So, she asked for a sign. And that sign showed up. And that is the story your host Lauren brought Bianca on the show to share. Her story is so empowering and expansive, it will blow your minds and hearts wide open.   We also talk about... + Facing the fear of change and disrupting the status quo + Shedding the shame of embodying your truest self + Recognizing the signs of toxic patterns + Being honest with yourself when things aren't working + Hitting rock bottom and redirecting + Asking for the signs and trusting when they come + Getting to know the dirty, toxic, messy sides of yourself + Shining your light as brightly as you can + Finding companionship is only part of the puzzle + Diving into spiritual practice + Finding and standing in your true power + Saying YES to the love you deserve + "I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE"  LINKS: 1) The Jason Silva video about marriage:  2) Bianca on IG: 3) I AM Me Movement on IG: 4) The Podcast where Lauren was interview about being a stepmom:
March 13, 2020
14. Finding the freedom that lies on the other side of accepting things as they are, with Krista Williams, co-founder and co-host of Almost 30 Podcast
Have you ever felt yourself trying to change a person or situation to make yourself happier? Today we are joined by Krista Williams, the co-founder, and co-host of Almost 30 podcast to discuss the work of accepting things as they are and the freedom that is found on the other side of this work. This conversation was sparked after your host, Lauren, read an Instagram post of Krista's where she was explaining how she holds this mindset in her relationship with her fiance. Lauren knew this was an important conversation to have and share here on the show because this mindset can positively impact all aspects of our lives, not just our romantic relationships.  Krista's podcast, Almost 30, was created to support listeners through life's transitions. And this topic and conversation fit right into that story. The sooner we learn to accept things as they are and focus more attention on our inner work and mental state, the better we can ride the waves of life's transitions.  We also talk about... + Finding the yin and yang of her relationship with her business partner and co-host, Lindsey + Learning from her parents failed marriage + Accepting that her fiance's growth is on a different timeline + Focusing on the value of social media  + Trusting her gut and intuition + Accepting herself fully, the same way she does her fiance RESOURCES: 1) The post we refer to 2) The episode with Krista's business partner, Lindsey Simcek 3) Almost 30 Podcast 4) Your Podcast Pro
March 06, 2020
The Perfcked Podcast season 2 begins Friday, March 6! Make sure to subscribe and mark your calendars so you don't miss anything. This season is full of deep, insightful, candid and unfiltered conversations. Our guests are all influential content creators and they're sharing the parts of their lives that don't show up online. We discuss how they manage a healthy relationship with social media and why that's important. Life ain't perfect, but filters help! Check out this trailer to hear from some of our amazing guests. And make sure to share with anyone you think it perfcked enough to be partying with us. Below are a few ways we can stay connected. The first episode of season 2 drops March 6. Until then, I hope to see you around the internet!  LET'S HANG OUT!
February 21, 2020
13. Designing the Life You Deserve and Desire with Self-Made Multimillionaire + Money Manifestation Queen, Amanda Frances
Today we are speaking with Amanda Frances, self-made multimillionaire + money manifestation queen.  Amanda is known for creating online courses that teach women how to step into their worth and start designing the lives they deserve and desire. And it all started with a single moment of inspired guidance that she trusted and acted on.  Amanda's success did not happen over night, as she explains in this episode. She started at step one, teaching herself how to make a website over night and hanging flyers all over her hometown to get her first few clients. Nine years later, she now owns and runs a multi-million dollar business serving hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world.  She's as transparent and honest as it gets and doesn't serve an ounce of bullshit in her content. I'm so thrilled to share her story and mission with you.  ~ In this episode we talk about,  Designing the life you deserve and desire HOW to manifest money into your life Stepping into your worth, one step at a time Starting where are & figuring it out along the way Becoming a magnet for opportunities Serving your community Free content vs paid content Inspired guidance + ACTION = Success ~ Resources: CONNECT WITH AMANDA MMM course: CONNECT WITH YOUR HOST, LAUREN
January 31, 2020
12. Learning what lights you up and letting it lead with Lindsey Simcik, co-founder + co-host of the Almost 30 Podcast
Today we are joined by the one and only Lindsey Simcik, co-host of the brilliant Almost 30 Podcast. Lindsey, along with her co-host Krista Williams, have built an empire around their podcast. Live events all over the world, an international community and millions of listeners. They started their show out of their closet as a way to explore the transition from their 20's to their 30's, and it has since grown into a massive resource for anyone looking to better themselves through any and all of life's inevitable transitions.   During our conversation, Lindsey gets real + raw about what it means to create and maintain a platform of this magnitude while also taking care of her own needs. That involves really learning how to tune into her body and trust her intuition. After listening to Lindsey share her story, I know you're not only going to feel that fire in your belly to chase after your own dream, but you're also going to realize the time to start is NOW.   ~  Talking points Finding true female friendships  Starting before you're ready  Learning as you go  Respecting partnership  Building and nurturing community  Trusting divine guidance  Exploring spirituality on our own terms  Learning what lights us up and what that feels like  Following our heart pull  Surrounding ourselves with expanders  ~  Connect with Lindsey  IG:  Almost 30 Podcast:  Podcast Pro Program:
