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The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole

The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole

By Courtney Cole
Courtney Cole is a singer/songwriter and spiritual enthusiast who is inspiring others live their most authentic, creative lives on a soul level by remembering who they are and what they’ve come to this planet to create. This podcast is a series of conversations inspired by the ancient solfeggio frequency, 528Hz, "The Love Frequency," where Courtney chats with people who challenge and inspire her to live a life beyond fear and limitation and ultimately realign with divine love, inspiration, and creativity.
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31: Discovering The True Artist Within with Sarah Darling

The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole

37: Vortex of Radness with Wes Geer
Wes Geer is a total rockstar. This episode is part one of a two week series where Wes tells the story of his incredible journey through the music industry, as well as overcoming an intense drug addiction that had led him to self-realization and healing.  | Wes Geer | Instagram | @wesgeer Website | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
April 13, 2021
36: You Are Ready with Chloe Caroline
Courtney chats with singer/songwriter Chloe Caroline about her new single “Ready” and her journey of self-discovery and realization after someone in the music industry told her she wasn’t “ready” for the success she had been working so hard for. They cover topics like reclaiming your power, the art of letting go and learning to receive, and ultimately deciding for ourselves our readiness in this life! Tune in! | Chloe Caroline | Instagram | @chloecaroline Spotify | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Connect with Courtney | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
April 6, 2021
35: Thriving, Not Just Surviving, The Day with Whitney Breaux
Whitney Breaux is a fighter, a thriver, and her insights this week will inspire and motivate you to see the world with a fresh, high vibrational perspective. If 2020 wasn't hard enough with all things Covid-19, Whitney was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 32. In this episode, Whitney talks about what facing death ultimately taught her, how to work through sadness and pain honestly, not through false positivity, and how to thrive through each day. This is an episode that is all about how find and adopt an honest, healthy mentality not only in your day-to-day life, but wherever you are in your healing process as well. | Whitney Breaux | Instagram | @wbreaux Day 18 Campaign | @day18campaign | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
March 23, 2021
34: Living Primally Pure with Bethany McDaniel
This week Courtney is hanging out with founder and CEO of the skincare company Primally Pure as they talk about healthy skincare and making healthy, high vibrational lifestyle choices.  | Bethany McDaniel | Instagram | @primallypure Website | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
March 16, 2021
33: Reconnecting with Inner Truth with Kylie McBeath
Kylie McBeath is a writer, Earth Guardian and Co-Steward of Zura Health. She supports women in breaking out of codependent patterns, remembering who they are and their soul's purpose for being here at this time in our world. She is on a mission to reclaim the feminine principle and make this world a safe, just and liberated place to call home. This week Courtney and Kylie chat about about all things healing…. Healing the divine feminine, healing generational trauma, and ultimately reconnecting with the lost parts of ourselves that keep us separated from our divine truth. | Kylie McBeath | Instagram | @beingisbeautiful Website | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
March 9, 2021
32: Remembering Your Creative Spark with Zac Poor
In this episode, Courtney talks with singer/songwriter, Zac Poor, as they talk about remembering and following that creative spark that we often forget about from when we were kids. They chat about the ups and the downs, the forgetting of who we are, and then the remembering… and how the whole process can lead to finding a deeper kind of healing within ourselves and reignite an even bigger creative flame inside of us than ever before. One that is most authentically inline with our soul’s purpose. Zac Poor is an American Artist based in Los Angeles, California who has penned songs for other major artists including Jonas Brothers, David Bisbal, Girls Generation, and more. Most recently Poor collaborated with Grammy Winner Tori Kelly on her platinum selling single “Hollow” and co-wrote songs for Tate McRae, Cody Simpson, MNEK, Samantha Jadeand Delta Goodrem. Zac has also been hard at work promoting his latest artist release“Mulholland at Midnight" a collaboration with Brooklyn based producer REO (Beyonce, Bruno Mars). | Zac Poor | Instagram | @zacpoor Spotify | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | ► Earthquake: Stories Behind The Songs Playlist | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
March 2, 2021
31: Discovering The True Artist Within with Sarah Darling
This week Courtney chats with country music artist, Sarah Darling, about her journey through the ups and the downs of the music industry, the divine moments of self discovery, and what ultimately lead her to finding the true artist within herself. Sarah has over 14 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music and has over 90 appearances on the Grand Ole Opry stage. She has also appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC One Sunday Morning Live, iTV Weekend, TBS' Conan, FOX & Friends, HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade, ABC's The Bachelor and Total Country TV. Her newest album, Wonderland, is available now! | Sarah Darling | Instagram | @officialsarahdarling Spotify | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Listen to The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole | ►iTunes | ►Anchor | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
