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What's It Like?

What's It Like?

By What's It Like
From spiritual epiphanies to winning game shows to close calls with death, this show interviews people about their experiences to ask, "What's it like?" No experience too mundane or too out there!
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14. ...To Do Color Guard? (for Chelsie)

What's It Like?

14. ...To Do Color Guard? (for Chelsie)

What's It Like?

42. ...To Have Bipolar Disorder? (for Nichole)
Today I'm talking to Nichole, who has a bipolar disorder diagnosis. She talks with us about the symptoms that led to the diagnosis, what her treatment and recovery looked like, and what the media gets wrong about bipolar. You can find her as @nicholehowson on Twitter and Instagram, and as Nichole Howson on Facebook.
January 18, 2021
41. ...To Change the Way You Eat? (for Shelley)
Today I'm talking to Shelley, who developed a passion for healthy eating after her husband had a heart attack. She talks about what it was like to watch your loved one go through that, how she changed her family's eating patterns, and how she helps make it sustainable for all families. You can find her @shelleycanhelp on all social media. If you're interested in more healthy eating information, you can sign up for her free 5-day Facebook Live masterclass at the end of January here:
January 11, 2021
What's It Like Mini Update
We're on break this week but we'll be back next week with another interview!
January 04, 2021
40. ...To Be a Mascot? (for Mark)
Today I'm talking to Mark, who worked as a college sports mascot for six years. He talks about how he got involved, the most challenging parts of being a mascot, and what made it a rewarding experience. You can follow Mark on Instagram and Twitter as @reverendmarkus, and check out his podcast Wandering Ways, all about natural parks and traveling.
December 28, 2020
39. ...To Be a Food Blogger? (for Sam)
Today I'm talking to Sam of the food blog, which focuses on cooking with kitchen gadgets. She talks about how she got started doing this, the most difficult part of writing about food, and how she actually makes money doing this. You can find her on, which also has links to all her social media pages.
December 21, 2020
38. ...To Job Search During COVID? (for Matt)
Today I'm talking to Matt, who was job searching before the pandemic and has had to double down on the search as quarantine hit. He talks about his unorthodox methods, how to cope with rejection, and the job-searching advice he's gotten that has been the most and least helpful. You can find Matt on Instagram and Twitter @coachbigtoe, or check out his podcast Talking Shop, sharing stories, lessons & experiences in sports performance.
December 14, 2020
37. ...To Drop Out of a Master's Program? (for Travis)
Today I'm talking to Travis, who dropped out of his Master's studies program when he realized it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life. He talks about how he dealt with feelings of failure and what his new path forward looks like now. You can find him and his current work at the Everyday Worker podcast, found on and everywhere else you find podcasts.
December 07, 2020
36. ...To Survive a Stroke? (for Bill)
Today I'm talking to Bill, who is a stroke survivor. He talks about how he recognized he was having a stroke, his journey toward recovery, and how is life is different now. You can find Bill on The Strokecast podcast at and on Instagram as @bills_strokecast. You can also find Bill at
November 30, 2020
35. ...To Support an Overseas Team? (for Colum)
Today I'm talking to Colum, who lives in Ireland but has been a lifelong fan of the Denver Broncos. He talks about how he discovered them, what it was like to root for a team nobody else he knew cared about, and how the Internet helped build his connection to that community. You can find Colum on the Adventures in Advising podcast or @columfromcork on Twitter. And Broncos fans can check out the Broncos Europe group at or any of the social media links on the site.
November 23, 2020
34. ...To Be a Nudist? (for Scott)
Today I'm talking to Scott, who has been practicing nudism for the last few years. He talks about how he first got interested in it, what it was like going to a nude resort for the first time, and the many, many misconceptions people have about nudism. Scott suggests the following resources for anyone who might be interested in learning more about nudism: and, podcasts The New Nudist and Our Naked Story, and the movie Act Naturally.
November 16, 2020
33. ...To Complete an Ironman? (for Mike)
Today's guest is Mike, who tells us about his journey to complete an Ironman triathlon. He talks about why he became interested, how he trained, what the day of was like, and get some tips on if you want to try to conquer Ironman yourself! You can check out Mike's podcast, the Mr. Black Heart Podcast, on Instagram @mrblackheartpodcast, and you can follow Mike there too @themikedoherty.
November 09, 2020
32. ...To Have Intrusive Thoughts? (for Adam)
Today's guest is Adam, who found himself as an adult suddenly dealing with intrusive thoughts he couldn't shake. He talks about his therapy journey, how he calms himself, and how the meta-thoughts *about* the thoughts can actually be worse than the initial intrusion. You can check out Adam and his podcast, Farrand on Film, on Facebook or on Twitter @farrandonfilm.
November 02, 2020
31. ...To Have a Sitting Disability? (for Krista)
Today's guest is Krista, who hasn't been able to sit down for two years because of an ongoing health issue. She talks about how it started, what worked and didn't work, how she has adapted her life to never sit down, and how her disability gives her a unique perspective on the pandemic. You can read more of Krista's story at her blog: For those with sitting disabilities, you can find the Facebook support group at: And for more information on Dr. Stuart McGill, whose research was most helpful for Krista, you can check out his company website:
October 26, 2020
30. ...To Run a Comedy Night? (for Callum)
Today I talk with Callum, a comedian who runs a monthly open-mic comedy night at a local bar. He talks about how he got the opportunity to start it, the worst the night ever bombed, and what makes someone a good comedy show MC, as well as shouting out some great up-and-coming comedians to check out. You can find Callum on The Neanderthals podcast - @le_meanderthals on Twitter, @themeanderthals on Instagram. You can also find him as an Audible performer as Callum Jarvis-Jones, and on Instagram as @callumjarvisjonesvo.
