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An Unmuted Moment: Faith

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Hi! I am Stacey Jata! I am a cultivator of people and a believer in human potential. I believe that every person has gifts, talents and purpose just waiting to be released! I help people listen to the faint callings of their heart, and turn up the volume!
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#3 Pearls of Wisdom from Carolyn Gray- Author and Personal Development Strategist
Today, I get to introduce you to a great friend and mentor of mine, Carolyn Gray. With over 30 years experience in human resources and leadership, she inspires others daily as a personal development strategist, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. But mostly, she is my friend and she lights up a room when she walks in. Facebook Today's Guest: Carolyn Gray- Zircon Consulting
January 22, 2019
Happy New Year 2019! What about those Fanny Packs?
Our out of the gate episode of 2019 gabs about what is trending in 2019, the word of the year, and living a life unmuted, despite the haters! Follow Along: FB @staceyjataunmuted or IG StaceyJata
January 3, 2019
An Unmuted Moment: Faith
October 5, 2018
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