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Strong as a Mother

Strong as a Mother

By Ashlee De Nooy
We often overlook the impact that local business owners are making in their community. Strong as a Mother is a series of real-life conversations with leading businesses to provide you with tactical life and business lessons with fun along the way.
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13: Hatched Midwifery - Carrie LaChapelle Craft
Carrie is the owner of Hatched Midwifery in Greenville, South Carolina.  She was a doula before ultimately transitioning into her career as a licensed midwife.  She has a passion for helping women soak in every detail of the birth experience that they wish to have. Her team travels for home births to support moms in the atmosphere where they feel the most comfortable. Listen as she discusses the challenges she has faced during her career and the extent of care that her team provides for her moms. Midwife means 'With Woman' and they are responsible for providing prenatal support, and birthing support, as well as being present for 6-8 weeks postpartum. If you are interested in hearing more about Carrie's Midwifery practice and getting in touch with her you can find her information here!
May 12, 2022
12: Victoria Yates - Intuitive Eating + Body Image coach
Join us as we hear from Victoria Yates, an Intuitive Eating and Body Image coach located in Greenville, South Carolina. Victoria is a pioneer in changing the way we see healthy and removing the concept of weight loss.  She works closely with women who struggle with both body image and their relationship with food. She is a former nurse who had her own personal struggles with her relationship with food and her body.  Learn the truth of the Diet Cycle and why it doesn't provide sustainable results! Working with Victoria will involve: a 6-month program - Getting to the root cause of your struggle with food + body image - weekly coaching calls - eliminating negative thoughts and starting OVER with your idea of what nutrition and a healthy relationship with food look like.
April 14, 2022
11. Greenville Midwifery - Maureen Nowak, CNM & Susan Cheek-Williams, CNM
Join us on this episode of the Strong As A Mother Podcast as we discuss the journey of Maureen and Susan's careers as Midwives, where they have devoted their lives to helping women through their pregnancy and the birthing process. They provide 1:1 care for each woman to tailor their birthing experience as they wish. Greenville Midwifery is the first Nurse-Midwifery practicing in Greenville County to deliver in the Upstate in a long time and were the first of their scope to have hospital privileges. The term Midwife translates to "With Woman" and in this episode, they will explain the benefits of working closely with a Midwife during your pregnancy and what the relationship will look like for you.  Major Points Covered: Defining a "Midwife" vs a Doula What sets Greenville Midwifery apart? OBGYN care vs Midwifery Care Postpartum process with Greenville Midwifery  How do you work closely with providers in the Greenville area?
March 14, 2022
10. Moms on the Move - Jen Wills and Ashley Steigerwald
Looking for an all inclusive moms group? Jen and Ashley have brought just that to their listeners in the Greenville area. They cover everything from finances and parenting to sports and life.  Take a listen to this episode to support Moms on the Move!
February 10, 2021
9. Dr. Melisa Holmes - Girlology
Are you ready to talk to your daughter about life's changes and the birds and the bees?  If not, after listening to today's episode you may just have a different view! I had the privilege of talking to Dr. Melisa Holmes, co-founder of Girlology. What started as a way to educate her friend's daughter and her friends, turned into a growing business that is making it's way world wide. Listen to the whole episode to grab her special offer! 
June 22, 2020
8. Ashley Gondi - StetchLab GVL
When you need a good stretch, head over to Stretch Lab Greenville. Owner, Ashley Gondi, wife and mom to two kiddos, invites us into her mompreneur and home life and how she's handling today's current situation. 
June 02, 2020
7. Currie Gossett - Confidence. Optimism. Resilience. Energy.
If you're going to wear workout clothes, you may as well feel good while wearing them too!  Today I had the privilege to speak with Currie Gossett, wife and mom to two young boys, and owner of C.O.R.E Grow Strong.  Currie took her life experiences and brought them full circle!  It's not all about the apparel... this brand goes well beyond athletic apparel.  She also let me in on some exciting news, that she's obviously sharing with you! Listen now to hear all about it!
April 27, 2020
6. Ashley Moore - THE Alternative Eco-Friendly Salon You Must Know About
We've all been there. You know, that time when you get your hair done and walk out with the "what did they do to me"?  Walk into Fringe Hair Salon and you'll never walk out feeling like a boss.  Seriously, it's just that amazing.  I've asked the owner, Ashley Moore, wife and mom to curious toddler, to take me back to what started this artistic passion of hers, and to share her wisdom with us.  Take a listen to this fun conversation and learn more about how many times you should be washing your hair each week, and why you shouldn't ever cut your own bangs!
April 22, 2020
5. Katie Edwards Corbin - Do You Have Control of your Mind?
Stress is high right now. Our lives have become our new normal. This episode will help you to see that you are in control of your mind and actions.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with  Katie Edwards Corbin, the CEO and founder of The Center of Bliss, the Leaders Circle, and a wife and mom to two young boys. Katie shared so much wisdom and tips on how to manage your anxiety, how mindset matters, and the importance of compartmentalizing your time. After listening to this episode, you’re going to want to grab a piece of paper and get focused! Listen now!
April 16, 2020
4. Dr. Mary Brittain Blankenship - How to Improve your Health with Small Lifestyle Changes
We're all at home. So what can we do to continue to stay as healthy as possible aside from social distancing? The intelligent Dr. Mary Brittain Blankenship, owner and founder of Spruce MD, and wife and mother to three shared how she's helping her patients during this time.  We discussed how there's comfort in numbers, GIVE 19, the power of habits, and the top 5 things you can do to ensure you stay healthy spiritually, physically, and mentally. 
April 14, 2020
3. Dr. Holly Callaway - Lessons from the The Powerhouse CEO
As we're approaching our adult lives and having to make decisions on "what we want to be" when we grow up, we tend to think it's one thing. I asked Dr. Holly Callaway, DC and Owner and Founder of The Powerhouse Consulting to join me to share her life lessons with us. She's owned 5 different businesses in her life, is a wife and mother to two children, and is consulting women business owners.  Take some time to listen to this one as she shares how she's dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and helping other businesses grow in the process.
April 14, 2020
2. Dana Patterson - Joy in the Midst of Chaos
The coronavirus is disrupting businesses and lifestyles. This is a difficult time we're facing and now more than ever are we having to rely on improving our systems.  I invited the lovely Dana Patterson, owner of Cradled in Love and mom to many (listen to find out), to the podcast to share how she's dealing with the current situation at home and in her businesses, what her "Mom Motto" is, how she's continuing to serve and care for her moms and their families.
April 14, 2020
1. Dr. Katie Hohman - Creating a Family within your team while creating space for your own family
No matter who you are or where you live, you have been affected by the current crisis of COVID-19. Times have been difficult for all of us as we see family and friends struggling.  How do we stay positive and afloat during all of this?  That's why I asked Dr. Katie Hohman, PT this morning, owner of Hohman Rehab Physical Therapy and HENO to share strategies with us on how she manages stress during this time and how she's handling this situation at home and in her businesses.  Katie is a wife, mom, and leader in her community and I'm extremely grateful for her friendship and mentorship. In this very first Strong as a Mother episode, Katie shares with us what every mom should hear!
April 04, 2020