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97 #TNRE : Introductions Are In Order : Who Is Naina?

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By Naina Redhu
The Business of Blogging, Photography, Influencer Marketing & Professionalism, specifically from the point of view of India.
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The Business of Blogging, Photography, Influencer Marketing & Professionalism, specifically from the point of view of India.

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98 #TNRE : Do You Need Engagement on Instagram? #TheNainaRedhuExperience
What is engagement anyway? When anyone can buy comments, likes, video views, etc., what is the value of this "engagement"? Why are you even ON Instagram in the first place?
December 4, 2019
97 #TNRE : Introductions Are In Order : Who Is Naina?
About to hit 100 episodes on my podcast, some of you are new & I need to consolidate who I am too! So hi! Listen to me talk about who I am, what I do, how I got here, briefly.
November 28, 2019
96 #TNRE : At #AdobeMax 2019 & other thoughts about creativity
Back at Adobe Max for the second time. Recording & posting from Los Angeles. What's Adobe Max, what I was doing here & what's next!
November 6, 2019
95 #TNRE : TikTok Thoughts #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Is TikTok relevant? Should you be on it? What can you do on it? Etc.
October 13, 2019
94 #TNRE Where Do I Find Motivation #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Dictionary meaning of motivation : reason for acting/behaving a certain way. Reading 24-25 year olds saying they're demotivated / feeling old. It's not about being motivated, it's about showing up, consistently, day after day and putting in the work. Motivation will strike you at 3am but you'll be in bed and by the time you wake it, it's gone. It'll strike you when you're watching a film in a theater but it'll be gone by the time you walk out. It's a great feeling to be motivated but it doesn't DO anything. One of my reasons for doing what I do is money. It's nice to see money coming in to my bank account. It means I can save for that couples vacation and create memories and spend quality time with Bharat. It means I can save for that trip with the family - who knows how long my parents are going to be around. I get to spend quality time with them. The money is a means though. My goal is to spend quality time with people I love, with myself. Having money to spare means that I get to do those things. That's my reason. I have 50,000 things to do and very little time. Doesn't mean you burn yourself out of course. That's the flip side. We can continue to run ourselves into the ground with work even if we are demotivated to do the work.
July 9, 2019
93 #TNRE Seven Streams of Revenue / Income for Solo Entrepreneurs #TheNainaRedhuExperience
An introduction to the concept of "Seven Streams of Revenue" or income, for self-employed solo-entrepreneurs. Sharing examples of what my own multiple Streams of Revenue are and some suggestions of additionals ones that anyone can pursue.
June 30, 2019
92 #TNRE Working For Free, Fake Followers & Post Confluence Thoughts #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Post Confluence 2019 thoughts. I was moderating a panel where we discussed the menace of fake followers & how that affects the industry. I touch on that for a bit. I also talk about why and how one should never work for free.
June 23, 2019
91 #TNRE : "Just Like That" & Other Excuses To Say Silly Things
Think before you speak! Yes, it's possible. It shows that you respect the other person's time and space.
May 23, 2019
90 #TNRE : About The Brooches #TheNainaRedhuExperience
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve begun adding products to my online shop. I’m hand-painting wooden brooches as mini art pieces that you can wear. I talk a bit about what’s going on behind the scenes and how I am coping. There’s a LOT to unpack here. It isn’t a structured conversation. But I really had to get it out to get started. I’m going to share everything subsequently – if you have questions, please ask and I will talk about that in the next episode of the podcast. See the Brooches :
April 4, 2019
89 #TNRE : Plague of Pedestals
Plague of Pedestals. Podcast episode no. 89 Examples of pedestals : Soldiers are martyrs. ( They choose to die for their beliefs : no. They want to come back home to their families like all the rest of us. Stop forcing them to prove their patriotism by dying. ) Women are mothers. ( No. Women have a biologically evolved flesh contraption that can be conducive to producing babies. Doesn’t mean that women are not allowed to be assholes. ) Men are strong. ( Men are human beings. They get hurt. They cry. Doesn’t make them less of a “man”. Men are allowed to be weak if they want. No one is strong ALL the time. If they try to be, they are going to suffer from severe mental health issues. ) Women are supposed to be nice and understanding. No. Fuck that. I’m not nice. I’m not understanding. I am not going to be a martyr for anyone’s bullshit. I refuse to allow anyone to put women on a pedestal. Goddesses. Mothers. Daughters. As if I’ve signed a contract with all of humankind to always take everyone’s bullshit and be ok with it.
