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"What's the Opportunity?" with TRA

"What's the Opportunity?" with TRA

By Trevor Clarke
A Tech Research Asia podcast for IT channel leaders. TRA and guests discuss market opportunities around Asia Pacific.
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The TRA IT Channel Podcast: What's the Opportunity in Japan?
Welcome back to another episode of the Tech Research Asia podcast focussed on the IT channel across Asia Pacific. This episode we have a quick look into the Japan market with Trevor Clarke and Tomoko Mitsuoka who are both based in-country. There is a lot of action in Japan at the moment and plenty of opportunity for vendors and partners. Listen in to learn more. 
August 09, 2022
The TRA Channel Podcast: What's the opportunity with cloud?
Hi there,  This episode we are joined by Datacom's Daniel Bowbyes to talk about the 4th Annual Cloud Research Report done in collaboration with TRA. Lots of research insights and commentary for the ANZ markets.  And you can get the report here as well.  Happy listening. 
June 21, 2022
The TRA IT Channel Podcast: What's the Opportunity in Retail?
It's been a while and we made some bloopers.  This episode we talk about the retail industry and a recent project with AWS and the Australian Retailers Association (ARA).
May 02, 2022
The TRA Channel Podcast - What's the opportunity with industry clouds?
We are back with our first IT channel podcast for 2022. This time around we discuss the rise of industry clouds and what they mean for the channel. 
March 01, 2022
The TRA Channel Podcast - What is the opportunity for 2022?
Our version of predictions? Kind of.  The latest edition of the TRA channel podcast is out now. Have a listen as we talk about the major trends we expect to hit technology markets in 2022.  And enjoy whatever you have planned for the end of year festivities. 
December 21, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast: What's the Opportunity with M&A?
The latest podcast from TRA in collaboration with ARN and Latimer Partners. This time around we delve into the world of mergers and acquisitions and what it means for the channel. 
December 02, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast: What's the "ISV" opportunity in Asia Pacific?
We do a lot of work on the software market in Asia Pacific. And for good reason. The market is buoyant and there is a lot of opportunity. Just don't call it "ISV" - the term is outdated and the market has evolved.  In the latest episode of the podcast we introduce some of the major questions and data points we've been working on in the past 12 months. We'll dig into more software market topics going forward so stay tuned and let us know if you have any ideas or guests you think would be worth listening to.
October 27, 2021
TRA Channel Podcast - The Opportunity with SaaS Accounting for SMB
Accounting systems are a core technology for every SMB and recent years have seen considerable growth for many SaaS providers. We look at the opportunity with several cool vendors in this space for channel partners. And for us, it is no surprise that the high growth players in the region are often country-specific and have great integrations.  Vendors mentioned include: Xero, MYOB, Rakus, Freee, Moneyforward, Hubspot, Monday, Zoho, Jurnal, Realbooks, Sleekr
September 03, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast: What's the opportunity with SMB tech?
What do you think is the top technology that SMBs are investing in this year? Find out what the data tells us on the latest TRA Channel Podcast: What's the opportunity? 
August 04, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast: What is the SMB opportunity?
It's the engine room of every Asia Pacific economy. Indeed, SMB customers make up the bulk of most vendor and channel partner customer bases. But what does this highly diversified opportunity look like and how is it changing? We delve into it during episode 5 of the TRA channel podcast.
July 07, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast - What's the Opportunity with Analysts?
We often get asked what to do when trying to engage with an analyst firm. So we had a quick chat about it. Listen in to hear some of our thoughts on what to do and what not to do. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic and whether you find analysts useful in the channel. 
June 17, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast Episode 3 - What is the roundtable event opportunity?
In-person IT events are making a comeback in many places across Asia Pacific. As they continue to ramp up, should you consider holding round table style events? For us, the answer is a resounding "yes". Listen in to hear the TRA team break down why round table events are worth your investment and the do's and do not's. 
May 31, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast - What is the opportunity for IT Distribution? Episode 2
Backed by Private Equity, the big IT distributors are getting bigger, almost doubling in size over 10 years. So what is the opportunity going forward? In this episode, host Trevor Clarke is joined by Tim Dillon and Mark Iles to discuss the various opportunities for disties. Is it marketplaces? Automation? Emerging Tech? Services and skills? Listen in to hear more in the second episode of the TRA Channel Podcast for IT channel leaders in Asia Pacific. 
May 17, 2021
The TRA Channel Podcast: What's the opportunity with the cloud computing ecosystem in Asia Pacific?
The first episode of the Tech Research Asia podcast for IT channel leaders across Asia Pacific. We delve into the data, research and insights on cloud computing in Asia Pacific. 
April 25, 2021