February 23, 2021
30: Living Truthfully in the Present Moment with Elaine Williams
Elaine Williams has worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 35 years in Television Production and Development. She is an actress, acting coach and currently teaches acting at the Baron Brown Studio in Los Angeles, CA. After taking a class on The Meisner Technique, which is an acting technique that is about authentic acting and realistic emotional responses, I realized that this was not only a lesson in acting, but a lesson in LIFE, and what I believe to be authentic creativity. Stanford Meisner was a very notable actor, but ended up becoming such a legendary teacher that would focus on authenticity in the art form and not over-intellectualizing it, but to live truthfully and honestly in the present moment and respond from that place. This episode is far more than just about an acting technique. It is an episode about showing up authentically as you are and about living in the present moment and all that exists for us there. | Elaine Williams | Instagram | @actatbaronbrown Website | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Listen to The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole | ►iTunes | ►Anchor | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
February 16, 2021
29: Journey Through the Fire with Matt Dolson
Matt Dolson has an amazing story to tell! After a horrific accident that changed the trajectory of his life, Matt shares his journey to healing and how he chose to overcome excruciating mental and physical agony by focusing on love rather than fear. | Matt Dolson | Instagram | @mattdolson | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Listen to The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole | ►iTunes | ►Anchor | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
February 9, 2021
28: Creating Conscious Relationships with Duane and Thea Harvey
Imagine how much deeper and richer our relationships could be, not just with our partners, but our family members, and friends, if we were consciously aware of and compassionate towards the wounds and triggers they’ve had that have caused them respond to life the way that they do. Imagine how much more we could show up for them in ways they need, and help to provide them with the kind of love that brings them healing and assurance. And imagine how lovely that would feel to have that in return. Duane and Thea Harvey are both licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and certified Imago Relationship Therapists. In this episode, Courtney talks with the couple specifically about Imago Therapy, which is a type of couple's therapy that is designed to transform conflict by identifying early childhood wounds in each partner and working together to find healing and resolve.  | Duane and Thea Harvey, MA, MFTs | Instagram | @duaneharvey, @theaharvey Website | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
January 26, 2021
27: Creating Balance with Julie Bernier
In this episode, Courtney chats with Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga Therapist, Julie Bernier of True Ayurveda, as they talk about the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is all about bring the body into balance with nature, because we ARE nature. Keeping our bodies in healthy, harmonic balance with the natural world around us not only leads us to living a happy, healthy life, but also opens our spirits to much more divine inspiration and creativity grounded in love, truth, and wisdom, and clarity. It also allows us to create a more fulfilling experience by living out our most authentic expression of ourselves by addressing and eliminating internal blockages. | Julie Bernier | Instagram | @juliebernier website | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Listen to The Love Freq Podcast with Courtney Cole | ►iTunes | ►Anchor | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
January 19, 2021
26: Live Through Love with Ruben Rojas
In this episode, Courtney sits down with artist, muralist, activist, and author, Ruben Rojas. Ruben is a visual artist who paints life giving, vibrant murals on dull, blank walls all around town inspiring people to live though LOVE… which is the title of his new book! Ruben is all about inspiring others to see themselves and the world around them in a new light by changing their inner dialogue, and inspiring and uplifting communities to dream big and live their highest potential. His mission is to inspire people, not only in their own artistic expression, but also to live a life of full of creative expression by making beautiful art with their experience in way that encourages hope, acceptance, authenticity, possibility, and love. | Ruben Rojas | Instagram | @rubenrojas Website | | Courtney Cole | ► The Love Freq Podcast | ► Website | ► Exclusive Love Freq Content | ► Courtney’s Music | | Connect with Courtney | ►Website | ►Instagram | ►Facebook | ►Twitter |
January 12, 2021
25: New Year, New Vibe with Courtney Cole
What is it that you want to create with your experience in 2021? What do you want your life to look like? If you could paint it in a picture, what would the painting look like? Would it be filled with more joy? More Wonder? More excitement? More love? Or more fear, anxiety, isolation, sadness, bitterness? I’ve noticed that what shows up in my life is 100% dependent upon the fact of how I choose to view each and every circumstance. It’s all about what I choose to see, so in this episode I talk about focusing on the good and how we can MOVE through 2021 with an effortless flow!
