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The Maven's Private Diaries

The Maven's Private Diaries

By Susan Jarvis, The Maven
Through sharing stories, knowledge and personal experiences, The Maven leads the listener on an informative, evocative and sometimes hilarious journey towards embracing sexuality and mortality.
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First time here? Have a taste of what's in The Maven's Diary before you jump into bed with me between your ears.

The Maven's Private Diaries

The Big Boobie Bash with Georgia Lashman
The fabulous Georgia Lashman aka Confessions of a G Cup on Instagram is our next guest! Georgia founded a body positivity event called The Big Boobie Bash and has a mission to show women, of all shapes and sizes, that they are indeed beautiful just as they are. Through Georgia's event, I was fortunate to meet and interview two of her guests, Ellie Sedgwick (500 Vulvas) and Mya Dia Monte (The Power of Burlesque), make sure you check those episodes out as well!
May 16, 2022
The Power of Burlesque
I have been an admirer of burlesque for many years and is something that I have wanted to try. I was fortunate to meet Mya Dia Monte at an event and I am delighted that Mya has agreed to chat with me on The Maven's Private Diaries. We covered many topics such as breast cancer awareness, pap smears, body positivity, confidence and even water yoga! You will have to listen to the episode for all the details!  These are the links to the topics we chatted about. Mya's dress: The Big Boobie Bash, hosted by Georgia Lashman (soon to be on The Maven's Private Diaries as well!)  IG: @confessions_of_a_gcup Jacqueline Furey, burlesque performer: IG @jacqueline_furey Water yoga with Anne Noonan, the Silver Yogi: Do you have a question you would like answered by myself and Mya?  Send it through to:  Remember to abide by manners.
April 14, 2022
After 500 Vulvas, Ellie Sedgwick is comfortable in your skin
I met Ellie Sedgwick at The Big Boobie Bash hosted by Georgia Lashman aka Confessions of a G Cup on Instagram.  I was quite taken by Ellie's story of vulval dysmorphia which appears to be have been triggered by an ignorant teenage boy at high school when he slipped her a note asking 'Are you an innie or an outtie?'.  Since that moment, Ellie felt shame about her vulva and even went to see a plastic surgeon to have it changed. Thankfully, the surgeon had ethical values and talked Ellie around to thinking differently about why she wanted a labioplasty.  Today, Ellie is on a mission to educate all women about their vulva and to embrace the beauty and power of our bodies, just as they are. Ellie is driving around Australia to photograph 500 vulvas of women from all ages and walks of life. Her plan is to create a coffee table book called 'Flip Through My Flaps' so that women everywhere can see just how varied and beautiful vulvas are. For more information about Ellie's journey and to perhaps sign up as a vulva model, visit Ellie's website: Instagram: @comfortableinmyskin_
February 27, 2022
Retirement can and should be the best time of your life!
I am fortunate to cross paths with many different people and with thanks to Instagram, it provides the opportunity to have a peek at someone else's life. I have been following a lifestyle blogger for a couple of years, Jan Wild, who is a co-founder of Retiring Not Shy. I always admired Jan's style and informative posts on the website. I was quite chuffed when she agreed to speak with me! Our chat covers the essence of retirement, it is the time of your life where you (hopefully) have the freedom to create your own identity and live life on your terms. We chat about the usual suspects such as fashion sense and menopause but Jan also offers to the listener her hard-won wisdom about making decisions that she regretted and how they became a catalyst for pursuing life as she knows it now. If you would like more information from Jan, you can visit the website to explore blogs, information about planning, travel, financial and legal tips, relationships, and family (one of the biggest adjustments for all). Instagram: @retiring_not_shy Facebook: @retiringnotshy
January 17, 2022
Midlife Shaming with Tracy Minnoch (Sexy Ageing)
SHOW LESS Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, is the founder of Sexy Ageing. I asked Tracy to join me in a conversation about midlife shaming because I had never heard of it and was quite shocked to learn that some women are shamed by others for how they choose to manage their menopause journey.   Tracy’s goal is to create a community and information space for women who have questions and can’t find the answers to the effects that hormonal changes have on you. Tracey readily admits that she is NOT a doctor or an expert on hormonal health BUT knows people who are, and she connects people to those resources.  