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The Enneagram Workshop

The Enneagram Workshop

By Vanessa Fernandez
Conversations on how to do the WORK that understanding the Enneagram leads us to do.
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Self Coaching with Compassion

The Enneagram Workshop

How to stay with yourself when your heart is breaking
In this episode we explore how each type can engage with themselves and hold themselves through the difficult and vulnerable space of heart break. It's something that can teach us deep lessons and if we can expand our capacity to be with discomfort we can find beautiful growth. 
September 27, 2021
The Darkness: A Poem
In this special episode, I am sharing a poem I wrote inspired by our recent coaching program called : Already Whole. 
August 23, 2021
The Enneagram and Creativity
In this episode we discuss how each type can increase their capacity and access to their creativity and some ways our type's structure get in the way.  For more coaching and other resources, check out our website at
June 10, 2021
Goal Setting and the Enneagram
In this episode of coaching conversations we are talking about how each type approaches goal setting and some considerations for leaning into the strength of our type and finding a motivation for goal setting that affirms we are ALREADY enough. 
February 22, 2021
Shame and Each Enneagram Type: Heart Triad
Check out our blog for more on this topic (and the other two triads).  If you are curious to learn more about how Shame impacts RELATIONSHIPS and how the Enneagram intersects with both, you need to check out our FREE 5 Day Enneagram Challenge:
October 20, 2020
Shame and Each Enneagram Type: Head Triad
Check out our blog for more on this topic (and the other two triads).  If you are curious to learn more about how Shame impacts RELATIONSHIPS and how the Enneagram intersects with both, you need to check out our FREE 5 Day Enneagram Challenge:
October 20, 2020
Shame and Each Enneagram Type: Body Triad
Check out our blog for more on this topic (and the other two triads).  If you are curious to learn more about how Shame impacts RELATIONSHIPS and how the Enneagram intersects with both, you need to check out our FREE 5 Day Enneagram Challenge:
October 20, 2020
Defining Ego and Essence in the Enneagram
In this coaching conversation, we are exploring what Ego and Essence mean. These terms are used widely in the Enneagram world and knowing what they mean is KEY to moving forward into growth and freedom in the Enneagram.  For more teaching from Vanessa or to join her weekly workshops head over to our website: 
October 13, 2020
The Enneagram and Spiritual Practices
In this episode of Coaching Conversations Vanessa shares how Spiritual work should lead us to freedom - transforming BEYOND our personality and finding that this persona, this armor of our number that we carry is restricting us, it's causing us pain and it's no longer necessary. As we begin to take off the armor, we make our way through Enneagram work. Removing the armor requires a spiritual resting in divine security. It requires spiritual expansion, and therefore, the steps we take along the journey are spiritual practices. This is where the rubber meets the road. To sign up for this week's LIVE Spiritual Practice Workshop: please visit .
October 06, 2020
Stereotypes and Finding Your Enneagram Type
In this episode of coaching conversations, we discuss how to move beyond behaviors into motivation. Some surprising observations around types that might not manifest in the way we have been taught they would, and finally how we can get curious and come back to the essence of the Enneagram. 
October 01, 2020
Self Coaching with Compassion
In this episode of Coaching Conversations Vanessa shares how she approaches clients who are feeling frustrated and lacking clarity, and teaches you how to do your own self-coaching in this area with compassion. For more information on coaching sessions with Vanessa, head to
September 16, 2020
How the Enneagram Transforms Us
I never tire of sharing the BROADER potential of the Enneagram. I never tire of working to shatter the limits we often put on it. Not because I don’t love a good Enneagram meme - but because there is a treasure buried a little deeper, if we are willing to go there. If you are interested in learning more about my course “Enneagram for Individuals” you can head over to:
May 06, 2020
Stories of Transformation: Rhesia Lewis (type 9)
The best way to learn about each Enneagram type is when we hear their stories of transformation. The experience of each type as told by each type. In this episode we are hearing from an Enneagram type 9, Rhesia Lewis and how she does Enneagram Work. 
January 17, 2020
Episode 9 Three Reasons Why You Might be Having Trouble Fining Your Type
In this episode we talk through three reasons why it may be a struggle for you to find your type. 
January 07, 2020
Stories of Transformation: Samantha DeSpirito (Type 1)
My favorite way to learn more about the Enneagram is by listening to real people, real stories, and real experiences from each Enneagram type. These conversations brings the theory of the Enneagram to life.  Today we are chatting with Samantha DeSpritio who is a type 1 and the insights she shares are pure gold. 
December 23, 2019
Episode 8 The Right Perspective When Using the Enneagram in Relationships
What should you know about the Enneagram before figuring out how to apply it to relationships? This video covers how to understand the Enneagram's structure so that you can rightly apply it to your relationships. 
November 08, 2019
Episode 7: What Makes the Enneagram Different
What makes the Enneagram different from other personality tests? The Enneagram has grown in popularity in the past few years. Why all the buzz? Is it just a fad? How should you approach this typing system?
October 28, 2019
Episode 6: The Quest of Each Type
Each triad is focused on and searching for something different: - Heart Triad is searching for significance - Head Triad is searching for security - Gut Triad is searching for satisfaction The only problem is, the VEHICLE we choose to take on our quest (aka our type's instinct) only pushes us further from our goal. How do we get to our destination? That is the topic of this week's "Coaching Conversation" 
October 14, 2019
Episode 5: Self-Observation Why it's Important and How to Put it Into Practice
Have you heard the term “self-observation” thrown around, but wondered what it meant and how to ACTUALLY do it?? .  In this episode of Coaching Conversations, we are talking about the why AND the how of self-observation .
September 22, 2019
Episode 4: When the Enneagram Feels Overwhelming
Who hasn't felt overwhelmed at points of studying the Enneagram? It's a LOT! On this episode of Coaching Conversations, we are exploring what our options are when we feel this way. 
September 13, 2019
Episode 3: Strong Wing or Core Number?
When your wing is strong, it can be difficult at times to determine which is the core number and which is your wing. This episode of Coaching Conversations we will explore questions and considerations that can help decipher which is the strong wing and which is your core number.
September 05, 2019
Episode 2: Those Numbers That Rub us the Wrong Way
What do you do with those Numbers that just seem to rub you the wrong way? In this Episode of Coaching conversations, we are going to explore what we can (and cannot) control and how to cultivate compassion.
September 02, 2019
Episode 1: How to Grow in a Triggering Environment
The messages each type needs to hear is hard enough to believe, but how do we press into growth when our environment is confirming our worst fears?  ---------- --> Get my free typing resource to find your type easily and accurately: --> Book your 1:1 thirty minute power coaching session with me: --> Instagram: --> Facebook:
August 28, 2019