January 5, 2021
24: The Ultimate Gift with Courtney Cole
A special holiday episode on the greatest gift we could ever receive through the Christ consciousness. 
December 22, 2020
23: Shifting Paradigms with Mickey Guyton
Courtney talks with country music star and activist, Mickey Guyton. Mickey made history this year at the ACM awards being the first woman of color to play her own song on the show. Mickey is speaking up about things that matter, overcoming racism, and gender equality, and bridging cultural gaps through her music and her message. This September, she released a six-song EP called “Bridges,” including songs like “What Are You Gonna Tell Her,” about the struggles of growing up against the odds being a woman, and “Black Like Me” about her own experiences with racism. Mickey is a not only a powerful vocalist, but someone using her voice to create change in our systems and paradigms.
December 15, 2020
22: Another Best Day with Brett Hughes
Courtney sits down with entrepreneur, All-American and national Lacrosse champion, and co-founder of the lifestyle and clothing brand, Another Best Day, Brett Hughes, as they talk about the appreciating life's most simple joys and the journey and pursuit of living our best lives as our best selves. Dive deeper into each week's episodes with exclusive healing content HERE Make a donation to The Love Freq Podcast HERE
December 8, 2020
21: Awakening The Divine Self with Paul Selig
Courtney talks with author, medium, and spiritual channel, Paul Selig, as they talk about the spiritual aspect of frequency and how aligning with the "higher octave" enables us to awaken the divine self within. Paul's books I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, The Book of Knowing and Worth, The Book of Mastery, The Book of Truth, The Book of Freedom, Beyond the Known: Realization, and Beyond the Known: Alchemy are available now!
December 1, 2020
20: Creating Opportunity From Passion with Idan Ravin
Courtney chats with superstar basketball trainer and best-selling author, Idan Ravin, as they talk about creating a life doing what you love and what it takes to achieve greatness. Dive deeper into each week's episodes with exclusive healing content HERE
November 24, 2020
19: Facing Fear with Bryan Mineo
Courtney chats with swim master, Bryan Mineo, as they talk about facing the fear of the unknown and how to navigate through these times of uncertainty. Dive deeper into each week's episodes with exclusive healing content HERE
November 17, 2020
18: Living Your Truth with Brandon Stansell
Courtney talks with country star, Brandon Stansell, as he shares his story of owning and accepting his truth. After a rough coming out as a gay man to his strict family, Brandon now shares his story through his music inorder to shed a light on love and acceptance of the LGBTQ community in his genre of music, and also to encourage and inspire others to honor their truth. Dive deeper into each week's episodes with exclusive healing content HERE
November 10, 2020
17: Becoming Love with Dean Schlecht
Courtney chats with spiritual teacher and psychotherapist, Dean Schlecht, as they discuss the true essence of love. Do you ever feel like you get the concept of love all wrong? In this episode, we will talk about how we can let love possess and over come us in such a way that we offer ourselves, those around us, and our world more compassion, grace, and understanding. Read Dean's essay on Love HERE (scroll to the very bottom of the page to find it). Dive deeper into each week's episodes with exclusive healing content HERE
November 3, 2020
16: The 528Hz Lifestyle with Courtney Cole
Welcome to Season 2 of The Love Freq Podcast! There are going to be interviews with people that will inspire you, they will challenge you, they will meet you where you are, and they will also nudge you in your forward growth. This first episode is an intro to what I like to refer to as The 528Hz lifestyle.. and it's all about remembering who we at the core, and how that affects how we serve this planet by being authentically ourselves.  I am so excited to continue to dive deeper with you into our truth, and expand in ways we never thought were possible! Let's do this! Want to dive even deeper into the inner work each week?! Join one of The Love Freq memberships on Patreon starting at $5 a month for journal prompts for each episode, and other exclusive content! Click here: OR if you'd just like to support what we do each week, you can donate here: Thank you so much for your love and support!!
