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Pleasant Spirit Podcast

Pleasant Spirit Podcast

By Kyle Pleasant LMT
Discussion of a variety of topice on health, wellness, self improvement and massage. I am a legally blind, licensed massage therapist in Portland, Oregon and want to share my professional as well as life experiences.
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45. Creating Space
We are always creating space in our lives to help make us feel secure.  Often times when we are trying to feel peace or manifest something in our lives we forget to make space for it.  We fill it with stress or relationship that are not serving us, leaving no room for peace.  We must make a conscious effort to make sure we are vessels with the space for peace and prosperity. Pleasant Spirit
April 22, 2022
44. Cleaning Up Relationships
During the spring our thoughts turn to  embracing the birth of new life and new ideas and cleaning out our closets and sweeping off our driveways.  It is also a good idea to reflect on the quality of the relationships we have.  From our family, friends to who we follow on social media.  Cleaning out, or letting go of relations that don't serve us can help bring us closer to peace of mind. Pleasant Spirit
March 25, 2022
43. Forgiveness is a Choice
Letting go of expectations can be hard.  By letting go and forgiving you allow for more blessings to come to you. Pleasant Spirit
March 18, 2022
42. Making Room for Hope in Troubled Times
With all that is going on in the world today, it's important to have perspective.  What is being t demonstrated is not always wihat it seems.  Often times can be showing what is working or what is not.  If we are to have a wold with peace wie have to make space for things to adjest so that we can see what's not working and make necessary changes.   Pleasant Spirit
March 04, 2022
It's Ok Not to be Ok
Part of being human is that we don't  always feel or act our best.  We feel guilty if we have a no bones day.  But we are not perfect super humans and sometimes need to just give ourselves permission to not be Ok.  As long as we are responsible with our energy when we are out in the world.  It also reminds us to give a little bit of grace for those we come in contact with, when the too aren't at their best. Pleasant Spirit
February 12, 2022
Spiritual Homeostasis
Our spirit, just like our physical bodies require a balance.  Homeostasis is the bodies natural way of getting that balance.  For spirit that balance is peace.  If we respond to our emotions they can tell us whether or not we are in alignment with that peace. Pleasant Spirit
February 06, 2022
Introducing Kelsey Sparks
My wife Kelsey has join my massage practice this year.  This episode introduces her, her journey, and style as an LMT. Pleasant Spirit Pleasant Touch Massage
January 07, 2022
Think Differently for the New Year
A challange for 2022 is to think differently, by seeing things from a new perspective.  Pehaps by doing so we can move away from insanity. Pleasant Spirit
January 01, 2022
Life is an Ongoing Prayer
Whether we are sitting in church or yelling at traffic, our lives are in an ongoing prayer.  The words and thoughts we use are constantly going out into the universe..  Being mindful of this will help us align more closely to peace. Pleasant Spirit
November 07, 2021
Everybody Copes
During stressful times we all have our go-to's for coping.  The trip is to find a balance between coping and what may cause you more harm than good. Pleasant Spirit
October 22, 2021
Mind Vs Body
The mind is willing but the body is weak happens a lot especially when we get older.  Often times we aren't always do the things we used to.  Accepting this, listening to our bodies, being mindful, and asking for help is okay and great self care. Pleasnat Spirit
October 01, 2021
Serenity Now
During stressful and challeging situations I'm always reminded of the serenity prayer.  Knowing what you need to change or just accept in those situations go a long way to achieving peace. Pleasant Spirit
August 20, 2021
Releasing What Doesn't Serve You
By releasing and letting go of energy that isn't serving us, such as negative encounters or unforgiveness, we allow room for more opportunities for blessings to flow into our lives. Pleasant Spirit Daily Blessings for a Pleasant Spirit
July 02, 2021
A Religious Diet
There are a lot of different diets out there with different pros and cons.  There is no one size fits all method.  The main goal of course to to create a healthy lifestyle.  Similarly this can be true for religion.  There is no one way to connect to spirit.  The main goal is to be at peace. Pleasant Spirit Daily Blessings of a Pleasant Spirit: A gratitude journal
June 25, 2021
Mind Your Meal
Another area in our lives we can be mindful of is mealtime.  In many cultures mealtime is an event.  If we take the time to stop and enjoy our food we can enjoy the benefits of better digestion and nutrition.  Who knows maybe even lose some of that covid weight. Pleasant Spirit
June 12, 2021
Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin
Sometimes we can get caught up in taking care others we neglect ourselves.  Self care is important and we must stop once in a while and make sure we replenish our own aenergy.  After all you can't give away what you don't have. Pleasant Spirit My Blind Like Me Podcast Interview
June 04, 2021
Life is a Moving Experience
Everything is moving and vibrating.  Without movement we would not have a universe.  The physical as well as the metaphysical all need to move and vibrate.  We most also move in our bodies and minds.   Pleasant Spirit
May 21, 2021
So What if It Sucks?
