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Tending Trauma

Tending Trauma

By Thomas F. Webber
On the journey to renewed health, those suffering from trauma have many options. This show features the diverse work of different trauma recovery practitioners and allows individuals on their own healing journey to learn more about those they may choose to work with. Your host, Thomas F. Webber is a trauma recovery and shadow work coach and teacher, who would love to work with everyone, but knows each person needs different care to meet their needs and achieve their goals. Please know you are not alone in this.
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Trauma Informed Schooling | Mary Crnobori
In today's episode we discuss the challenges of getting to a vision of the future where schools are trauma informed. Dr Mary Crnobori shares her insights, hopes and efforts in pioneering change in the education department.  Dr. Mary Crnobori is the District Coordinator of Trauma-Informed Schools for Metro Nashville Public Schools. She holds a PhD in Special Education from Vanderbilt University and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Dr. Crnobori leads a team of 6 Trauma-Informed Specialists dedicated to equipping educators with the information and strategies they need to promote compassionate school environments that support healthy development and school success for all. From a collective impact lens, she developed and drives implementation of a system-wide approach to raising awareness about the impacts of childhood adversity on school success and lifelong health and wellness; and guides and supports implementation of a practical model for whole-school and individualized trauma-informed classroom practices that are healing centered and foster resilience and empowerment. Dr. Crnobori has extensive experience with public speaking and training, teaching, district administration, consulting, research, and behavior analysis. She has co-authored multiple journal articles and book chapters and the book Managing Challenging Behaviors in Schools: Research-Based Strategies That Work, and given many national webinars and a TEDx talk about trauma-informed schools. Most importantly, she gets her greatest joy from her role as parent of two adolescent sons who attend public schools.
March 12, 2021
Healing Corporate Racism | Kathy Obear
In today's episode Kathy talked about the challenges around changing racist culture within corporations.  Currently president of the Center for Transformation and Change,, Dr. Kathy Obear works with leaders and change agents to deepen their capacity to recognize and interrupt racist and white supremist attitudes and behaviors before they do harm, acknowledge the devastating impact of past racist behaviors and institutional racism, shift current racist behaviors and organizational practices, and develop strategies to truly partner with colleagues of color to eradicate racism and white supremacy culture in their spheres of influence to create true racial justice and anti-racism in everything they do. Kathy is a Co-founder of the Social Justice Training Institute,, an intensive professional development experience to deepen capacity to dismantle dynamics of racism and white supremacy in ourselves and in our organizations.
March 04, 2021
Healing Generational Trauma | Tabitha Mpamira
In today's episode of Tending Trauma we are joined by Tabitha Mpamira who gave an important talk about generational trauma at on TED. We talk about the importance of navigating one's own struggles, and Tabitha's method to face challenges related to overcoming avoidance in talking about pains within culture.  Check her out at Tabitha Mpamira is a therapist, activist, motivational speaker, and consultant on sexual and gender-based violence with a long working history in the mental healthcare industry. In 2015, Tabitha founded EDJA to provide free medical, legal, and mental health services to survivors of sexual assault in East Africa. EDJA has sparked rapid change in rural Uganda by supporting hundreds of survivors and bringing perpetrators to justice.
February 20, 2021
Using Genuine Connection to Heal Youth | Tanya J Peterson
In this episode of Tending Trauma we explore the importance of developing trust with kids to heal from traumatic experiences. From seeing their strengths, to the challenges of setting boundaries in an unhealthy environment - Tanya expertly talks about her insights into her work helping youth.  Tanya J. Peterson is an anxiety, mindfulness, and wellbeing specialist providing information, tools, and strategies to equip people with what they need to overcome any obstacle and create their version of a quality life. She has created a course for kids ages 8-12 (but with information and tools useful for the entire family) called Mindful Brain, Flexible Body: Wiggle Your Way Out of Your Worries and Into Your Life. She's also written numerous self-help books and journals and is a regular contributor to the mental health websites HealthyPlace and Choosing Therapy. You can find and connect with her at
February 12, 2021
World Without Trauma with Rebecca Webber
In this episode with Rebecca, we review how the purpose of this podcast is to outline and clarify a path to a world without trauma. This is a complicated, multifaceted, global challenge. We aim to clarify where each expert has authority and explore together possibilities for how we can change. Sometimes we talk about big issues in the way of seemingly obvious shifts - and conversations may span from what we can do as a society to what we must all do as individuals. This episode is meant as an explanation of what solution based conversations we hope to have in this season. 
January 18, 2021
Finding a New Frame with Bernadette Bruckner
Bernadette Bruckner is a creative allrounder who worked successfully in different working fields in Austria and abroad. By her interest in corporate communications, marketing, human resources and many other areas of business, she has appropriated an enormous amount of knowledge over the more than 30 years.  Numerous educations at international top-trainers like Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Roy Martina and Clinton Swaine. Internationally active as holistic trainer in health, nutrition and mental health with exceptional holistic resilience methods. Founder of „iMM – intuitive mentoring method and 1-min-coaching-to-go“, a further development of NLP, as well as „ORINITION® - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.“ – an innovative nutrition work of (re-) membering our own body intelligence.  Successfully Master’s degree in health management with focus on public health. International PhD & research in the fields of health communication with focus on psycho linguistics combined with neuro plasticity and health economics. In today's episode of Tending Trauma, we talk about research, society, and the context of why healing is so important. 