March 13, 2019
88 #TNRE : When A Magazine Wants To Publish My Photographs #TheNainaRedhuExperience
That Magazine Wants To Publish My Photographs : What Should I Be Asking / Expecting? Is it a feature about you? Then the contract can say, "usage / licensing only for this feature" Is the feature about something / someone else? Where they want to use photos shot by you? Is it an editorial piece or an advertising piece? Aka advertorial. Then image licensing / usage fees are applicable. These depend on how many images, how many pages, size of image on page, etc. If image is to be used on the cover, then you get paid more. It doesn't mean it's a privilege & you get paid less. When you are not the photographer : who owns the photo? Get their permission. If you don't know who owns it, ask.
February 27, 2019
87 #TNRE What to do when someone asks you to take their photograph. (For free).
What to do when someone asks you to take their photograph. (For free).
February 16, 2019
85 #TNRE : Gifting in the context of Influencer Marketing for Brands #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Launching a new store location. My social media team sat down with me and spent 3 hours coming up with a “gift box” and invite to send to about 30-35 well established influencers in different segments. Fashion, food, lifestyle and then people who have been part of my journey from day 1. Each box would cost about Rs 3000 to put together and design and deliver. Upon my initial insistence I wanted it to have a very personal touch.  A bottle of my sangria . My moms cookies which are popular with my customers. 2 homemade hair masks because I’m a big believer in coming up with things from our kitchen instead of chemicals. So I listened and came home. And then last night I thought. I will spend about a lakh to maybe get 10seconds of a mention on Instagram by these wonderful ladies. Some will use the stuff, some maybe not. Maybe a handful will actually come in to experience my service. I decided to scrap it all. 10 disabled people can get a wheelchair to become mobile and live their lives in
September 5, 2018
84 #TNRE : Influencer Marketing for Brands 09 : What are Influencers Paid For? What is Influence?
If the entire story behind my brand is based on authenticity , does it not affect my credibility to “pay” someone to say good stuff about me? What are Influencers paid for? What is Influence? I’m paying an influencer to influence ? WHAT is that influence? Paid for time effort platform. Choose authentic influencer & brand's credibility multiplies Not paying for opinion Build relationship, ask for feedback Everyone has influence Create content around their experience Brand building & awareness Ideal influenced would be someone who has influence even if they are not on Instagram. What are they doing with their life otherwise? Would you know about them without instagram? Famous for being famous is not a long term brand strategy More on my website Instagram : Twitter : Workshops :
August 29, 2018
83 #TNRE : Is It Too Late To Become A Blogger / Influencer In India? #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Influencer Marketing in India: Why are you a blogger? Famous for being famous not sustainable unless backed by money. Never too late. Always some blogs shutting down Quality is still missing Ever growing market Each one of us is an Influencer in our own circles Provide some value / learning ( Workshops : Blog : )
August 22, 2018
82 #TNRE : Is Being on Social Media Important for Photographers? #TheNainaRedhuExperience
How does it help? What is the best way to do it? Video on & blog
August 15, 2018
81 TNRE : Sharing is Caring & How I Setup My First Workshop #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Some learnings from my first workshop (online brand building, influencer marketing, editorial calendar, social media etc) and a general sense of sharing is caring would be good in the blogging & photography industry in India.