January 24, 2020
11. Why doing the hard work makes achieving the goal so much more rewarding with Kandi Steiner, angsty romance author and all-around badass babe
Today we are joined by the baddest babe I know, Kandi Steiner. Kandi is a super prolific, self-published angsty romance author. She's just published her 18th book! The career she has built for herself and the community she has cultivated around it is nothing short of amazing. Kandi is 1,000% herself and gets real with us about following her dreams, trusting her intuition and finding her voice. If you've ever wanted to pursue your passion and didn't feel confident enough to take that leap of faith, this conversation with Kandi will give you the loving shove you've been waiting for. She also is offering a sweet little giveaway at the end of the episode, so stay tuned for that! ~ Talking points Saying YES to your passions  Doing the work until the thing gets done Finding your own place and maximizing your presence Sharing authentically, knowing your tribe is listening and needs your voice Honoring your past self and thanking her for getting you here now Having a love-hate relationship with social media Taking the time to look back on the long road you've walked to get to where you are  Appreciating your hard work, celebrating your wins and having the confidence to know you deserve it ~ Connect with Kandi Read Kandi's latest release, Manhattan, the third in her Becker Brothers series
January 17, 2020
10. Protecting our energy with boundaries so we can show up as our best selves with Cassandra Eldridge of The Calm Collective
Today we are speaking to Cassandra Eldridge, the beautiful mind behind The Calm Collective, a lifestyle blog and podcast dedicated to simplicity and creating your best life through wellness and mindful living.  In today's conversation, we get into all sorts of things, but we continue finding our way back to the idea of boundaries and why they are so important in creating and living your best life. We also discuss how social media fits into a mindful and minimalist lifestyle. Social media is the antithesis of minimalism. Its noise and flash and clutter. I am asking Cassandra how she manages to coexist with this technology in a way that is harmonious with her minimalist lifestyle. What I love most about Cassandra and this conversation, in particular, is that everything we discuss is so actionable. You can start implementing each idea into your routine today. And that type of inspired action is exactly what we all need right now as we embark on this new year and a new decade.  ~ Talking Points: Tapping in our worth and setting boundaries, because we can't have one without the other Developing and setting firm boundaries based on our own individual needs Getting a clear vision as to what our needs are so we can start building a lifestyle to suit them  Protecting our energy and boundaries by doing the oftentimes very difficult thing of saying NO or removing ourselves from toxic situations and relationships Practicing flexibility within the confines of our boundaries through life's inevitable transitions, shifts, and changes Going with the flow and non-attachment Making intentional choices regarding all aspects of life (purchases, opportunities, relationships, etc.) ~ CONNECT WITH CASSANDRA: ~ Resources: Lacy Phillips-
January 10, 2020
09. Trusting your gut, honing your craft and staying true to yourself in a world of fakes and filters with actor, writer & content creator Courtney Dlugos
I can't say enough good things about today's guest. She's talented, hilarious, brilliant, gorgeous. She may very well be an alien from another planet. Today I am sharing a candid conversation with Courntey Dlugos. Courtney is an actor, writer, and content creator out in LA. We get into everything in this episode. From her childhood in West Virginia to pursue her career, to managing the pressures of Hollywood. She's such a real, down to earth chick and I can't fcking wait for you to hear from her.  ~ Some things we cover: Honoring your talent Trusting your gut Honing your craft Practicing authenticity Putting yourself out there Doing YOU Cultivating real connections This is one of my favorite episodes so far! I was pretty into Courtney before we spoke, but once we got done with our conversation I was completely sprung on this girl. I know you will be, too.  Press play + enjoy! Remember to subscribe so you never miss an episode and rate + review so that other people can find our show :) ~ CONNECT WITH COURTNEY
December 20, 2019
08. Showing up online, creating community and telling the truth with humor writer Julie Burton
Today's guest is one of my favorite people on the internet, the hilarious Julie Burton. Julie is a mom, humor writer and truth-teller. She was such a pleasure to chat with and our conversation was full of real talk and valuable insights. She is a humorist who writes parenting content online. We get into how she got her start, how she manages life online and how her two teenaged daughters are an endless source of content. Join us as we get to know each other and have a frank discussion about showing up on the internet and creating community. Julie's advice: you've got to be relatable, you've got to be honest, and you've got to be brave.  ~ Talking points: How one article started her writing career Parenting teenage girls Deciding what parts of our lives to share online The importance of authenticity when showing up online Writing to tell the truth Being a voice for parents with older children ~ CONNECT WITH JULIE:
December 13, 2019
07. One minute to zen with Ali Katz, meditation coach & published author
