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The Vault

The Vault

By Vic and Jase
Is gaming and excessive, idiotic rambling your thing? Then 'The Vault' is the podcast for you! In each episode, Vic and Jase take an in-depth look at some of the greatest games ever their opinion.
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#8 Baxter's Top Three - A Chat With Daryl Baxter

The Vault

#36 Vault Theatre - Uncharted (2022) with Mat Roff
We’re back with a very special, one-off episode with Vault Theatre! Fresh out of the cinema and with our best pal Mat Roff, we take a very deep dive into Tom Holland’s first adventure as Nathan Drake.  It’s a very spoiler-heavy episode, so you have been warned. Has the film served fans of the game well? Does it live up to the Allan Ungar’s Uncharted Fan Film from 2018? We answer these questions and many more in this episode. If you haven’t checked out our very first episode where we cover Nathan Fillion’s interpretation of Drake, be sure to listen to it HERE.  We’ll return later in the year with Series Four and with guests galore - unintentional rhyming for the win. Just as a production note, we’re sharing microphones, so apologies about some of the quieter moments in the episode.  For more on Mat Roff, be sure to follow him on Twitter.  Audio:  Koto San - Ofshane via YouTube Audio Library  Spaceship Alarm via YouTube Audio Library
February 12, 2022
#35 ‘Merry Christmas, Ange…’ – An Education of Eastenders with Daryl Baxter
It’s almost Christmas and it’s safe to say, this year’s been an odd one. So why not end it on an odd episode! In this off-piste special, this week’s guest Daryl Baxter, and regular co-host Vic decide to dust off the VHS tapes and educate Jase on some of the festive highlights of the East End. Yes, we’re usually all about the games, but as a festive extra-special treat, we’re whisking you off to the picturesque Albert Square at the most, err, ‘wonderful’ time of year, to talk you through its most memorable moments. There's also a quiz, so grab yourself a pen and paper and play along with us. Just bear in mind you will only win bragging rights, so do with that what you will at the Christmas dinner table. We wanted to take the time to thank you all so much for tuning in week on week! We’ve loved recording series three and we’re so pleased that you’ve been enjoying it. We’ll be back next year for a jam-packed Series Four! However you wish to celebrate this time of year, we hope you have a wonderful break and stay safe. You can catch Daryl Baxter over on his Twitter HERE, to learn more about his PALkeys Podcast and for episodes, visit the show’s page HERE. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube The Winner - MadMomentsGo/Colin Thomson Jingle Bells – YouTube Audio Library
December 22, 2020
#34 ‘The True Detox of Evil’ - Tomb Raider II
Following hot on the heels of last week’s Tomb Raider triumph, we’re back this week to talk about its sequel, ‘Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft’. We climb out of the tombs and into some stunning locations, as Lara takes us on yet another exciting adventure. So grab the keys to the speedboat, and we’ll meet you at the canals of Venice. What were some of your favourite moments of the second instalment? We’d love to hear them over on Twitter, @Vault_Unlocked. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube Trieste – Josh Lippi & The Overtimers via YouTube Audio Library Hon Kyoku – Doug Maxwell/Zac Zinger via YouTube Audio Library A Brand New Start – TrackTribe via YouTube Audio Library
November 30, 2020
#33 ‘I Only Play For Sport…’ Tomb Raider (1996)
We know we’re well into Series Three and it’s surprising, even to us, that it’s taken us so long to discuss the birth of a franchise that would quite literally change our lives, and gaming, forever. In this episode, we’re excavating the story of Lara Croft and her first adventure we were able to join her on, back in 1996. We’re also sharing some of your tweets that you’ve sent to us about your favourite classic Tomb Raider moments. Were you a fan of all things Croft? Let us know on Twitter, @Vault_Unlocked. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube Desert Caravan – Aaron Kenny via YouTube Audio Library Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart via Youtube Audio Library Epic Unease by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: A Brand New Start – TrackTribe via YouTube Audio Library
November 23, 2020
#32 ‘Gems of Yesteryear’ – A focus on Steam and the Nintendo DS
With Vic admitting to Jase about her love of Hidden Object games, delving into the past appears to be yet another easy discussion in this week’s episode. Vic digs deeper into the relic that is the Nintendo DS, Jase lends an ear whilst telling us about the games he’s enjoyed on Steam. What are those seemingly forgotten handhelds or games have you been getting your hands on recently? Let us know by sending us a tweet over at the @Vault_Unlocked, on Twitter. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
November 16, 2020
#31 ‘Staff Announcement…’ A Shift at Two Point Hospital
We’re clocking on for a shift at Two Point Hospital, where we chat about PC vs. PS4 gameplay, comparisons to Bullfrog's ‘Theme Hospital’ and a collection of highlights that we’ve found so far as we climb up the ranks in the world of medicine. How did you find Two Point Hospital? Let us know on Twitter @Vault_Unlocked! Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
November 09, 2020
#30 #MondayMerch – Has The Love for Gaming Memorabilia Changed Throughout The Years?