August 8, 2018
80 #TNRE : About Envy & Blogging etc #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Talking about what I’m envious of and how I’m trying to deal with it. It’s not easy. Everything is, “Oooh! Shiny!” and despite having been around in the industry for…
July 10, 2018
79 #TNRE Hindi Edition : ब्लौग्गिन्ग क्या है? / What is Blogging? #TheNainaRedhuExperience
After spending years thinking about discussing blogging in Hindi, here we are! ब्लौग्गिन्ग के बारे मैं थोड़ा बहुत Download Audio-Only here : 79-TNRE iOS Subscribe on iTunes Others Subscribe via…
May 31, 2018
78 #TNRE : Fashion Weeks, Paid Collaborations and Desperation #TheNainaRedhuExperience
This is entirely in response to an email I received. The email is indicative of the state of the industry in India currently. Blogging specifically but also how creatives and…
May 11, 2018
77 #TNRE : Barter Collaborations in Influencer Marketing #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Is it ok to work on the basis of barter? For brands and for influencers? Why do I complain when I receive requests for barter collaborations but then I also…
May 2, 2018
76 #TNRE : Blogger Awards, Conferences & Rahul Gandhi #TheNainaRedhuExperience
I talk about the latest Blogger Awards and Conference hosted by Cosmopolitan Magazine in India, a bit about the SoDelhi Blogging Confluence and finally a bit about the photographs of…
April 18, 2018
75 #TNRE : Knowledge Workshop on Blogging & Social Media at Colombo Fashion Week #TheNainaRedhuExperience
This was my first time at Colombo Fashion Week. I was invited to deliver a Knowledge Workshop on the subject of Blogging & Social Media in Fashion & Lifestyle, Due…
April 1, 2018
#74 TNRE : Instagram vs Blogging #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Who isn’t in pain from Instagram’s algorithm changes?! Get a blog! No really. It is a lot of work but so is Instagram. You’re already shooting for producing content for…
March 19, 2018
#73 TNRE : Work For Free, Email Rant #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Rant about an email I received from a beauty pageant. #FuckYouPayMe Download Audio-Only here : 73TNRE iOS Subscribe on iTunes Others Subscribe via RSS YouTube Channel : All Episodes…
March 13, 2018
#72 TNRE : Influencer Marketing Industry Situation in India #TheNainaRedhuExperience
The notes I’d written down to prep for this episode of the podcast : What is happening now in the social media industry is the same that’s been happening in…
February 14, 2018
#71 TNRE : Blogging Freebies #TheNainaRedhuExperience
I talk a bit about the hotel owner who dissed the blogger etc. I also did a tweet thread, which led to this first podcast episode of 2018. There’s a…
January 26, 2018
#70 TNRE : Annie Leibovitz on @Masterclass #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Again, just to clarify, this is not a paid / sponsored post. I’m just a huge fan of Masterclass and of Annie Leibovitz. The class has been getting a lot…
December 18, 2017
#69 TNRE : FAM Trips, Traditional Media, Dude WTF #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Rant. It’s 2017. It’s going to be 2018. Nothing changes as long as the old guard stays. Gotta have some fun!✌️ Download Audio-Only here : 69 TNRE iOS Subscribe on…
December 11, 2017
#68 TNRE : A book, a tripod & what I’ve been upto #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Download Audio-Only here : TNRE-68 iOS Subscribe on iTunes Others Subscribe via RSS YouTube Channel : All Episodes on the blog :
November 28, 2017
#67 TNRE : Instagram Copyright Issues & Professionalism in Blogging Case Study #TheNainaRedhuExperience
“I must be the only idiot in the country who is returning money that has already been credited into my bank account. And this after you have wasted my time…
October 15, 2017
Monetizing Content : How To Price Your Posts #NAINAxSoDelhi #ConfluenceAtTheLalit 2017
This is from a panel discussion I moderated recently at the 2017 SoDelhi Confluence with Juhi Godambe, Anjali Batra, Mehak Sagar Shahani and Pallavi Chaturvedi. After being the Keynote speaker…
September 29, 2017
#66 TNRE : Should I Refer Another Photographer to My Client? #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Should I recommend my competition? Are they even my competition? Am I recommending them because I feel sorry for them? Or I am jealous of the quality of work they…
September 27, 2017