Today's guest is Ali Katz. She is a meditation coach who teaches people how to incorporate the tools of meditation and energy clearing into their daily lives. The best part is that she does it in a way that makes it all so accessible. She's so easy to talk to, super down to earth and relatable, and she makes this whole "meditation" thing seem really easy to get into. We discuss her philosophy of "following the universe's breadcrumbs" and pursuing what you feel called to do.  We also explore the idea that meditation practice doesn't suddenly make you a zen person all the time, but it does shorten your recovery time after you are triggered. If you're at all curious about incorporating these sort of practices into your lifestyle, listen to this episode. You'll be able to make that change, today. We also end the call with a really powerful, but super simple, guided breathing meditation. So stick around for that!  ~ Talking points: Leaning into the impermanence Exploring our interests and passions Parenting teenagers Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into daily life Consuming less and experiencing more  ~ CONNECT WITH ALI:
December 06, 2019
06. Setting boundaries with technology with your host Lauren
Hey guys, it's me, Lauren! I'm the host of the Perfcked Podcast. I just came back from the 7-day social media detox challenge that I hosted. And I'm here to talk about it. Today's episode, I am focusing specifically on what we need to do once we're back on social media. Setting. Boundaries. Let's get into it.  ~ Talking points: Reflecting on the 7-day social media detox How to reintegrate once we sign back online Making social media a safe space Finding your people and showing up for them ~  CONNECT WITH LAUREN:
November 29, 2019
05. Listening to your body before it gives you a wake up call with Hilary Pearlson of The Dreamerie
Today's guest is very near and dear to my heart. Hilary Pearlson, the brilliant magic woman behind The Dreamerie, speaks to us about learning how to listen to your body before it gives you a wake-up call. She shares candidly about her health journey, which has taken her life in directions she had never expected. But she's gained so much from the experience, and now she's sharing those learnings by way of teaching. Her mission is to teach others how to become their own healers. This conversation was so impactful and healing. Hilary is extraordinary and I know listeners will come away feeling empowered and inspired.   ~ Talking points: Listening to our bodies Prioritizing our health Learning to slow down  Diving into our own personal brand of spirituality Becoming our own healers Finding community  ~ CONNECT WITH HILARY:
November 22, 2019
04. Dismantling limiting beliefs so we can step into our full potential with Kate Crocco, confidence & mindset coach
Kate Crocco is a psychotherapist, published author and confidence & mindset coach. She helps ambitious female leaders uncover what’s been holding them back, works through those blocks (or limiting beliefs), and helps them step into a true CEO mindset. She is a badass boss babe and I had so much fun chatting with her about her story. It took lots of twists and turns, but it all ended up taking her where she needed to go. This episode is full of valuable insight into how to shift your mindset and perspective and judge your reality with clearer eyes.  ~ Talking points: How to notice our blocks and limiting beliefs Mastering our mindset What we think, we become Balancing motherhood and personhood Trusting life's twists and turns Finding your tribe ~ CONNECT WITH KATE: PRE-ORDER KATE'S NEW BOOK "THINKING LIKE A BOSS" LAUNCHING FEB. 2020
November 15, 2019
03. Focus on BEING healthy instead of LOOKING healthy with Nicole of NWBulk Market
Today we are hearing from Nicole who is bringing the real talk (and the real food) to an Instagram near you. You may know Nicole from her popular food blog, She just launched the very badass NWBulk Market, an online farmers market full of incredible small + local businesses. We get into all of that, plus being a working mama, navigating the online landscape and finding your tribe. This girl is the real deal and she doesn't sugar coat anything (except apparently Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi which she somehow made into a dessert dish and I died).  ~ Talking points: You can't determine health by how someone looks Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a strict diet The difference between whole foods and "healthy foods" Quality of quantity when it comes to social media Balancing motherhood, a fulltime job and pursuing your passions ~ CONNECT WITH NICOLE:
November 08, 2019
02. Planning is great until the plans change | Landis Bejar of Aisletalk: Therapist to the brides
On today's episode, we have Landis, the therapist to the brides. She has started her own private practice, Aisletalk, offering therapy and counseling to brides and anyone who is about to participate in a wedding. It is a brilliant idea and I'm so excited for you all to hear more about it. We discuss following life's zigzagging path and trusting wherever it's leading us. We also discover that we have very, very different memories of how we met and who we were in high school. I love her, you'll love, it's truly impossible not to love her.  ~ Talking points: Knowing what you want and knowing that might change Trusting those intuitive hits Feeling confident about an idea and running with it Filling your own cup so you can show up for the people who need you ~ CONNECT WITH LANDIS:
November 01, 2019
01. Life ain't perfect, but filters help | The Perfcked Pilot
In this episode, your host Lauren is introducing herself and the idea behind her new podcast. She shares why she started this show and why it’ll be valuable to YOU, the listener.  You may know Lauren from her blog,, where she explores the intersection of mental health and social media use. Lauren has decided to take the trial and error approach to self-help and she shares her findings through her blog and social media channels.  Each week, Lauren will be interviewing different influential people from around the internet and asking them about how they manage their relationship with social media. The conversations are candid and unedited. You’ll hear from bloggers, influencers, actresses, singers, directors, podcasters and entrepreneurs.  Here is what happens when people stop using filters and start getting real. The Perfcked Podcast is a show about real people, talking about real life, in real time. Everyone has a story to share, and the more stories we hear the more connected we become. And if we need anything right now, it’s more human connection. Enjoy!
September 12, 2019