Ah, the sweet and fond memories of popping into Electronics Boutique, seeing your favourite game and an absolute tonne of merch to go along with it. In this week's episode, We’re regaling you with tales of when we’d bought some of the first pieces of our still ever-growing collections, and ask the question – is the love for merchandise still out there? Have you started your own collection? If so, we’d love to see it! Be sure to send us a photo of your memorabilia to us over on Twitter, @Vault_Unlocked. We’ve now launched our very own SHOP where you can grab a few bits and pieces with our expressionless mugs on! Purchase at your own peril. To check out The Dark Angel Symphony’s shop, click HERE, where you’ll be able to find exclusive merch, Peter Connelly’s wonderful soundtracks and more. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
November 02, 2020
#29 ‘A Bit Seasick…’ The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan
We're diving deep into Supermassive Games’ debut instalment of The Dark Pictures Anthology with ‘Man of Medan’. The sea was a little bit choppy for us with this one! Let us know which way your moral compass swung to over on Twitter, @Vault_Unlocked. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube Ether Disco by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:  Disco Sting by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( 4.0/) Source: Artist: 
October 26, 2020
#28 The Streamers, YouTube Channels & Podcasts We Love The Most
Since we’ve been on hiatus and whilst the world’s been changing every millisecond, the only thing that hasn’t changed is our collective reliance on many forms of entertainment. In this episode, we take a look at some of our favourite streamers, YouTube channels and podcasts that we can’t get enough of. Don’t forget, we’ve also recently launched our own Twitch channels! Hit the links below to check our schedules, follow, catch up and join us when we’re next online. Click HERE for Jason's art channel and HERE for The Vault's gaming channel. And, as promised, here are the links of the ace people we've featured in this episode! Be sure to give them a follow, a watch, listen or a visit – tell ‘em we sent you! ChubaChuubs - Catch Chuba gaming live over on Twitch - be sure to check his schedule and catch him online. Mat Roff - Click HERE to visit Mat's website to find out more and HERE for his Twitch Channel where he treats us all to some live art. SteveOfWarr - Dive straight into Steve's wonderful Tomb Raider Retrospectives and more on his YouTube channel, have a chat over on Discord, catch him live on Twitch, and follow him on his other socials on Facebook & Instagram. Daryl Baxter - You can visit Daryl's website, listen to his PAL keys episode with Metal Gear Solid's David Hayter, and send him a hello via Twitter. Raidercast - Dig deeper into the world of Raidercast by clicking HERE, where you'll be able to listen to the podcast, visit Chris' accompanying YouTube channel and even treat yourself to some relics of your own in Raidercast's very own online shop. Kevin Scully - Make sure to catch Kevin's art streams and find out when he's live by visiting his Twitch channel HERE. Jennifer Milward - For more information about Jenni and her works, you can visit her website HERE. To listen to 'The Angel Of Darkness' audiobook, be sure to visit YouTube or Apple Podcasts for all episodes and to follow Lara's search for both truth and artefacts. To give her a follow on Twitter, click HERE. Calvin Dyson - Find out more on all things Bond with Mr. Dyson over on his YouTube channel by clicking HERE. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
October 19, 2020
#27 Vault Theatre – ‘Resident Evil’ (2002)
With Vic’s recent journey into the Resident Evil gaming franchise, both her and Jase take a look back to the early noughties to revisit the first ever Resident Evil movie, for Vault Theatre. So grab your popcorn and something to defend yourself with – because this lot are a bit infected. This also may or may not be the start of The Vault’s very own Colin Salmon fan club. What a guy. Oh, and like most of our other episodes, expect a tangent or two – even three. Will it be another flop for the somewhat cursed video game movie genre? Or a surprising success? Let us know your thoughts on the somewhat questionable genre over on our Twitter page, @Vault_Unlocked. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
October 12, 2020
#26 ‘Every Last One of Them’ – The Last Of Us: Part II