October 27, 2020
15: Season 1 Recap with Courtney Cole (and a musical surprise!)
Courtney recaps all of the power moments of season one of The Love Freq Podcast with a musical surprise! Thank you so much for listening! See ya soon for Season 2!
September 29, 2020
14: Co-Creative Spirituality With Catt Gravitt
Courtney sits down with hitmaker and co-writer, Catt Gravitt, who has written hit songs for artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Jake Owen, Natalie Grant, Trace Adkins, Jana Kramer, and many more! Catt is one of Courtney's mentors who has inspired and encouraged her in her spiritual and creative journey. Together, they wrote Courtney's first single, "Drunk."  This conversation is a collection of spiritual topics, including the art of spiritual and creative co-creation, that they have discussed over the years, and continue to dive deeper into through this chat!
September 22, 2020
13: Creative Listening with Kate Daughdrill
Courtney chats with visual artist, writer, and urban farmer, Kate Daughdrill, as they talk about how listening to the voice within leads us to create beautiful art, beautiful life experiences, and how it teaches us to listen to what our bodies need so that we can nourish it accordingly!
September 15, 2020
12: Purpose Evolves with LeAnn Phelan
This week Courtney talks with Nashville music industry executive and creative expert, LeAnn Phelan, as they talk about following the passions that fuel you.
September 8, 2020
11: Creating through Self-Awareness with Ellee Duke
Courtney has an awesome conversation with singer/songwriter Ellee Duke about her journey to becoming self-aware, and how it led her to create authentic art!
September 1, 2020
10: Creation Through The Eyes of a Producer with Cameron Stymeist
Courtney talks with friend and producer of her latest EP "Earthquake," Cameron Stymeist, as they discuss the heart and soul behind the EP, and the process of creating a project of authenticity and healing.
August 25, 2020
09: Healing Through Music with Courtney Cole
Courtney shares her healing journey and how it corresponds with her latest EP, "Earthquake!"
August 18, 2020
08: Reparenting Your Inner Child Pt. 2 with Alex Masters
Courtney dives deeper with singer/songwriter and big believer in respectful parenting, Alex Masters, as they share stories and discuss important tools in lovingly reparenting your inner child.
August 11, 2020
07: Reparenting Your Inner Child Pt. 1 with Alex Masters
Courtney talks with singer/songwriter and respectful parenting expert, Alex Masters, as they discuss the beauty in our parental relationships and how they can bring us to the healing of our inner child.
August 4, 2020
06: Trusting Your Gut with Janet Tuck
Courtney sits down with intuitive counselor, Janet Tuck, as they talk about learning to hear and trust the God voice within us all that is our intuition!
July 28, 2020
05: Identifying Mental Constructs with Courtney Cole
This is a solo episode with just you and Courtney as she does a debriefing of her last two guests, Dean Schlecht and Forest Whitehead. Courtney takes a look at some of the mental constructs that we don't even realize define us, and together, we become aware of the walls we build around ourselves that separate us from our freedom.
July 21, 2020
04: Creating Intentionally with Forest Whitehead
Courtney sits down with grammy-nominated songwriter/producer, and founder of The Music City Playbook, Forest Whitehead as they remember their truest childhood passions and the importance of creating from those passions everyday with intentionality.
July 14, 2020
03: Deciphering The Ego with Dean Schlecht
Courtney sits down with spiritual counselor, Dean Schlecht, as they discuss the difference between the voice of the ego and the voice of the soul. Dean has a Master of Divinity in Spiritual Direction, and has spent many years helping individuals discover their authentic selves through active imagination therapy. His books, Embracing the Self, and Spirituality for Non-Believers are available on
July 7, 2020
02: The Truth of You with Courtney Cole
Rediscover the mighty power of your potential and dive deeper into your creative nature as Courtney dives deeper into what frequency is all about and how it affects who and all we are as human beings.
June 28, 2020
01: Remembering Who You Are with Courtney Cole
More so than ever, our world, our spirit, our bodies, our neighbors, our communities need love. This is a series of conversations inspired by 528Hz, "The Love Frequency." The Love Freq is a journey of realignment, and a rediscovery of your authentic creative potential and who and what you are, which is love, itself.
June 12, 2020