#65 TNRE : Entrepreneur Pain Points & Professionalism #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Born from a bunch of conversations I’ve recently had with fellow entrepreneurs. How do YOU deal with unprofessionalism? How do you deal with the stress of dealing with fellow human…
September 20, 2017
#64 TNRE : Agency Terms for Influencers : MADNESS #InfluencerMarketing #TheNainaRedhuExperience
You have got to be kidding me with the kinds of terms influencers are expected to sign up for! Just read this email I received and hear me rant about…
September 15, 2017
#63 TNRE : Instagram Numbers are Irrelevant for Influencer Marketing
Take it with a pinch of salt. Things change dramatically in today’s technology landscape. What is true today, might not be true tomorrow. What works for me, might not work…
August 23, 2017
#62 TNRE : My Perspective on Photo Editing
How much is too much? Where do I draw the line? Etc. I enjoy editing photos but what does “editing” mean? Don’t you mean “re-touching”? Is there a difference? What…
August 16, 2017
#61 TNRE : Hashtags & Influencer Marketing
A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.…
August 9, 2017
#60 TNRE : Naina Reads Emails : Photograph Us For Free
The WTFNaina series wasn’t as entertaining as I’d hoped it would be. It was more “confrontational” or negative as far as I can tell. And not for you folks reading…
August 2, 2017
#59 TNRE : My Professional Journey Part Two
Part One was broadcast / published last week. All podcast episodes are on In Part Two, I talk about my first ever client photography gig in 2006. When I…
July 26, 2017
#58 TNRE : My Professional Journey Part One
Considering how much I talk, I’ve never talked about my journey. I thought about blogging it but I realized I’d probably end up writing a lot and I would ramble.…
July 19, 2017
#57 TNRE : Eleven Years Of Twitter
I signed up on the Twitter network on 13th of July 2006. The team had launched it in March of 2006 and someone sent me an invite to sign up…
July 12, 2017
#56 TNRE : Fake Followers & Comments
What are “fake” followers? Is there a way to figure out if someone else has fake followers? How can you tell if you have fake followers? Is there any advantage…
July 5, 2017
#55 TNRE : Fashion Bloggers Need To Be Stopped ( Criticisms )
Sometimes, I think I should call this podcast, “I don’t know what I’m talking about” and not because I suffer from a crippling ego problem due to Impostor Syndrome but…
June 28, 2017
#54 The Naina Redhu Experience : Aadhaar, GST, Brand Communication Skills & A Case Study
Talking a bit about Aadhaar ( wrote a piece on the blog if you’d like to educate yourself about the basics ) and GST ( how it is different from…
June 21, 2017
#53 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Eight, Things To Consider with Influencers
Things to consider when you - as a brand - start looking for Influencers. I get into details of the notecard that was introduced in the last podcast episode. Influencer's Presence + Influencers who are Specialists & Generalists + Influencer References ( Media Kit / Client List ) + Content Quality and Production + Content Licensing + Disclosure Handling + Preference for Direct or via Agency relationship with the Influencer. Enjoy! And thank you for listening / watching. What do you think about this series? Is there something I'm completely missing? Am I talking about stuff that's too basic? Am I making any sense? Would love to know!
June 14, 2017
#52 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Seven, What is an Influencer? Where do I find Influencers?
Finally! 52 weeks of this podcast. A whole year! Unbelievable eh - at least to me! And the seventh edition in the Influencer Marketing for Brands series! ( I'm talking about - from a brand's point-of-view - who or what is an "influencer" and I also talk about where you can find these influencers. ) I get a little pedantic about things like "What is an Instagram bio?" because a lot of people are starting on this "influencer marketing" thing only in 2017 - they are new to social networks and we can all use a bit of a nudge to get started. Where will you find influencers? Ask around. Word of mouth is ideal to know who has done solid work. "Follower" counts can be and are super deceptive. Do you research, talk to other brands who have experience in working with influencers. Where did they get value from? Ask for recommendations.