Tracy also hosts a podcast of the same name, Sexy Ageing, and speaks with incredibly inspirational women who are experiencing the changes, happy to share, and making their dreams come true into their 50’s and beyond. On the podcast you will find an incredible panel of speakers (me included!), please follow the links below: Instagram: @sexyageing   What is your menopause journey? Are you choosing to ride it out au natural because you don’t know what support is available or you’ve decided to go down the path of HRT? At the time of this podcast, I am not on HRT and only because myself and my GP feel I don’t need it at this stage. I have experienced a stage of intense brain fog where I couldn’t remember things, my concentration was poor and I felt out of kilter. My blood results picked up my thyroid was underactive and I have commenced medication which had an almost instant effect. I continue to monitor my menopause journey and feel fortunate that I have a very supportive and progressive GP (and a wonderful supportive partner). If you’re not feeling supported by your GP, I urge you to speak up to them and if needed, find yourself a new one.   Thanks for tuning in!  Please like and share the love. All the best, Susan, The Maven
December 13, 2021
Erotica! The Intertwined Love Trilogy with author, Sandra Carmel
By day, Sandra Carmel is an Occupational Therapist who specialises in sex and disability and by night, Sandra pens erotica. I chat with Sandra about why she chooses to write erotica involving characters living with disability.  It's not inspo-porn or devotism (people who have a fetish for people with a disability), Sandra's experience is informed by real-life experiences (her husband mobilises using a wheelchair) and is powered by her mission to inject the reality of life with disability into erotica and show the world that people with disability are sexual beings. Book 2, Game for Intimacy, involves Brody, an online gamer who meets his cyber lover in real life and Sandra weaves his fantasy into real life, throbbing passion oh so artfully! We talk about the complexities of meeting someone for the first time and disclosing your disability, navigating the first kiss and more. "While playing a sexy virtual reality game, Brody, a mobility-challenged, gamer whiz makes an unlikely connection with Beth, the woman of his dreams. Although way out of his league, she seems to like him—really like him.  As they become more intimate, he learns her perfect façade hides demons deeper than his physical insecurities, which puts a huge strain on their relationship. Can he help her break through her defensive walls and create an everlasting love?" Sandra's next planned works will focus on a man with disability who is into BDSM and is a Dom. If you would like to read more, follow the links: Book 1, Last Hope: Book 2 Game for Intimacy: Book 3 Dance of Love: You can find Sandra on Instagram: @sandracarmel_author and Facebook: @SandraCarmelAuthor
December 05, 2021
Maureen Matthews, Retired Purveyor of Pleasure Products
Maureen Matthews is an amazing woman. At the age of 23, Maureen was diagnosed with an illness that would eventually take her vision. This didn't stop her from becoming one of the first changemakers of the adult industry in Australia when she opened a store that focussed on couples and female sexuality. Maureen also went on to write a weekly column for the Sydney Morning Herald called 'About Last Night'. In my chat with Maureen, we cover many topics such as maintaining communication and passion during a relationship; resources for exploring and developing sexuality and older-age sexuality.  It's worth a listen! For further information regarding sex education please jump to:
July 19, 2021
Sandy Lowres, founder of Women Beyond 40 magazine for those that dare!
You know the old saying 'if you want something done properly do it yourself'? Well, my next guest, Sandy Lowres, took that to the next level. When Sandy couldn't find a woman's magazine that she actually wanted to read she decided to create one and so Women Beyond 40 was born. "Women Beyond Forty is more than a magazine, more than a Podcast, more than a website.  It is a philosophy that all women beyond forty have incredible hard-won wisdom and have much to offer the world. We want to build a community of like-minded women. Women who want to see more empathy and compassion in the world. Women that want to see other women in the sisterhood rise. Women who want to help make the world we live in a better place for future generations. We aim to make this an inclusive and diverse space and in collaborating with a wide range of women – both those who tell their stories and those that share with us through their writing, editing and creative skills – we hope that others will be encouraged to share of themselves too. We acknowledge that without the generosity, support, love and advice of many women, WB40 would not have been launched." In my chat with Sandy, we talk about the magazine, attitudes towards sex by older women, ageism, owning our sexuality, giving oneself permission to explore sexuality, going to a sex party, getting flogged by fire and more... Generally, we have a heart-to-heart conversation. We're not solving the problems of the world, but I certainly hope that listening to our conversation inspires you to seek out the Women Beyond 40 magazine and become involved in some way and perhaps even share your story. In Issue 4, I have shared my personal story of living with an STI and how I felt all of my hopes for the future were crushed. To know more about that, well, you can subscribe to all issues either by a digital download or hard copy (my preference) or purchase issues individually.
