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The Business Class

The Business Class

By jeff
Research and experience based insights in podcast form from an entrepreneur and educator since 2001. I am Jeff and welcome to The Business Class.
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Evolution of Entrepreneur

The Business Class

Using Intuition in Management
I have wanted to do a podcast dedicated to my mentor Dr. Ed Morato since the day I learned of his passing, but I have no idea what to write about.  Dr. Ed Morato or Prof. Edmo, as we, his students, call him, was formerly the Dean of Asian Institute of Management, Chairman of Bayan Academy, a social enterprise, as well as the ACE Center for entrepreneurship, the program partner of Ateneo that runs their master in entrepreneurship program where I was a student.  Prof. Edmo is a brilliant man who selflessly devoted his life for the development of social enterprises in the Philippines. He mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and educators that is why many people love him. He wrote more than 50 books, enough for his legacy to live forever. Continue to podcast
March 5, 2021
Trust your intuition and your Founder's Vision
Having a vision is vital to a business. It is a way of motivating people and helps in communicating where it wants to be in the future. Most of us are familiar with one type of vision, the corporate vision, the other, not much. Here, I will discuss and attempt to make a clear distinction between the two. Note though that one is not better than the other; both works together. I hope to bring clarity by the end of this podcast. Vision in the context of business is defined as where the company wants to be in the future or how it sees itself in the future. This is how vision is defined in business books and in schools. Also taught is how a vision statement starts: to be the... continue to podcast
March 2, 2021
Market Segmentation: the key to business growth 2/2
Hi! welcome to the continuation on the topic of market segmentation. in the last podcast, you heard the definition of market segmentation, benefits, and steps in segmenting business consumers. In today’s continuation you will hear an example on how a small training company segmented their business consumers to find their target, followed by an example for segmenting end users using a known company that made them a leader in the industry. Now, let’s start from the last topic we discussed. How do you then segment the market? continue to podcast....
February 27, 2021
Market Segmentation the key to business growth 1/2
Do you every wonder why Starbucks and Dunkin’ can be beside one another or a few steps apart yet thrive and still grow? Could it be their coffee or donuts? Thinking that products grow a business is a mistake. Many marketers have unanimously pointed the direction towards market segmentation as the key to business growth. Here is 1/2 episodes.
February 25, 2021
What I learned from Peter Drucker about innovation
 Peter Drucker is an Austrian author, educator and management  consultant. He has been described as the founder of modern management,  and being modern means that he approaches business with science and  reason. Joseph Schumpeter, an economist, who tackled the topics of  entrepreneurship and innovation, a friend of his father, is Drucker’s  major influence on the said topics. By now, most of us have heard from many management consultants and  business authors that innovation is the key to survival and success of a company. This idea has been reduced to a philosophy: innovate or die,  which is attributed to Drucker, but this is still a matter of dispute  according to a Harvard article entitled, Innovation on the fly. Here, I will share lessons on innovation I have learned from reading Peter Drucker.... continue to podcast
February 20, 2021
Diskarteng Pinoy
Let's talk about diskarteng pinoy and how it is present in our culture and mindset. What’s diskarte and where did it come from are few of the things that will be discussed here, and also, I proposed 2 kinds of diskarte.
February 20, 2021
Evolution of Entrepreneur
In this podcast I will share the definition of entrepreneur across time. The key learning here would be the traits that define the entrepreneur. The importance is the understanding of the role and tasks of the entrepreneur that will guide aspiring and entrepreneurs in what they do.
February 19, 2021
With thousands of business podcasts out there, what makes us different are 2 things, the podcasts delivered to you are research & experience based.
February 1, 2021