Following on from last week’s look at The Last of Us, we’re having a very lengthy discussion about the, somewhat controversial, Part II in this episode. Prepare yourself for our longest episode yet and warning, there are lots of spoilers ahead. What did you think of The Last of Us: Part II? Was it worth the wait? Let us know by sending us a tweet @Vault_Unlocked. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube Invitation to the Castle Ball – Doug Maxwell – YouTube Audio Library Record Scratch - SFX YouTube Mr Sunny Face – Wayne Jones – YouTube Audio Library
October 05, 2020
#25 ‘Look For the Light’ - The Last Of Us
It’s been seven years since its original release and with Part Two not long off the boil, it’s time we took a dive into the world of The Last of Us from Naughty Dog. To celebrate The Last Of Us Day, we've released this episode early. Make sure to stay tuned for the next episode as we tackle Part II. Did you enjoy Joel and Ellie’s journey together? How would you fare in a post-apocalyptic world? Let us know @Vault_Unlocked, over on Twitter. Music: 'Local Forecast' - Kevin MacLeod Record Scratch - SFX YouTube. The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
September 26, 2020
#24 Tomb Talk: Our Love For Lara
This week’s show was inspired by the first episode of Raidercast, a wonderful Tomb Raider dedicated podcast from our pal, Chris. We delve into our separate journeys from past to present with Ms. Croft, and how she’s made her mark on us throughout the years, to present day. A massive thank you to Chris for inspiring us to open up this discussion! To listen to the incredibly well-crafted Raidercast Podcast, click the link below and be sure to dig deeper into the world of Tomb Raider. More about Raidercast: What were your earliest or fondest memories of Lara? Let us know by sharing a tweet over at @Vault_Unlocked on Twitter. Make sure to follow @RaidercastPod whilst you’re at it, too! Raidercast on Twitter: Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
September 21, 2020
#23 ‘Top Marks’ – Vault VR – London Studio’s ‘Blood & Truth’
This week, we’re gunning our way through the gritty streets of London to have an in-depth look at London Studio’s ‘Blood & Truth’. After the blinding success of ‘The London Heist’ on Playstation’s VR Worlds that left us hungry for more, have they delivered with this follow up? Expect another spoiler heavy episode for this one, we have a lot to unpack! What did you think of ‘Blood & Truth’? Let us know over on our Twitter page, @Vault_Unlocked. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
September 14, 2020
#22 ‘Ooh, Don’t We Keep Harp-ing on!’ – A Soundtrack Special
We’ve always loved talking about the music throughout many a game, so we’ve decided to dedicate an entire episode to talk about our favourite soundtracks in greater depth. Also, there’s a storm brewing, so if you enjoy the soothing sounds of rain, you’re in for a real treat. Make sure to stick around until the end of the episode where we’ve been lucky enough to be able to include the theme of ‘The Last Revelation’ by Peter Connelly, from ‘The Dark Angel Symphony’. Peter composed the music for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Tomb Raider Chronicles and Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. A franchise that many know is very close to our hearts. Peter and his team created a Kickstarter campaign to fund ‘The Dark Angel Symphony’, a retelling and an extension of many incredible tracks from the Tomb Raider scores he’s composed over the years. Find out more about The Dark Angel Symphony by clicking the link below; here you’ll be able to purchase the soundtracks, uncover more about the successful project, get to know the team and treat yourself to some real artefacts. The Dark Angel Symphony Website We’d like to give a massive thank you to Peter for allowing us to include one of his tracks in this episode. We hope you enjoy this beautiful piece of music, just as much as we do. What soundtracks make those fine hairs stand on end for you? Do you agree with some of our picks? Let us know over on Twitter @Vault_Unlocked! Be sure to check out our soundtrack threads on there too, where we’ll be posting the links to these awesome scores and songs. For more about Daryl Baxter and PAL Keys, visit MUSIC: ‘The Last Revelation (Featuring Tina Guo) by Peter Connelly Ipanema Daydream by Bird Creek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
September 07, 2020
#21 ‘The Quarantine Games’ – WE’RE BACK!
