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How about an improvised concept album?

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Ramshackle comedy, songs and sketches from Peter Marshall & The Lomos. Get your ear defenders on standby.
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10th Anniversary of Peter Marshall & The Lomos
It's nearly the 10th anniversary of Peter Marshall and The Lomos so Lomo 1 and 2 decided to have a reminisce about their ramshackle ways and record an improvised gig in the pitter patter of rain in front of a live studio dog. They picked songs from their enormous back catalogue out of a hat and lived on the edge of whether, unrehearsed, they could remember the music and words. Look out for more 10th anniversary celebrations soon.
June 29, 2019
A Dog is for Life not just for Christmas
Pete and Spence talk about Pete's new dog, all the classics and write a potential new festive hit.
November 20, 2018
A Song For All Seasons
"I think it's fair to say we'll be singing this all year round." Pete and Spence get together to write a new song seemingly inspired by a calendar. Despite it just being a list of things Pete decides it's still art. The boys declare who would play them in a remake of Transatlantic Smash with Peter's choice being surprisingly left field. Spence accidentally reveals he's been Lomo 1 all these years thus relegating Pete to Lomo 2. And keeping with theme of the passage of time, the chaps try and figure out how long they've been going which makes them realise how none rock and roll they are. Time for another dose of PMATL. If you'd like to leave us a message on Anchor we'll write a song for.
November 6, 2018
How about an improvised concept album?
This is how we work. An insight into the mind of Peter Marshall & The Lomos and we consistently conjure up good songs....well, at least 8 times in 10 years. Yes, there are album tracks. But if we were to rock up on stage and play some of those tracks it would be like...erm...our worst gig ever. Which incidentally was at a charity gig at Bramall Lane football ground in 2009. It was definitely worse than this podcast episode. Which is saying something.
November 4, 2018
The History Of The Yorkiverse
In special Marshall of The Yorkiverse episode, Peter take us through the history of this fair land we like to call the Yorkiverse. As well as treating us to another episode of his TV Show to discuss himself and another famous Marshall: After 16 years in the public eye, Marshall Mathers has finally revealed why he gave himself the pseudonym Eminem. "I was just in the candy store one day, when I picked up this packet..." he started to say. "...of M&Ms. They are crunchy and sweet, and they've got a good brand that's funky and neat. I should name myself after them. Yes I'll call myself Eminem." As well as Eminem, we learn more about Peter and his dog in the song "I've Got a Dog".
December 17, 2017
Christmas With Uncle Jim
PMATL tell you why they can't be arsed this Christmas. Lomo 2 finally gets to sing his own Christmas song. And the Yorkiverse is introduced to pervy old Uncle Jim. Featuring the festive PMATL songs December Days (A MF Xmas Song) and I Can't Be Ars*ed This Christmas, written and performed by Peter Marshall and The Lomos and available to download on Bandcamp:
December 12, 2017
Peter meets Santa Claus
Peter Marshall as himself Steve Shooter as Santa Claus Written and Produced by Spencer Vale Watch the video version at
December 5, 2016
Peter meets Constantine
Peter meets Constantine: York's premier street theatre performer Peter Marshall as himself Spencer Vale as Constantine Written and Produced by Spencer Vale
November 24, 2016
Peter meets Johnny Depp
Peter meets Johnny Depp: South York's most popular chocolatier Peter Marshall as himself Spencer Vale as Johnny Depp Written and Produced by Spencer Vale
November 17, 2016
Peter Meets Dickie Turpentine
Peter meets Dickie Turpentine: York's most famous highwayman turned stripper Peter Marshall as himself Spencer Vale as Dickie Turpentine Written and Produced by Spencer Vale
November 10, 2016
Peter Meets Guy Fawkes
Peter meets Guy Fawkes: celebrated terrorist and lover of gummy sweets. Peter Marshall as himself and Guy Fawkes Written and Produced by Spencer Vale Watch the video version at
November 3, 2016
Peter meets James The Ghost (featuring James Christopher)
Peter meets James The Ghost: permanent habitant of York's most haunted pub. Peter Marshall as himself James Christopher as James The Ghost Written by James Christopher Produced by Spencer Vale Watch the video version at
October 26, 2016
Peter meets Ousey Ousebourne
Peter meets Ousey Ousebourne: York's 4th most famous rock star and namesake of his own river. Peter Marshall as himself Spencer Vale as Ousey Ousebourne Written and Produced by Spencer Vale Watch the video version at
October 18, 2016
A Selection of 6 Second Songs
This latest episode is a selection of 6 second songs, which Lomo 2 proves is just as easy to say as do. Topics include washing machines and the Olympics. Watch the video version at
September 6, 2016
ResignWhine (A Resignation Song)
When two English leaders fail and then resign in one week, there's only one thing to do...make a short song about it and release it in double time! Here's our David Cameron and Roy Hodgson song. You can watch the video version at
June 27, 2016
Bus driver confirms 10 quid is a sh*t load of cash
Despite what economists would have us believe, ten pounds has now been confirmed by another expert faction – Bus Drivers – as “more money than [they] can handle.”
October 13, 2015
Artisan Coffee
Independent coffee shops, delicatessens, clothing specialists and pubs were at loggerheads today as they quarreled over who had the rights to use previously allocated describing words. This dictionary turf war began due to a mix up over the use of the word: artisan.
September 21, 2015
Audience Question Time - A Footy Quiz
A musical football quiz based on the Frog and Bucket comedy club footy quiz night that PMATL were the house band for in 2011: Kick The Bucket. The Kick The Bucket video referred to in this skit is available at
September 8, 2015
If Jesus Had a Take That Inspired Blog
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jesus Christ, son of God, had a blog on the internet and coupled it with a soundtrack by Take That? No? Well let Peter Marshall & The Lomos show you what that might be like. Watch the video version at
May 13, 2015
How to Increase Your Online Profile
In this clip Brad Bradburg tells you how to increase your online profile. Click here to increase your online profile. Subscribe to this channel to learn more ways to increase your online profile. Peter Marshall is Brad Bradburg Written by James Christopher Music by Spencer Vale Watch the video version at
February 26, 2015
8 Unbelievable Facts About Curly Hair
You've got to hear them to believe them. Full disclosure...these aren't true. Written and narrated by Peter Marshall Music and Editing by Spencer Vale 1. Curly hair doesn’t exist - If you can see curly hair you are 3% of the population who sees it due to an eye deficiency. Your wee also smells of asparagus 67% of the time. 2. People with curly hair can’t bleed - There is so much curly hair under the surface of a curly haired persons skin that it soaks up any fluid immediately. Straight-haired people are 97% water. Curly tops are 100% hair (curly) 3. The curls are created in the spleen - It grows out from there, up through the heart, lungs, female foof and male tail, eventually working its way up and out of the head bit. 4. The spleen bone is attached to the thigh bone (in curly haired people). Whereas in people with straight hair the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone. Like in the song. 5. Curly haired people can understand dolphins - The spring e
February 9, 2015
PMATL...What The Hell (Welcome to our Show)
An introduction song to comedy duo PMATL. Who even are PMATL? What does it mean? And why should you subscribe to this latest Fossgate Studios production? All is contained in this song. Watch the video version at
February 2, 2015
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