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Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

By Wordhole Media
From the makers of Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE comes a podcast dedicated to the Chicago White Sox presented by Revolution Brewing.
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7 | We're Going Into 'Stealth Mode'

Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

8 | Time to Wake the Fuck Up!
It's officially make-or-break time as another trade deadline came and went with little action from Rick Hahn and now a pivotal series against the league-best #Astros looms after the #WhiteSox sleepwalked thru the softest part of the 2022 schedule, going a mere 11-8 vs. chronically mediocre competition  |  LaRussaPalooza rolls on as Tony La Russa is caught asleep at the wheel again  |  More mysterious Wrath of Hahn bad luck with injuries to Luis Robert and now Tim Anderson continue the disturbing trend |  Plus, This Week In Sox Misery and some funny Shit We Couldn't Make Up TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
August 16, 2022
7 | We're Going Into 'Stealth Mode'
Much like Rick Hann's pre-trade deadline radio silence strategy, Smitty's selfish and poorly-timed vacation means Sox Type Thing is headed into 'stealth mode' for the next couple of weeks  |  Tony La Russa's questionable decision-making spawns LaRussaPalooza: The Curious Cast of Lance Lynn  |  The #Guardians continues to battle the #WhiteSox to a stalemate while "Go Tribe" apparently continues to be a thing in Cleveland  |  With the next 19 games vs. opponents adding up to a .411 winning%, consider this season OV-AH if the Sox don't go AT LEAST 13-6 over this critical span  |  Wrath of Hahn's injury curse continues with Luis Robert's mysterious symptoms landing him on the IL while the root cause remains fuzzy  |  Minnie Miñoso finally takes his rightful place the National Baseball Hall of Fame... far, far too late  |  Ray Durham traded to Oakland in exchange for some schmoe twenty years ago is just another Day in Sox Misery TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
July 26, 2022
6 | Fateful Eight Leads to Merciful Break
Going 5 and 3 over Steve Stone's final 'Fateful Eight' games with CLE and MIN before the All-Star break lands the #WhiteSox right back where everything started at .500, but gives reason for optimism  |  Tony La Russa's LaRussaPalooza is a circus of his own creation as he's lost any benefit of the doubt  |  Bob Nightengale's latest bad tweet overstates Sox clubhouse situation and potentially expose Dallas Keuchel's treachery  |  Celebrity Death Match Ozzie Guillen vs Jon Heyman begins with a ton of bluster but ends with a whimper  |  Kenny Williams gets all up in White Sox clubhouse business  |  More Wrath of Hahn bad injury luck snares an obviously 'injury prone' Eloy Jiménez again and Luis Robert with a new mysterious ailment, but are Lance Lynn's struggles due to Smitty's jinx?  |  Do the Sox have enough to win the Juan Soto Sweepstakes or is the asking price skyrocketing out of reach?  |  Dylan Cease is only the latest egregious All-Star snub  |  Sneakerheads may snap up new "Mache Runner" but these two old men will pass on these old man's walking shoes TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
July 19, 2022
5 | Season on the Brink?
Eloy Jiménez and the #WhiteSox salvage the final game vs. the #MNTwins and maybe even saved the season as the red-hot #Tigers come to town  |  Sox sweep the #SFGiants in an eerily familiar way  |   The first 8-5 triple play exposes historically bad baserunning and lack of baseball IQ  |  Micheal Kopech hasn't been quite right since his "minor" knee injury  |  Whether it's the groin injury or off-field distractions, Tim Anderson is a shell of his usual self  |  Tony La Russa tells awkward 1982 bullet-proof vest story to try to relate to Highland Park tragedy  |  A*Hole Poll results are in! TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
July 08, 2022
4 | Orioles and Angels Exploit Sox Malaise
We struggle to compartmentalize the positives and negatives of the 2022 #WhiteSox season thus far  |  Rick Hahn provides a new perspective on Chris Sales's 2016 meltdown over the World's Most Dangerous Uniform  |  Jake Burger gets his own signature hamburger while we attempt to talk down irrational White Sox Twitter from DFA'ing him and Gavin Sheets  |  Steve Stone is a man of enormous talent as a pitcher and broadcaster, but did anyone see him as a filmmaker?  |  Despite Tony La Russa's delusional declarations to the contrary, Leury Garcia is empirically one o the worst players in all of Major League Baseball TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
July 01, 2022
3 | Second Coming of Sosa?