It’s been just under a year since the last episode came out, and we’re delighted to be back for Series Three! We’ll have longer episodes for you this time around, so expect more games, a few other topics and obviously, in true ‘The Vault’ style, waaay more ramblings. In this first show back, Vic and Jase have a catch up and talk about the games they’ve been playing whilst in lockdown. And Quiches*. Why? We honestly couldn’t tell you. *This episode is not sponsored by Quiches. What have you been playing in lockdown, working or otherwise? Let us know over on Twitter @Vault_Unlocked. Either way, we hope you’ve managed to stay safe and well and continue to do so. Music: The Vault Theme - The Vault Further sound effects – HQSFX via YouTube
August 31, 2020
#20 Testing Our Knowledge - The Mr. & Mrs. Quiz
It's the final episode of series two and what better way to say farewell, than an underwhelming quiz! This week, we are putting ourselves to the test to see how well we know each other. We've kept it gaming related, obvs. Tune in to find out who knows who better.  Whose team are you on? Let us know over on the @Vault_Unlocked on Twitter. Once again, we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support this series. Thank you for all of your downloads, listens and tweets, it means a lot to us! Don't forget to rate and subscribe to the podcast and listen to the previous episodes to tide you over to next year. We'll be back before you know it with all new episodes, guests and laughs-a-plenty!
September 06, 2019
#19 EXCLUSIVE! 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Withhold The Secrets' FULL SCRIPT!
In the penultimate episode of series two, Vic has dug out an artefact of her own - the future Academy Award nominated blockbuster 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Withhold The Secrets'. We take you on a full read through of the screenplay, along with casting and other exciting predictions. And, of course, we also have yet another grass update. Who would you cast? Let us know your picks on twitter @Vault_Unlocked! We hope you all enjoy this episode just as much as we did - it's a laugh and a half. Music:- 'Local Forecast' - Kevin MacLeod Record Scratch - SFX YouTube.
August 19, 2019
#18 'That's A Nice Photo!' - The MCM Manchester Comic Con 2019 Special
In the last episode, we talked our predictions for our upcoming trip to MCM Comic Con in Manchester. This week, we're diving into what happened at Manchester Central, who we met and what you lot could expect from attending in the future. Also, we have a grass update (which is what you're all tuning in for really), and the most stupid thing Vic's ever seen in a Cinema - EVER. Did you attend this year's MCR con? If so, what did you think? Let us know over on Twitter @Vault_Unlocked.
August 05, 2019
#17 'Bread & Grass' - You voted for more chat, we're sorry.
CAUTION - IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE C-BOMB, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE, HUNNIE XO. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Anyhoo, you all voted yes to #TheVault switching things up and including a little more chat on the podcast, and by 'eck have we delivered...A LOAF OF BREAD. It's also story time on all things 'Moped C***', for those who asked to know the saga.  We're also talking about #MCMManchester and the excitement that the event will bring, blimmin' woop. There's a slither of gaming in this one, but not as much as usual. You asked for it, you only have yourselves to blame. Do you have any annoying stories you'd like to share regarding your area? How about your favourite type of bread? We'd love to know. Please do send us a lengthy and well-penned email to Alternatively, you can send us your grammar-free grievances over on twitter, @Vault_Unlocked. We love to hear from you, so please, we beg of you, talk to us. Kindest regards, Vic & Jase.
July 22, 2019
#16 'There's Been A Murder...' - The 'Murdered: Soul Suspect' Special
We're back after a massive hiatus (soz about us, thanks for sticking around), and this week we're talking about Airtight Games's #MurderedSoulSuspect. As per, it's spoiler central once again, but we have left some things for you all to find yourselves. Also, the ending hasn't been unearthed, so you'll have to work out who the Bell Killer is with our Ronan. No, not Keating, O'Connor's the name and slaying demons is his game. IMAGINE if it was Ronan Keating - BARE HILAR. Anyhoo - please let us know what you thought of the game over on @Vault_Unlocked on Twitter, or you can email us at, to fill our dusty inbox.