June 7, 2017
#51 The Naina Redhu Experience : Location Courtesy, Instagram
Taking a break from the Influencer Marketing for Brands series and answering a question received from a blogger. Also talking a bit about the effect of being verified on Instagram ( basically, a slight uptick in blog traffic because can include links in stories - although have noticed that some non-verified accounts can also share links in stories now. )
May 31, 2017
#50 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Six
Well hello! It is the 50th edition of my podcast! Almost a whole year of weekly episodes. Which is totally not what I had expected to do but I definitely…
May 24, 2017
#49 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Five
Part Five of “Influencer Marketing for Brands” is about Engagement Strategy and Budgets. Engagement Strategy : what is your plan to deal with the responses that the influencer’s updates will…
May 17, 2017
#48 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Four
How do you decide what social media channels are most relevant for sharing the content that the influencer has created for you? How do you measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaign? ( There's no silver bullet - you have to do a bit of trial and error and then figure out what works best! ) Part Four on the "Influencer Marketing for Brands" series address "relevant channels" and "measurement". I would like to re-iterate here that I am speaking from own experience of working with hundreds of brands over the years and observing what has worked and what hasn't. Considering how quickly things change in today's scenario, as a business owner, you would be wise to consider a variety of opinions, experiment and then own the process for your brand. The things I talk about might help you but I am not an expert in this arena - there are, possibly, many other people who are way more qualified to give you advice about this subject. I'm probably the only one who has a podcast / video se
May 10, 2017
#47 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Three
In part three of the “Influencer Marketing for Brands”, I talk about the fifth item in “Things To Consider before working with an Influencer”, which is CONTENT. What content will…
May 3, 2017
#46 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Two
Answering questions after Part One of Influencer Marketing for Brands aired. Questions related to whether packaging design / quality is important before reaching out to Influencers, how many influencers to…
April 26, 2017
#45 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part One
After 44 episodes focusing on better work practices for Bloggers / Influencers, this 45th episode onwards, I will be focusing on how brands can work with Influencers / Bloggers. Things…
April 19, 2017
#44 The Naina Redhu Experience : Blogging & Sourcing, The Blogger Rat Race
Addressing the subject of “sourcing”. The number of emails I receive weekly with this brand and that brand “inviting” me to “source” from their latest collection. The confusion amongst brands…
April 12, 2017
#43 The Naina Redhu Experience : Bawse Book, Sponsored Content, Instagrammers
The 43rd episode of me podcast ( I’m channeling accent and dialog from the Happy Valley show on Netflix ) is where I talk about the latest book I’m reading.…
April 5, 2017
#42 The Naina Redhu Experience : My Inspirations, Small-Town Bloggers, Pay Your Friends. Don’t Listen To Me.
In the 42nd episode ( actually the 45th episode but I can’t follow numbering to save my life, so I come up with special episodes numbered “39a” ), I talk…
March 29, 2017
#41 The Naina Redhu Experience : FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out )
Please excuse all the video cuts toward the end and the out-of-sync audio. I don’t know what happens sometimes to the mobile phone that I use to record these. This…
March 22, 2017
#40 The Naina Redhu Experience : Business & Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve
A fellow-entrepreneur, solo independent contractor recently reached out to me to ask me business was faring considering how open I was about the challenges I faced. They wanted to know…
March 15, 2017
#39a The Naina Redhu Experience : Monetizing Blogs #SpecialEdition #NAINAxSuryagarh
This special edition of #TheNainaRedhuExperience comes from the deserts of Rajasthan. I recorded this atop the roof of my room at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. A bunch of questions and emails…
March 9, 2017
#39 The Naina Redhu Experience : Photography Assignment Pricing, Contracts, Etc.