Is a big jump from Double-A to the big league club for top prospect, Lenyn Sosa going to help save the Sox?  |  Umpire Doug Eddings was so bad the Blue Jays hitting coach got himself ejected BEFORE the next game and PitchTrax may have to recalibrate going forward  |  The LaRussaPalooza circus rolls on as Tony La Russa has completely lost any benefit of the doubt  |  Another Box Seat Manager has some bad advice for the front office as Pete takes his home attendance record to 5-1  |  ASKHOLE?! What's wrong with Lucas Giolito?  |  It's not ESPN Sunday Night Baseball's fault they're out-of-town stupid, but their incessant off-field in-game coverage is completely out of control  |   We need a new name for our Twitter poll segment, but most agree a delusional Jerry Reinsdorf values his relationship with TLR over a #WhiteSox championship TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
June 24, 2022
2 | From "FIRE TONY" to a Sweep in Detroit
The circus that is LaRussaPalooza started the week with not-so-subtle hints that the fanbase wants Tony La Russa fired but ended with a dominant sweep of the Tigers  |  Lance Lynn gets into it with Joe McEwing while TLR denies everything in typical TLR fashion  |  The Wrath of Hahn curse lives on as the avalanche of injuries continue to bury Rick Hahn alive  |  Tweet Bag: If fans actually got their wish, who would they want to replace La Russa?  |  NBC Sports Chicago censoring the critical inning of the infamous 1-2 Intentional Walk game replay was some Shit We Couldn't Make Up  | Tim Anderson's rehab is off to a nice start while Eloy Jiménez is MIA  |  Maybe Yoan Moncada just needed a little time to settle in? TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
June 16, 2022
1 | Tony La Russa: The Most Hated Man in Chicago
Sox Type Thing becomes its own thing at a unique moment in White Sox history  |  LARUSSAPALOOZA takes it up another notch when Tony La Russa makes baseball history with 1-2 intentional, but that's only the tip of his iceberg of incompetence  |  Pete at the Park goes 4-1 as Box Seat Managers have some *interesting* advice for TLR  |  We power rank Steve Stone's broadcast booth partnerships over the last 40 years  |  We answer your questions on the @SoxTypeThing Twitter Bag  |  Eloy Jiménez is NOT injury-prone and has NOT suffered a setback according to Rick Hahn TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WED: SHOP: REVOLUTION BREWING:
June 11, 2022
Second Base Solutions
Signing a big-name free agent SS and asking him to move to 2B isn't realistic. Neither is asking the face of the franchise, Tim Anderson to move out of his preferred position. But there are plenty of trade options out there to fill the #WhiteSox gaping hole in the middle of the infield.  For more baseball talk, check out Major League A*Holes on the web, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
January 20, 2022
Sox Options at 2B & RF
With the #WhiteSox 2022 payroll already at record levels, will Jerry Reinsdorf spend even more on free agents to fill the holes at second base and right field? Or can Rich Hahn find more creative ways to use assets within the organization to address those issues?
January 08, 2022
No Candy For Christmas
[NOTE: Apologies for Smitty’s shitty audio quality as we had some technical difficulties we were unaware of at the time of recording. We’ll do better next time.] The #WhiteSox failed to make the fanbase happy with any splashy moves before Dec 1 artificial deadline, but Rich Hahn still has plenty of time and options to improve the roster for 2022. For more baseball talk, check out Major League A*Holes on the web, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
December 03, 2021
Rodón Feels Wrath of Hahn (Again)
Rick Hahn is making tough, but correct business decisions for the White Sox including not offering Carlos Rodón an $18.4M qualifying offer. For more baseball talk, check out Major League A*Holes on the web, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
November 19, 2021
Defense Loses Championships
Rick Hahn needs to fill holes at RF and 2B for the 2022 White Sox, but defensive butchers like Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber shouldn’t be on his list. For more baseball talk, check out Major League A*Holes on the web, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
November 05, 2021
Sorry Folks, Kimbrel’s NOT Going to the Yankees
As if Bob Nightengale‘s bad tweet announcing the Sox WILL sign and TRADE Craig Kimbrel THIS WINTER wasn’t dumb enough, pundits are now actually suggesting the Yankees would give up Gleyber Torres and/or Aaron Judge for the former closer at the lowest point in his value?? For more baseball talk, check out Major League A*Holes on the web, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
October 23, 2021
Fade to Black: 2021 White Sox Post Mortem SPECIAL
The WhiteSox vs. Astros ALDS had so many goddamn layers and storylines that we dedicated an entire fucking IN THE HOLE episode to it complete with Asshole of the Week, more funny Shit We Couldn’t Make Up, ASKHOLE?! and yet another one of Bob’s Bad Tweets. Plus, a brand new segment — Anti-Hero of the Week presented by Revolution Brewing. For more baseball talk, check out Major League A*Holes on the web, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
October 16, 2021