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The Living Free + Well Podcast

The Living Free + Well Podcast

By Live Free
A sister duo that started Live Free Canada - a health and wellness website providing gluten free vegan and allergen friendly recipes, resources and products. They’re here to talk about living your best life, travelling, their journey with food, fitness, self development, entrepreneurship and share real life stories to make you smile.
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Danielle Parent talks Mental Health + Living with Colitis!

The Living Free + Well Podcast

Question & Answers with Pam + Anna - Season 1 Finale
We decided to close off this season for a creative break with a question and answer from you guys! You guys asked, we answered! It's a little get to know us and quick way to learn more info about Live Free Canada and the launch of our up and coming website. *live on Nov 19* We hope to come back in 2019 with new episodes, more guests, better equipment and high quality episodes. We cannot wait to share all the passion projects we have for LFC. Thank you all for listening and being on this journey with us to living our best lives. Love you and "hear" you soon! Stay in touch with LFC and live updates here:
November 11, 2018
The Pros & Cons of Social Media with a Media Journalist
Today we talked to Gemma Mastroainni about social media and she shares her unique view from being a media and music journalist with us: What we talked about in this episode: Gemma's story How has social media affected Gemma and us How Gemma disconnects and stays present Women in Social Media & Expectations Influencer Marketing Advice for others struggling with social media and a living your best life tip Follow Gemma here: @_gemmamastroainni @the_soundtrack_ *We want to publicly apologize for the poor sound quality and echoes, it is a work in progress. We are working on fixing this and upgrading, please bare with us in the meantime.*
October 14, 2018
Self Love, Healing and Spirituality with Barefoot Kris!
Kris is a human being that’s participating in this crazy thing we call life and attempts to be as transparent and authentic as possible. She’s passionate about self-growth, self-acceptance, play, movement, writing, and connection. Her ultimate goal is to get uncomfortable as much as possible to step more into who she truly is—becoming the fullest expression of herself and living her best life. This episode got real, we got super deep and personal with Kris!: Relationships with our selves What self love means Honouring personal creativity Feminine and masculine energy Daily practises for self-love Kris being a lover of play The #soulfulmovement Kris' recent breakup Creating relationships Being intimate with yourself Kris touches on female *masturbation* (Rated 18+) Kris' personal advice Kris' experiences Kris' upcoming projects Follow Kris here:
September 23, 2018
Everyday Allergen Free with Amanda Orlando!
Today we talk with Amanda Orlando, the blogger, cookbook author, e-shop owner, and allergen free expert! This podcast covered so much and we loved talking with Amanda! Here's some things we covered: Amanda talks her Everyday Allergen Free blog Amanda shares her allergy stories and how it affects her adult life Allergic Reactions Amanda's allergy friendly cookbooks! The Handled with Care E-shop Amanda's passions! Amanda's living your best life tip Find all things Amanda here: Don't forget to join our facebook community!
September 16, 2018
Erin Smith talks Gluten-Free Travel + Celiac Globetrotting
Today we talk to Erin Smith @glutenfreeglobetrotter! Blogger and Celiac Advocate Erin Smith was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1981 so she has a unique perspective of growing up completely gluten-free. Erin launched her first blog Gluten-Free Fun in 2007. In 2011, Erin launched Gluten-Free Globetrotter from the Czech Republic. She wanted to share her love of traveling while living with celiac with the world. Today we talk with Erin about: - Erin's celiac story - How gluten free globetrotter came about - Erin's Top 3 favourite places to travel - Erin's Top 3 favourite places to travel for eating GF - Erin's recent relocation to NYC - All her fav NYC Spots - The best tip to eat safely abroad - Getting "glutenated" abroad - Erin's next adventure! We loved this episode and are so grateful to Erin! Show her some love here: Her blog: Join our FB Group here:
September 02, 2018
Danielle Parent talks Mental Health + Living with Colitis!
This week we talk to Danielle, also known as Dani, creator of Lived. Learned. Blogged., is a small-town raised city girl. Her motto is to live a life of purpose over pity, and with that she lives openly, in the hopes that others will feel inspiration and comfort from her experiences. She has dealt with anxiety, depression and Ulcerative Colitis since college, and just last year she battled a blood clot in her head. Nevertheless, none of this has stopped her from living out her best life with all that life has to offer, and aims to both raise awareness and prove that you can still have a fulfilling and happy life despite life's obstacles. - Follow Dani here: Check out her blog here: Join us here!:
August 26, 2018
Ahimsa Eco talks the Environment & Living Zero Waste!
Today we sat down with the incredible Wright couple of @ahimsaeco who opened our eyes on so much! This conversation is so important and a much needed conversation we all need to have. The environment is so important and at Live Free we've always been interested in what we can do to help. Ahimsa Eco educated us and broadened our perspective on a the topic. In this episode we cover: - The environment today - The impact plastic pollution has - Single use plastic - Different plastic types - Pollution around the world - Minimalism - Living Plastic Free/Zero Waste - How to make Changes - Ahimsa Eco's reusable products This conversation was so engaging and we are so thankful to have spoken to Ahimsa Eco! Follow Ahimsa Eco here: Check out their website and get your reusable straws here!: USE CODE: ECOLIVE for 10% off your purchase. Don't forget to follow us on IG and check out our living free community group on facebook https://
August 19, 2018
Rachael Hunt @glutenfreedomrach shares her Celiac Story
Rachael Hunt is the self proclaimed Gluten Free Queen of Toronto and she lives up to her title! Rachael is absolutely incredible and has an awesome story to share with us today! We are so grateful to have her on the podcast and to have such an amazing and inspiring conversation with her. We cover in this episode: - blog and website - Rachael's celiac & gluten Free Story - The Gluten Freedom Restaurant Directory - The Gluten Freedom Summer Tour (guide) - Some Gluten Free Travels in Thailand - Rachael's best and favourite Wellness Practises - Rachael's Career + Blogging Journey - Rachael's blogging course coming out! - Rachael's awesome podcast @thisisvibetribe Check Rachael's amazing website out here: Follow her instagram here: Don't forget to join the Live Free Canada Facebook Community here:
August 12, 2018
BUENQAMINO Christina talks Celiac Travel - Episode #6
Pam interviews Buenqamino Christina about her celiac travels, her blog and her amazing story. Check her out here: & on instagram: Join the Living Free Community on Facebook!: #glutenfree #celiac #travel #buenqamino #allergyfriendly #healthyliving #freefrom #healthandwellness
August 05, 2018
Gluten-Free Toronto Guest: Celiac and the 6ix - Ep. #5
Ashley Gismondi from @celiacandthe6ix talks all things being Gluten-free/celiac in Toronto! She shares her stories and tips being GF in the city.
July 29, 2018
Love + Our Relationships - Episode #4
Pam + Anna talk their long term relationships, love, the judgements, the misconceptions, and how they manage.
July 23, 2018
Travelling Celiac + Plant-based - Episode #3
Today we talk about one of our biggest interests TRAVEL, backpacking, resorts and travelling with allergies and food issues, intolerances and all of the above. Anna shares her gluten-free travels and her fears and Pam talks about her plant-based journeys abroad.
July 01, 2018
Weight Loss + Fitness Chat - Who Inspires Us - Episode #2
Our journeys with weight loss and challenges with fitness whilst jumping around with our diets being celiac and plant-based. Along with the challenges of growing up and how important health is to your success.
June 26, 2018
Our Story Being Celiac + Plant Based - Episode #1
Our first podcast where we introduce ourselves as sisters and speak about our lifestyles and diets as one with celiac disease, and another being plant based/vegan and their journies in life with their goals and how to live your best life
June 26, 2018