Talking about a photography gig, how it started, contracts, negotiations, pricing etc. Somewhat like a case study, without giving away confidential details of course. Will give you an insight into…
March 8, 2017
#38 The Naina Redhu Experience : Business Platforms For Bloggers
In this episode of the podcast, I talk about blogger platforms that claim to get business for bloggers and influencers. Some of the ones I’ve mentioned are FohrCard, BlogMint and…
March 1, 2017
#37 The Naina Redhu Experience : More Blogging Meetings, Tourism & Street Style
Download Audio-Only here : #37-The-Naina-Redhu-Experience-Tourism-Street-Style-Blogging I’m happy to answer questions about photography, blogging, the industry and about my experiences. You can ask me by leaving a comment here or by…
February 22, 2017
#36 The Naina Redhu Experience : Blogging Meetings
I’d planned to upload this one as a “special” over the weekend but couldn’t get around to it. Recorded this one right after a lovely meeting with Nisha of…
February 15, 2017
#35 TheNainaRedhuExperience : Blogging, Domains, Hosting
After more than a few incidents of questions about hosting and domain names and how I manage my blog and who designs it and questions about how I started etc.,…
February 8, 2017
#34 TheNainaRedhuExperience : Photographers & Social Media
Wanted to talk about how professional and non-professional photographers can put social media to good use. Ended up talking about a bunch of other stuff too. If you are a…
February 1, 2017
#33 TheNainaRedhuExperience : My Hair & Other Things
In the 33rd episode, I wanted to specifically address my hair cut / style. I get asked a lot of questions, even in 2017, and wanted to present my thoughts.…
January 25, 2017
#TheNainaRedhuExperience Episode 32 : Marriage, In-Laws & Fashion Blogging
Notes I made before starting to record this episode of the podcast : – more important to ask if you think being a fashion blogger makes you unfit to be…
January 18, 2017
#31 TheNainaRedhuExperience Why is a Blog More Important Than Other Social Channels
In this episode, I’m talking about why I think a blog is more important than any other social media channel – for an “influencer”. You see, YOU own the blog,…
January 11, 2017
#30 TheNainaRedhuExperience Naming & Shaming, Unprofessionalism
Well hello! And Happy New Year! 2017 is here and the first episode of The Naina Redhu Experience – in 2017 – is about naming and shaming and unprofessionalism. Someone…
January 4, 2017
#29 #TheNainaRedhuExperience Social & Professional Life
Once in a while, I receive questions about life, in general. I am as qualified as the next person about answering these questions – so please take them as my…
December 28, 2016
Is It Too Late To Become An Influencer? #TheNainaRedhuExperience Episode 28
After receiving more than a few questions on similar lines, I decided to record a podcast episode to address it. In short, the answer is, “No, it is not too…
December 21, 2016
#27 Young Influencers & Professionalism #TheNainaRedhuExperience
Was inspired by a bit of gossip. Unprofessionalism and how it seems to have gotten worse with the younger crop of Influencers in the Indian market. I relate a couple…
December 14, 2016
#26 Money, Blogging & Professional Relationships #TheNainaRedhuExperience
In this episode, I talk about how money is important but shouldn’t be the basis of starting your blogging venture – or any venture for that matter. And if it…
December 7, 2016
Blogging & Product Sales #TheNainaRedhuExperience Episode 25
In the 25th episode of The Naina Redhu Experience, which is back after a LONG break – the last one I recorded and uploaded was in February 2016 *YIKES* –…
November 30, 2016
Digital Journeys with Akanksha & Naina Redhu #ColorMeAutumn Festival, Serendipity Delhi
The full 45 minute conversation is now up on my YouTube channel. This is from the talk we gave at the Color Me Autumn festival at Serendipity Delhi this year.…
October 12, 2016
SoDelhi Keynote on Blogging #ConfluenceAtTheLalit 2016
(UPDATED on 29th September 2017. With links to high resolution video and audio provided by the SoDelhi team.) Let me get it out of the way first : the audio…
June 21, 2016
#24 #TheNainaRedhuExperience : Contracts Are Important
*SORRY ABOUT THE AUDIO BEING OUT OF SYNC WITH THE VIDEO* Dear Naina, I approached a brand for my seasonal editorial – since I don’t have a huge reach yet…
February 3, 2016
#23 #TheNainaRedhuExperience : How I use social media
I’m happy to answer questions about photography, blogging, the industry and about my experiences. You can ask me by leaving a comment here or by emailing me on Download…
January 27, 2016
#22 #TheNainaRedhuExperience : 100% Advance Payment
What is this 100% advance? Can anyone get it? What are some of the reactions I’ve heard when it comes to asking for 100% advance? What if you die? What…
January 20, 2016
#21 #TheNainaRedhuExperience : Time Management & How I Work
Thank you Sonia, for asking these questions. The questions were : So, I have a bunch of questions about time management. I’m basically just curious about what it’s like to…
January 13, 2016
#20 #TheNainaRedhuExperience : Retainership, Pricing, Hosting for Blogging
Answering the following questions that a blogger emailed me : 1. How does one reach a stage where one can approach brands for retainership associations? 2. How does one justify…
January 6, 2016
#19 #TheNainaRedhuExperience : Bloggers’ POV vs. Being Published
( Apologies for the couple of breaks in the video in the middle. ) This is a discussion/rebuttal/ramble in response to the article titled Virtual Realities by Namrata Zakaria. I…
December 30, 2015
#18 #TheNainaRedhuExperience : What’s in my camera bag?