July 19, 2019
#15 'What If?' - A Dev For A Day
In this week's episode, we're getting all hypothetical on you and pretending that we have the dreamy job of coming up with the concept for a brand-spankin' new game. Fun times all round - well, kind of, being as the subject matter can be serious within said plots - but hey, we're wanting to make you feel a myriad of emotions, so step off yeah?! What would your ideal game be? Are you the star in your own masterpiece? Let us know by tweeting us at @Vault_Unlocked or pinging us a lovely little email at
June 03, 2019
#14 'I've Got A Problem, Mike...' - The Until Dawn Special
It's another long episode today as we dig Supermassive's 'Until Dawn' out of the vault, for a good, in-depth and slightly hap-hazard review. Obviously, it's a good opportunity for Vic to talk about imaginary husband #8774 and Oscar winner Rami Malek, and Jase to perform his #8774th eye roll. We also have an unexpected guest on the podcast today, the ever popular Mr. Annoying Angle Grinder, apols about him hun x Let us know what you thought of 'Until Dawn', by giving us a tweet 'Vault_Unlocked' or emailing us at and as always, thanks for listening.
May 20, 2019
#13 Vault Theatre - Tomb Raider 2013 Film Review
In the light of news to a sequel of the 2018 release, we're casually reviewing 'Tomb Raider' starring Alicia Vikander this week, as part of another feature on the podcast. As a couple of die-hard Tomb Raider fans, we've got a few things to say, so tune in to find out if we think it's a flop or not. As always, catch us on the socials on Twitter, @Vault_Unlocked and let us know your thoughts on the film.
May 06, 2019
#12 To Play Or Not To Play? That Is The Question...
We're offering two games on a proverbial silver platter each in episode twelve. Vic's serving up 'Theme Hospital' and 'Hotel Dusk: Room 215' for Nintendo DS  and Jason is offering a course of Telltale's 'The Walking Dead', followed by a sweet of 'Fallout 4'.  All of this is in hope that we will enjoy each other's picks this week and open our minds to some new games. Have a listen to see what we thought of the choices. As always, we love to hear from you, so give us a tweet at @Vault_Unlocked and let us know your top game of the moment.
April 22, 2019
#11 A Reignited Ramble
In this episode, everyone's favourite purple dragon is the topic of today. We're also celebrating Vic's first EVER platinum trophy - and in true Vic style, it's a bigger deal than it should be. What did you lovely lot think of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy? Let us know over on Twitter @Vault_Unlocked. Music: Camina Burana - Carl Orff Links -  Vic- Instagram - bubblegumstitchesxo Twitter - @BGstitches Jason- Instagram - @jpc_artwork Twitter - @jches16
April 08, 2019
#10 Vault VR - Beats, Bots and Crystal People
Do you want to dance like Darth Vader? Do you want to ruin a kitchen like a flappy Gordon Ramsey fan? Do you want to BE IN THE MATRIX?!? Well you can’t. But you CAN in VR! Blimmin’ woo. In episode ten, we’ve got another slap-dash, yet insightful half-hour for you, all about Beat Saber, Job Simulator and Super Hot, so get your lug holes ready for some rambling. Did you enjoy these games?! Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @Vault_Unlocked.
March 25, 2019
#9 Playstation Classic - The Casual Review
The mini box of joy and confusion is a topic we're getting our laughing gear around in episode nine. A small disclaimer - Vic's got some very, ahem, strong opinions on 'Jumping Flash', if you're a fan, we'd suggest perhaps skipping this one. But just hit play anyway 'cause we're needy and like to know you're there. What games did you want to see on the Classic? Give us a little tweet @Vault_Unlocked and let us know.
March 11, 2019
#8 Baxter's Top Three - A Chat With Daryl Baxter
We're delving into the mind of our good friend Daryl Baxter in episode eight involving his top three games. What will he pick?! Tune in to find out.  As always you can tweet us @Vault_Unlocked and let us know your top three picks. Also, many apols for the audio in this episode - our equipment was clearly having an 'off day'. Daryl is a freelance writer and runs two podcasts of his own, 'The Outpost Show' and 'PAL Keys'. Follow the links below to listen and to check out his website. The Outpost Show - PAL Keys -
February 25, 2019
#7 The Vault Valentine's Day Spesh Sesh
We're back with series two and we're kicking things off with a Valentine's Day Special! In episode seven, we're talking about the best and the worst romantic moments in some of the games we've played. Do what's right and spend the most 'romantic' night of the year with us - you know you want to...please? We've also gone and made ourselves a new twitter account - follow and tweet us @Vault_Unlocked. Let us know whether you agree with us or not, just talk to us. PLEASE.
