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Shift - In Your Pocket

Shift - In Your Pocket

By Anne L Davis
This is Shift - in Your Pocket. Short meditations, mantras, movement sequences to get you vibing higher, moving, and breathing your way to conscious living.
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March 30 Minute Barre

Shift - In Your Pocket

March 30 Minute Barre

Shift - In Your Pocket

March 30 Minute Barre
Feel free to use this playlist as we warm up, do some thigh work, abs, and glutes! All you need is yourself, a floor, and a wall! 
March 05, 2019
Barre, Part 2
This is the second part of your Barre in Your Pocket class (15 minutes). - Seat, Abs, Cool Down!
February 01, 2019
Barre 30 minutes
Need a little barre in your pocket?  This is Part I: warm up, thighs, planks & push ups, Arms and Left Butt! Stay Tuned for Part II: Right Butt, Abs, Cool Down!!   Playlist on Spotify:  
January 30, 2019
3 minutes to chill
Feeling scattered or antsy? Give me three minutes.
January 30, 2019