I’ve answered the question many times over the years but I keep getting asked. Hopefully this will be a go-to link from now on whenever someone asks me again till…
December 23, 2015
#17 The Naina Redhu Experience : How to get into fashion week to do some photography?
Someone asked me how they could get into fashion week and photograph there. I’m sharing my experience here. Hopefully the video has some new info? Download Audio-Only here : #17-The-Naina-Redhu-Experience_How-to-get-into-fashion-week-to-do-some-photography…
December 16, 2015
#16 The Naina Redhu Experience : The Local Tribe Interview
I did this interview for Antje over at The Local Tribe. The questions I was asked : 01. You’re a brilliant lifestyle photographer. What’s the story behind your journey into…
December 9, 2015
#15 The Naina Redhu Experience : Before And Then After #Book
Trying out a new format here. I love reading book and I also love listening to audio books and for a long time I’ve wondered what would be a best…
December 2, 2015
#14 The Naina Redhu Experience : Free Stuff
Where I talk about disclosing paid stories on your blog and social media and how to deal with brands sending gifts and freebies without a contractual obligation. Blogging is a…
November 25, 2015
#13 The Naina Redhu Experience : What if they say no?
“What if I tell them what I actually charge and then they say no? What if they just move on? I really want to work with this brand / person…
November 18, 2015
#12 The Naina Redhu Experience : State of Influencer Marketing
I love being able to answer interview questions by doing a video – if only it didn’t take so long to edit and export the file from within Adobe Premiere…
November 17, 2015
#11 The Naina Redhu Experience : What should I blog about?
This week’s question that got me thinking is from an email I received that said : Recently somebody (an experienced person form the online space) told me that writing about…
November 11, 2015
#10 The Naina Redhu Experience : Pressures of Blogging
*Additional episode this week. I HAD to say something. Recorded it yesterday but processing & upload speeds mean I was able to publish it only today.* I maintain that most…
November 4, 2015
#09 The Naina Redhu Experience : Gender wage gap
The Jennifer Lawrence essay. The Ronda Rousey interview response. From the emails I’ve received so far : “I really liked your video about monetization. Since I’m kind of a newbie…
November 4, 2015
#08 Weddings, Photography, Blogging & life choices #Video
These were the questions – thank you so much for asking Siddharth! 1) 3-4 years ago, you were into Wedding Photography. Why did you choose weddings, and what was your…
October 28, 2015
#07 What is the best camera? There isn’t one.
( The second half of the video I forgot to turn off the ceiling fan – sorry about the background noise. ) I’ve been calling my previous videos “rants” but…
October 21, 2015
#06 Blogging & Monetization
(That’s what my face looks like whenever I’m discussing “monetization”. A little bit of the American accent slipped it too! Maybe I’ll do the next one in a completely Naina-American…
October 14, 2015
#05 Brands & PR are not responsible for your rent. You are.
( Short rant post fashion week. This video is early in the week – it’s shorter than my usual 8 minute posts, which come out at 9 am every Wednesday.…
October 12, 2015
#04 Bloggers that charge Rs. 5000. Don’t.
Just to be clear, this is not an attack on the blogger at all. I’ve been in this blogger’s shoes so I am the last person who will attack another…
October 7, 2015
#03 #AdobeMAX Minute: Meet lifestyle & fashion photographer @Naina #NAINAxADOBE
I’m on Periscope too! If you have any questions, I’m totally working on videos and will be more than thrilled to include answers to your questions in those videos. (…
October 6, 2015
#02 Photographer or Social Media Influencer?
( Correction : “I DO want to be remembered as me.” not “I DON’T want to be remembered as me.” ) The best way to become a better photographer is…
October 3, 2015
#01 “Long Term Association” #ProTips
Here’s a little #ProTip that can go a long way in converting enquiries from prospects into actual assignments for you if you are a freelancer / independent professional like me.…
October 5, 2014
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