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By Sophia Chang
Sophia was a world-traveling aerial acrobat who fell and got a traumatic brain injury. IG & Twitter: @thesophiachang
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Ep 12: Playing for the WNBA
Jun 8, 201810:59
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Ep 12: Playing for the WNBA
Jun 8, 201810:59
Ep 11: Don't Make Your Enemies Happy: Wisdom from My Lyft Driver
May 22, 201804:41
Ep 10: I Am Robs10kFriends' 1,815 Friend
May 21, 201805:06
Ep 9: An Open Letter to Dot Fortenberry
May 4, 201804:56
Ep 8: People are Assholes and Other Depression Busters
Apr 22, 201809:50
Ep 7: How to Stop a Screaming Fight With One Sentence
Apr 10, 201810:39
Ep 6: Why Women Should Never Make the First Move
Apr 12, 201805:17
Ep 5: What It's Like to Have a Traumatic Brain Injury
Mar 10, 201809:13
Ep4: I Got to Be on Brave, Not Perfect - My International Women's Day Surprise
Mar 7, 201807:19
Ep 3: Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me How White I Sound?
Feb 28, 201806:42
Ep 2: My Bathroom is a Waterpark and Other IBS Struggles
Feb 28, 201807:30
Ep 1: I Fell Off a Metal Bar and Now I Have a Podcast
Feb 26, 201807:34
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