January 01, 2021
Finding Your Inner Light with Ibrahim Sharkas
Ibrahim Sharkas is a student of psychology, spiritual studies, and humanities.  He's currently completing his Masters (L7) in Positive Psychology in the United Kingdom, focusing his research on exploring spirituality and its emphasis on humanity.   Ibrahim has published three books with his latest release, The Threads That Weave The Universe, that tie his studies weaved through poetry.  Over the next decade he'll be primarily focusing on working with clients 1-1 & group in a therapeutic atmosphere, research and write papers that add insight within the scope of academics (primarily Religion, Humanities, and Psychology), as well as continually develop his grassroots movement to a large scale Non-Profit Organization in service to those in need.  This week on Tending Trauma Ibrahim talks about his journey to empowerment and what he wants to do to change culture through individual empowerment and positive psychology.
December 18, 2020
Healing Stigma and Bipolar Disorder with Nichole Howson
Nichole Howson is a social media manager and strategist and a mental health advocate. She speaks about mental illness - specifically on Mental Wellness, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. She’s been published 10 times for The Mighty and has been interviewed by CBC and CTV News. She runs a mental health blog called Defying Shadows, with 15 other mental health advocates. Diagnosed as a teen with Depression and Anxiety, and later on with Bipolar Disorder at age 20 and PTSD at 25. Nichole strives to support those who struggle and destroy all stigma surrounding mental illness. This week on Tending Trauma we talk about Nichole's journey to starting her blog and the steps she found most helpful along that path.
December 15, 2020
The Importance of Safety and Healing Through Sound with Mytrae Meliana
Mytrae Meliana is a women's empowerment and spiritual teacher, holistic psychotherapist, speaker, and author. She leads workshops and programs for women that empower them to heal from trauma, liberate themselves from patriarchy, and claim their truth, power, heart, and Soul Purpose. Mytrae is also Founder of Temple of Sound Healing, which teaches sound healing to health/wellness practitioners and social justice community leaders so they can offer that to their clients and communities. Mytrae, a WOC immigrant from India, shares her personal story of healing, empowerment, and awakening in her memoir "Brown Skin Girl: An Indian-American Woman's Magical Journey from Broken to Beautiful". This week on Tending Trauma we talk about Mytrae's work in treating trauma and some of the underlying factors needed for healing.
December 11, 2020
Healing Trauma at the Root with D'Ann Smith
D'Ann is an artist, mother, cancer survivor, and addict in 20+ years of recovery, who has spent her life struggling with the effects of complex trauma.  Being diagnosed in 1998 at age 31 with PTSD helped her understand what she struggled with and why.  In spite of doing her best to avoid it, she became disabled in 2002.  Today, she's a trauma recovery coach, using her experience and skills to teach others that each of us holds the keys to our own healing, and we can use them to free ourselves from the devastations of unresolved trauma. This week on Tending Trauma we talk about D'Ann's personal journey towards healing and a breakdown of what it means to heal.
December 04, 2020
Finding Control by Healing Fear with Charlotte Mather
Charlotte Mather is a Trauma-Informed Hypno-Coach and Therapist.  She is passionate about facilitating lasting change for clients with limiting beliefs that were imprinted through trauma, to help people get out of their own way and believe in better for themselves. This week on Tending Trauma we talk about what it's like to avoid burnout as well as Charlotte's personal journey of healing from fearful mindsets.  You can find Charlotte at or on Facebook @charlottemather.35.
December 01, 2020
Autism and Bullying with Jimmy Clare
Jimmy Clare is a motivational speaker, Autism Advocate, author, and founder of CrazyFitnessGuy. This week on Tending Trauma we talk about Jimmy's personal experience with autism and bullying.  You can find Jimmy at and on his social profiles including @jimmy.clare.speaker (I) @JimmyClareSpeak (T) and @Jimmy.Clare.Speaker (F).  You can also listen to CrazyFitnessGuy™ Healthy Living Podcast🥗 to learn more from Jimmy.  
November 20, 2020
Mindfulness and School Shootings with Stacie Boyar
Stacie Boyar a licensed therapist with a private practice in Parkland/Coral Springs Florida who specializes in anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD. Today on Tending Trauma we discussed how to heal the culture around school shootings as well as mindfulness techniques for everyone. Please visit Stacie at, follower her on Instagram @namastacie_boyar and listen to her podcast Namastacie🙏🏻 to learn more.
November 17, 2020
Personal and Social Trauma with Rebecca Webber
Rebecca Webber is the host of Exposing Isolation on which she shares her experience of living post-burnout in isolation due to her various health complications. She is also my wife and partner in my mission to discovery an effective treatment for CPTSD, which we both have.
November 14, 2020