There is no shortage of creatie enrgy in this world.  We are are all creators.  The fact that we are alive today means we have the opportunity to create something for the world because we are created to create.  So what if it sucks? The fact that you are alive with the ability to create is beautiful in itself.  So don't be afraid of what it is because it's a part of your ultimate journey.  Be daring to inspire you never know what will show up. Pleasant Spirit
May 16, 2021
Energetic Spring Cleaning
This time of year we start to wake up and start new projects and try to clean out the clutter.  In this episode I talk about various forms of spiring cleaning, such as fasting, and being mindful of the need to clean out out spiritual closets.   Pleasant Spirit
May 07, 2021
Another Point of View
Often times we can solve a lot of problems if we can see things from another perspective. Pleasant Spirit
April 23, 2021
Fostering Energy Audiobook Sample
A sample of the audiobook version of my book Fostering Energy Fosering Energy Audiobook Link Pleasant Spirit
April 16, 2021
What Is Your Story?
We as a society often use stories to share our ideas and creativity, to make a point or to feel connected to each other.  This episode invites you to consider sharing your story. Pleasant Spirit My new book an Amazon Fostering Energy
April 09, 2021
What is Being Demonstrated in Your Life?
Demonstration is the only authority.  We can determine whether we are on a path to peace or chaos based on what is being demonstrated in our lives.  In this episode I give a few examples in my life. Pleasant Spirit My new book Fostering Energy on
March 22, 2021
Changing Your Inner Dialog
Often times when we are facing stressful situations, it can help to visualize a more favorable situation.  Your body doesn't know the difference.  If we are able to use NLP techniques, like positive visualizations or changing our habits and the words we use, we can face difficult situations better. Pleasant Spirit
February 27, 2021
How I Became a Massage Therapist
Clients often ask how I got into massage, so I answer this question in this episode. Pleasant Spirit My Journey as a Legally blind massage therapist
February 21, 2021
What is Your Perceived Value?
So much of our world is based on perception. From our economy, media and even how we feel about ourselves.  When we get to a place where we start to value our true selves and know that we have a purpose and value, we can start to see meaningul change in the energy in our lives.  You are matter, because you matter. For further resources check out  the Pleasant Spirit Website
January 31, 2021
Cause and Effect
With all that's going on in the world today, what we are feeling and seeing are Effects of a much deeper Cause.  Much like a dis-ease we must address the causes by addressing the feelings and seeking to understand if we are going to start the healing process. Pleasant Spirit
January 22, 2021
A Lesson from the Appalachian Trail
A perspective on my best/worst day on the Appalachian Trail that I hiked back in 2005. Pleasant Spirit
January 17, 2021
Emotions Running Hot on Current Events?
Everything that is happing is part of an energy system.  We must be mindful of the energy we entertain and use our emotions to guide us to peace and light.  A good nights sleep doesn't hurt either. :) Pleasant Spirit
January 09, 2021
New Year Wrapup
Just some random thoughts to close out 2020, and to hold an intention for bgger and better things in the coming year. thanks for listening. Pleasant Spirit
January 01, 2021
Sharing Your Gratitude
A reminder to have an "attitude of gratitude" to carry that consciousness into the new year.  To do so, we can let go of unforgiveness and be of service to others. I invite you, before the end of the year to record a message and send it to me about what you are grateful for  and I can add it to  a future show.  Just use the voice message link. Pleasant Spirit
December 14, 2020
Creating a World That Works For All
Just some simple thoughts about how we can work together for the good of all mankind. Pleasant Spirit
December 04, 2020
Importance of Good Communication For Your Massage
Stressing the importance of good communication and feedback before and during your massage session.  after all its your time and you deserve the best experience. Pleasant Spirit Pleasant Touch Massage
November 20, 2020
Looking at Challenges as Creative Opportunities
History is written with challenges opportunities.  We can turn our own challenges as a sign to create a world that inspires others.
November 13, 2020
Where Do We Go From Here?
A brief perspective on the current political landscape.  Where we go from here is up to all of us.
November 09, 2020
Being An Ice Breaker
There is no private good any more than there is private aggravation. We all have similar experiences.  We can take that opportunity to become "ice breakers" for others. Pleasant Spirit
October 30, 2020
Self Massage with Everyday Items
Some suggestions on doing self care at home using common items, to help you between massage sessions. Suggested Items: Tennis Balls There Cane Vibrating Massage Roller Inversion Table Other Heath and Beauty Products at Pleasant Spirit Storefront
October 23, 2020
Feeling Powerless?
Sometimes we feel separate from our good.  Are those around you challenging you because they feel the same way? Pleasant Spirit Store
October 16, 2020
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
Practicing mindfulness is another way of dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. Pleasant Spirit Store The Power of Now YouTube Story on Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
October 09, 2020
Massage FAQ and Addressing gender preference.
Some common questions I get  from new massage clients.  Also addressing the topic of gender preference when choosing a massage therapist. Massage Services: Pleasant Touch Massage Health and Wellness Products and Info: Pleasant Spirit
October 02, 2020
A Matter of Perspective
During these uncertain times, there is one thing we  can be certain about and that is our perspective.. Pleasant Spirit
September 25, 2020
How I Evaluate my Human Experience
A way I compartmentalize my human experience from the perspective of the self help book I Dare You  by William Danforth.
September 18, 2020
What to Expect at Pleasant Touch Massage
A word picture of what you could experience at Pleasant Touch Massage
September 04, 2020
Dealing With Stress
What causes stress and what are it's long-term effects on the body?
August 21, 2020
Introduction for the first show
Just some basic background on me and what I do and what the podcast will be.
August 15, 2020