July 12, 2021
Talking about Menopause: the big dry with Sandy Davies, founder of HappyPause balm
We are always on the lookout for products that will enhance the lives of our customers and we are excited to discover an Australian-designed, vegan product that can help to ease vaginal and vulval dryness – HappyPause balm, made in tropical Far North Queensland!  We are delighted that the founder, Sandy Davies, has selected The Spicy Boudoir as a stockist and advocate for wellness during menopause. Vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness, along with the associated discomfort, impacts millions of women.  Sometimes the discomfort can be a mild irritating feeling when your skin rubs together; other times it can feel like sandpaper grating.  You might only feel occasional discomfort at the start of intercourse or battle recurring UTIs.  Vaginal dryness impacts each of us in different ways. Numbing vaginal itch wipes mask the problem, but when the treatment wears off itching returns with a vengeance even more severe due to skin irritation heightened by harsh ingredients. HappyPause is gentle and eases discomfort.  The blend of the really good stuff, such as ethically sourced Direct Micro Expelled hand-pressed coconut oil, with additional plant-derived natural ingredients to seal in moisture, means that your vulval area is soothed with no preservatives or nasties. Most products on the market are geared towards lubrication which can lead to having 'goop' in your panties and needing to wear a panty liner. Other products can require a prescription from your GP whereas HappyPause is available easily, over the counter, feels great, and has a lasting effect with no icky residue. So, find your 'sexy' again and get back to living a lush life! Finding a solution to ease the intimate itch that tags along with menopause could be the break you need to confidently shout “I’ve got this!” to the rest of your menopausal woes. Ingredients Certified organic cocos Nucifera, cetyl alcohol, glycerol, no preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place. For external use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Made in tropical Far North Queensland. HappyPause is not about making menopause disappear, it is about easing vaginal dryness to help you get your groove back. Listen to Sandy talk about her painful experience using pessaries to overcome dryness and how she decided to take the health of her vulva and overall wellbeing into her own hands. If your symptoms please see your GP for an assessment, not all irritations are related to menopause.
March 15, 2021
There's more to our beauty than botox and dermal fillers!
I truly believe that how we feel about ourselves impacts on our sexual confidence and that's why I was very interested in reading Beautiful Unique Faces. I also wanted to understand why women (particularly people in reality TV shows), decide to have their lips and cheeks overdone. I just don't get it!  The book does explain this to me and now I feel compassion for those women. This episode is for everyone and anyone. Particularly those who are considering having cosmetic procedures such as botox and dermal fillers.  I had the good fortune to speak with Anita East, author of Beautiful Unique Faces. Anita is a professional actress turned nurse practitioner in the cosmetic medicine industry. In this episode, we touch on multiple topics that Anita covers in her book. Oxytocin is troll bait Strategies to change your mindset and tap into your inner power of practice, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Princesses and Queens The secret knowledge that lives within us, that we can only find when we stop paying attention to external factors. 'Earn the right to sing' Comparing yourself to others And you know what?  If ever you have doubts about your beauty, read this book.  You will then realise that you ARE beautiful.   For further information:
December 10, 2020
Talking about sex, cancer and chemotherapy - can they co-exist?
Is it possible for cancer, chemotherapy and sex to co-exist?  Yes.  Yes, it is. Not many people would even consider talking about sex and cancer and sadly it's one of those topics that doesn't receive much coverage. Not many people who were living with cancer and undergoing treatment would consider talking about their experience let alone building resources to help those experiencing the life with cancer. But then, not many people are like Tess Deveze, The Intimacy OT from ConnectAble Therapies. You will find this episode very worthwhile and you may just stumble upon important information to help someone in your life too. To download The Intimacy and Cancer Toolkit please visit You can watch Tess's videos via her YouTube Channel The Intimacy OT And of course, you can tune in and subscribe to The Maven's Private Diaries on YouTube for more information, resources, products and information about sexuality.
August 02, 2020
Time to focus on Male Sexuality - introducing Clinical Sexologist, Dave Wells.
I am pleased to announce our new partnership with Dave Wells, Clinical Sexologist, and The Spicy Boudoir.   Dave will be joining The Spicy Boudoir community to share his knowledge and wisdom about all things sexuality, with a focus on male sexuality, which sometimes tends to take a back seat. To learn more about Dave and to engage his services please visit:
July 12, 2020
Chatting with Bonnie & Joel from the cast of jessica drake's Wicked Guide to Senior Sex
In this episode, I had the privilege to speak with two cast members from jessica drake's Wicked Guide to Senior Sex: Co-created with Joan Price.  I ask Bonnie and Joel what their motivation was for being in the film and what they hope people will learn. We touch on many interesting topics in our chat, such as dry, male orgasms, swinging, squirting and more.  We have a strong feeling that we'll be speaking with Bonnie and Joel again in the future and we certainly look forward to that! If you would like to purchase a copy of the film you can do so from the following: Australia and New Zealand: USA
February 09, 2020
All about sex education for Seniors!
Too often older persons are depicted in the world as sexless beings, well, that just ain't true! We are all sexual beings until the day we die! Two beautiful minds came together and created something very special, a guide to sex for seniors. This episode is The Maven speaking with Joan Price, senior sex advocate and co-creator of Jessica Drake's Wicked Guide to Senior Sex. The film is available to purchase for Australian and New Zealand audience via Audiences in USA please visit:
January 19, 2020
Celibacy is my orgasmic friend (and masturbation is good for you!)
