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Live S4F Office Hours #1: Gabriel Perez from

An episode of Sales For Founders

By Louis Nicholls
Learn to sell, find your first paying customers and grow a successful business.

An interview series for (technical) founders who are fed up of building products nobody wants to buy...

Your host, Louis Nicholls, interviews the best founders and salespeople out there. You'll learn how they found their first customers and grew massively successful businesses.

With a focus on actionable insights from every area of sales.
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More places to listen

1 year, $150k in revenue... and still no landing page! - with Jeremy Thiessen
This week, Louis interviews serial founder Jeremy Thiessen. Jeremy has a golden rule for entrepreneurship after some bad luck with his first startup... Don't build anything until you've sold it first! In fact, Jeremy has grown his latest company, Rogue Technologies, to over $150k in revenue in under a year. And it *still* doesn't have a landing page! Listen in to hear Jeremy's thoughts on... why you should sell before building why a 10minute landing page isn't what it seems why his first startup failed and much more! If you want to get in touch with Jeremy or find out more about Rogue Technologies, you can reach him at --> he made an email address specially for the show! 
August 12, 2019
Live S4F Office Hours #1: Gabriel Perez from
This week we shake things up on the podcast! Instead of an interview, we spontaneously recorded one of the office hours sessions with a founder who is currently taking the Sales for Founders course. Listen along as Gabriel Perez, founder of, walks Louis through his current challenges and progress. We touch on some great cold email strategies, how to make the most out of Gabriel's first conference, and do a deep dive on the first draft of Gabriel's case study. You can find Gabriel online at - and early bird enrollment for the Sales for Founders course is opening up again soon, so get yourself on the waitlist now to secure your earlybird discount! 
July 12, 2019
Would a referral program work for your business? - with Manuel Frigerio of ReferralHero
This week, Louis interviews friend of the show Manuel Frigerio, founder of ReferralHero. Manuel bootstrapped ReferralHero, a referral marketing platform, to about $20k MRR. And on the show he shares... - How he found his first customers for ReferralHero - Whether your business should even bother setting up a referral program - And, if so, how to do it well... You can find Manuel on Twitter at @mnlfrgr and check out the excellent knowledge base over at Finally, if you want to give ReferralHero a try, don't forget that you get 20% off the first 3 months with coupon code "s4f"!
June 26, 2019
How to grow faster by doing things that don't scale - with Corey Haines of Baremetrics
This week, your host Louis Nicholls interviews Corey Haines, head of growth at Baremetrics. Corey switches between sales and marketing every day. So he's learned some super useful lessons about how to take the best of sales and grow your business by doing things that don't scale. Today, Corey shares his top 4 actionable tips. You can find Corey at @coreyhainesco on Twitter, and For a list of the best demo/sales questions you aren't asking (but should be), head on over to  
June 14, 2019
Bonus Episode: Why niching is a great way to start a bootstrapped business - with Tyler Tringas of Earnest Capital
This week we've delivered a special bonus episode with a slightly different focus than normal. Inspired by Justin Jackson's article on 'the myth of the niche market', your host Louis Nicholls has a conversation about the pros and cons of targeting a niche market, with accomplished bootstrapped founder and investor Tyler Tringas.  Tyler previously founded and bootstrapped to $50k+ MRR, before starting Earnest Capital - a fund dedicated to investing in bootstrapped startups with a win-win, founder-friendly focus and great founder-alignment. You can find Tyler on Twitter at @tylertringas and Justin Jackson's article that inspired the episode is over at We'll be back to regular, sales-based interviews from next Tuesday!
June 3, 2019
How to close 7-figure deals as a technical founder with no sales experience - with Stephanie Hurlburt of
This week, your host Louis Nicholls interviews Stephanie Hurlburt, cofounder of  We go in depth on learning sales as a technical founder, winning large B2B contracts and much, much more! You can find Stephanie at or on Twitter at The article Stephanie mentions by Jason Fried is here: -- PS: The next Sales For Founders course closes THIS SUNDAY! If you're fed up of not running your own profitable business, head over to and sign up to get your exclusive earlybird discount and spot on the waitlist NOW!
May 15, 2019
Taking a productised service from 0 to $10k MR in a few short months (plus, copywriting tips!) - with Dani Mancini of
This week, your host Louis Nicholls interviews Dani Mancini. Dani is an expert copywriter and the solo founder of - a productised copywriting service which she grew from nothing to tens of thousands of dollars revenue in just a few months. There’s a load of great, actionable advice in today’s interview. We talk about finding your first customers About how to deal with burnout and the stress of being a founder And you’ll get some awesome copywriting tips to improve your emails and landing pages You can find Dani on Twitter @dani_scribly and check out her blog on copywriting. Finally, don't forget you get an exclusive 25% discount off all copywriting services as an S4F listener... just mention the Sales For Founders podcast when you get in touch with the team.  ------ PS: The next Sales For Founders course opens soon. If you're fed up of not running your own profitable business, head over to and sign up to get your exclusive earlybird discount and spot on the waitlist NOW!
May 7, 2019
How to close your first deals and do follow-ups properly - with Mark Fershteyn of
This week I interview Mark Fershteyn, founder of . Mark has years of sales experience are recently founded his own SaaS company - helping B2B sales teams close more deals faster, with better follow-ups. We go into detail on mistakes you'll make on your first sales calls, how to handle customer objections, and much, much more. You can find Mark on Twitter at @markfersh and don't forget to check out to boost your sales game - SalesForFounders listeners get an exclusive 15% lifetime discount with the code SALESFORFOUNDERS
April 25, 2019
Bootstrapping to a 6-figure business by aligning yourself with the customer - with Lynne Tye of Key:Values
Lynne Tye, founder of shares how she learned sales on the job - and grew her project into a profitable 6-figure business helping developers find engineering teams that share their values. You can find Lynne on Twitter (@lynnetye) or search for her recent episode of the Indie Hackers podcast, where she talks more about the non-sales side of Key:Values.
April 15, 2019
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