February 14, 2019
#6 SYPS - Sh*t Your Pants Scary! A Halloween Special
Spoilers ahead! In episode six, we're talking about the games we'd love to play if we weren't such wet flannels. 'Cause scary. We're on a little hiatus now until the new year, but don't worry - we'll be back in 2019 with some absolute howlers, as per. What games would you like to play that brings the scare factor? Let us know over on Twitter @The_Phease and @jches16! Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube The Library - Resident Evil 2 - Masami Ueda
October 29, 2018
#5.5 The Dark Angel Symphony - A Kickstarter Project
In this little mini-episode, we sit you down and inform you all about Peter Connelly's 'Tomb Raider : The Dark Angel' Kickstarter! The main goal is to get this recorded with a FULL orchestra to hear his soundtracks to 'The Last Revelation', 'Chronicles' and 'The Angel Of Darkness' remade and remastered in full glory. By gum, are we excited! Make sure to pledge now over on Kickstarter and search 'The Dark Angel Symphony', please pledge what you can! Lara will love you for it! Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube 'Jeep Thrills' - Peter Connelly 'The Angel Of Darkeness Theme' - Peter Connelly
October 22, 2018
#5 'That Nostalgia, Tho... SUL SUL!' - The Sims Extravaganza
We're cranking out the CD-Roms and we're brushing up on our Simlish for episode 5! We're taking it all the way back to 2000 and chatting all things 'The Sims', from way back when to present day. Have any sadistic confessions* you'd like to share with us over on Twitter? Tweet us @The_Phease and @jches16, we want to hear what crazy stories you may have for us. *Sims related confessions only, please. We cannot be held reliable or accountable for any petty crimes and/or murders you may have committed in the real world. Especially 'cause that's rather awful of you. I mean, really. There's no need. AT ALL. Be nice. Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube 'Glabe Glarn (Neural Net Processor MegaMix)' - 4Ever-N-Ever/Jerry Martin 'BoSIM Nova' - Marc Russo
October 15, 2018
#4 Vault VR - Bears, Bombs & Heists
In our newest segment of the podcast, we chat about the Playstation VR and three of the first games we'd ever played with a plastic box on our bonces. The games featured in our first Vault VR episode are: The London Heist, from VR Worlds, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Sneaky Bears. How did you find these gems? Have you played them yet? Have you 'accidentally' punched someone in real life whilst enveloped by the the immersive realm of VR? Vic has, well, that's what she told Jase anyway... Let us know on Twitter @The_Phease and @jches16 - are you the pelter or the peltee? Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube 'To Be Frank' - Joe Thwaites
October 01, 2018
#3 'Let's get ready to RAMBLE!'-Detroit:Become Human Edition
We're talking all things Detroit: Become Human in episode three. It goes without saying that major spoilers lie ahead, but if you're destination is Spoiler Town, SpoilerVille, just west of Ruined It For Myself BLVD, then strap in, pals. And maybe grab a cuppa, 'cause it's a long 'un. What did YOU think of Detroit: Become Human? Let us know over on Twitter @The_Phease and @jches16! Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube 'Connor Main Theme (Connor)' - Nima Fakhrara
September 17, 2018
#2 Talking The Classics... The ones we'd like remastered.
In episode two, we talk about a few games of yesteryear that we'd love to see revitalised. Let's just say Vic's picks are a little, ahem... NICHE. Agree with any of our picks? Let us know on twitter! Send your potential grievances to @The_Phease and @jches16. Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube 'Pop Record 2YN' - Flesh Hammer - VG Junk YouTube
September 02, 2018
#1 - UNCHARTED: Fan Film
We've only gone and started a podcast, haven't we?! In this first episode, we take a very excited look at Allan Ungar's UNCHARTED Fan Film - with a bit of Nathan Fillion love thrown in too, obviously. #FillionFanclub #Filetmignon Let us know what you thought of the podcast or what games you'd like us to play over on Twitter! Follow us at @The_Phease and @jches16. Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube 'Nate's Theme 3.0' - Greg Edmonson
July 22, 2018