In this episode, I’m going to talk about how celibacy…or rather…'abstinence from having orgasms'…helps me to maintain my ability to achieve orgasm.  Yes…that’s right. Abstinence strengthens my ability to orgasm as well as influences the intensity.  Sounds incredible doesn't? Stick around to the end because I’m going to stand on my box of vibrators and deliver a moral to my story.
September 30, 2019
Susan, The Maven interviews Joan Price, Senior Sexuality Advocate and Author of new book Sex After Grief
How do you navigate the loss of a beloved? How do you know when it's the right time to reconnect with your body? How do you deal with feelings of guilt and being unfaithful if you find intimacy and/or love again? Joan Price has experienced all of this and more when she lost the love of her life, Robert. Knowing that many...many people need to discuss the topic of sex after grief...Joan set about researching the stories of both grievers and non-grievers.  Her latest work is the collective wisdom of those stories now cleverly crafted into words written with deep kindness and compassion for others. Her advice is delivered in a manner that is true to the heart of deep emotion and a celebration of joy.  If you are in Australia you can purchase Sex After Grief via and Booktopia.  Overseas buyers can purchase directly from Joan:  It was my absolute pleasure to speak with Joan for an hour and this is just a snippet of what we covered. Stay tuned for updates as I will be publishing bonus episodes with Joan in the future. You can also watch this interview on YouTube Channel:  The Maven from The Spicy Boudoir
August 01, 2019
Would you go to a sexuality workshop? I'm about to, for the very first time!
Despite being a person who is very comfortable with their sexuality and talking about sex, I have never been to a workshop to explore and develop my sexual persona and knowledge. That is about to change with my participation in workshops conducted by the good people from Curious Creatures.  In this episode, I am speaking with one of the facilitators, Roger Butler, about what to expect and what to wear. My partner and I will be attending 'Fun Little Sex Games' and 'Kink 101'. We're looking forward to sharing this experience together. Stay tuned to the podcast as I'll be speaking with Roger again next week when I debrief with him about our learnings. Thank you for listening! Warm regards, Susan, The Maven
July 19, 2019
Conversations with a Sexologist: sensuality, being your authentic self & how a vibrator can help with your orgasm!
In this episode I am chatting with Richelle Menzies, a Clinical Sexologist based in Hobart, Tasmania.  Aside from her private practice, Sensual Potential, Richelle is also the resident sexologist on BENT FM and has been a guest speaker with renown sexologist Isiah McKimmie talking about non-monogamous relationships and vulvas. Richelle is very well-known in the Queer community for her work.  Richelle is a lifetime member of Queensland Aids Council, a member of the LGBTI Health Alliance, the Society of Australian Sexology (SAS), the Australian Counselling Association, the Australian Community Workers Association and the National Disability Practitioners network.  If you would like to work with Richelle you can contact her via her website:  The 101 year old Sexologist mentioned by Richelle is Dr Shirley Zussman. Pssst...The vibrator mentioned in the podcast is my all-time favourite. It's not your ordinary, run of the mill vibrator,'s fit for a Queen! Click here for the Zalo
July 10, 2019
The Woman's Guide to 'Adult' Online Dating
My tips for women when dating in the 'adult' online dating-sphere. You will hear how I approached writing my profile and I hope you find some valuable lessons in how to write a profile that will attract the right person. Unlike some, I chose to date on an adult site because I could not find mature, like-minded people on the more conservative sites. There will be a guide for men in the future too.   Regards, Susan, The Maven
July 01, 2019
BONUS: My wrinkled Dolmio grin
Wrinkles are important and not just to women seeking a youthful appearance. My wrinkles mean something that is unique to my life and to erase them would rub out precious memories. Doesn't mean I don't moisturize though, no one likes dry, itchy skin. What do your wrinkles mean to you? This episode is dedicated to my Mother, Maggie Tabberer and Joan Price.
June 28, 2019
First time here? Have a taste of what's in The Maven's Diary before you jump into bed with me between your ears.
I am not a porn star.  I'm a woman who embraces life with kindness, compassion, empathy and lots of bloody good sex. Not looking for fame, just looking to help others lose their fear to try something different in life - except don't do drugs, that shit is bad for you. This trailer will give you an idea of what topics you'll find in my diaries. Remember these two things: Living a life in fear is a life half lived - Anonymous What would life be if we didn't have courage to attempt anything? - Vincent Van Gogh I hold these quotes close to my heart and they give me strength to be me. You can too. Love and light. The Maven
June 26, 2019