October 19, 2020
29. ...To Drum at a Concert Without Being a Drummer? (for Hunter)
This week our guest is Hunter Alford, who auditioned to be a rock band drummer on a whim and got in, despite having picked up drumsticks only once or twice in his life. He talks about how deep he got into faking his way through this, eventually ending with him performing with them at a 200-person concert. You can hear more of Hunter and his co-host Kody on the Tall Guy Bald Guy Podcast, which you can find here or anywhere you get your podcasts:
October 12, 2020
28. ...To Found a Start-Up? (for Jacob)
This week our guest is Jacob Wedderburn Day, co-founder of the luggage storage network Stasher -- "the Airbnb for luggage." He walks us through how they came up with the idea, the incredible luck that got them their first funder, and what it was like to expand their business internationally. Jacob's business can be found at, and you can find him and his business partner Anthony Collias on the podcast The Morality of Everyday Things.
October 05, 2020
27. ...To Be Born During a Civil War? (for Sergio)
This week our guest is Sergio, who was born in Beirut ten years into the Lebanese Civil War. He talks about growing up hearing gunshots and bombing outside his home, how his parents attempted to shield him from the violence, the survival mentality this experience built in him, and how he had to confront in himself the religious prejudice that birthed the war in the first place. Look for Sergio's podcast Paradigm Shift, and follow him on Instagram @paradigm.shift.podcast.
September 28, 2020
26. ...To Write a Play? (for Peter)
This week our guest is Peter Fenton, who just finished writing his fourth play during the pandemic. He talks about what inspired the first play he wrote when he was 14, the exvangelical past he confronted in this play, and why video games are some of his best writing inspirations. Follow Peter's work at his website,, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @peterfent.
September 21, 2020
25. ...To Have Intracranial Hypertension? (for Jalaika)
This week our guest is Jalaika, who has idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a condition which means the pressure of her cerebrospinal fluid is too high. She talks about the debilitating symptoms that pushed her to seek help, the difficulty she had getting a diagnosis, the brain shunt that failed after a year, and the implicit bias Black women face when seeking medical treatment. Follow Jalaika on Instagram @jalaika, and check out her recommended website,, a collective committed to transforming the birthing experiences of Black women and birthing people.
September 14, 2020
24. ...To Roast the Angry Video Game Nerd? (for Noah)
This week we're talking to Noah, one of a handful of people chosen to participate in a roast of YouTube celebrity James Rolfe, aka "the Angry Video Game Nerd." Noah talks about what makes a good roast, how to write jokes about someone you don't know, and how he recovered from things going wrong. Find him on Twitter with his comedy group @plus2comedy or his personal account @tvsnoah, check out his podcast Stay Doomed about one-season TV shows, and follow him on Twitch at - his game show Conquest starts streaming there on Tuesday nights starting 9/15!
September 07, 2020
23. ...To Have an Assistance Dog? (for Natalie)
This week we're joined by Natalie, who has an assistance dog for her cerebral palsy. She talks about the process of getting the dog trained and the difference it has made to her life, as well as sharing some of her story surrounding cerebral palsy and mental health issues. She's a novelist and you can find her author website at You can also follow her on social media: Twitter: @nataliehibberd Facebook: @nataliehibberd Instagram: @nataliehibberdauthor And for more info on support dogs, Natalie suggests
August 31, 2020
22. ...To Be a Working Journalist? (for Robert)
Today we speak with Robert Dean, a journalist who has gotten to work all over the world for his writing work. He shares about the teacher who encouraged him to write for a living, why he writes both fiction and nonfiction, and how the current climate of media distrust affects his work. Follow him on Instagram @literallyrobertdean and on Facebook @robertdeansworld. 
August 24, 2020
21. ...To Be a Scuba Diving Instructor? (for Hana)
Today our guest is Hana, who has taught scuba diving all over the world, including Fiji, the Maldives, and Iceland! She talks about how she fell in love with diving, why it's one of the world's safest and most accessible sports, and the way it's changed her view of the world. You can follow Hana on Twitch at where she streams her baking!
August 17, 2020
20. ...To Have Skin Issues? (for Kimberley)
Today we talk with Kimberley about the skin issues that plagued her her whole life until she found the healthy lifestyle that cleared it up! She talks about the experience of being unable to walk because of broken foot skin, how that affected her view of herself, what she learned about her body, and how it translates into her passion today. You can find her natural health business here:
August 10, 2020
19. ...To Be a Podcast Comedian? (for Ryan)
Today we talk with Ryan of the podcast Into the Woods With Ryan Woods. He had zero comedy experience before launching his own comedy podcast. We talk about the podcasting comedians who inspired him, the format that he found worked for his style, how podcasting differs from stand-up, and what it was like to gain an online following. Find his podcast anywhere where podcasts are found, and follow him on Twitter @Ryan_Woodss and on Instagram @ryanwoodss!
August 03, 2020
18. ...To Hitchhike Across Australia? (for Rachael)
This week we're talking with Rachael, who decided to go hitchhiking across Australia when she was 21. She shares about what pushed her to hitchhike, the interesting people she met along the way, and how lucky she was that it ended up being a safe and smooth adventure. Check her out on Instagram at @rachaelwin.
July 27, 2020
17. ...To Not Speak For Years? (for Savannah)
This week we talk with Savannah (of about her childhood in which she barely spoke at all because of severe social anxiety. She talks about how that turned into anger in her teen years, the rock bottom situation that pushed her to improve herself, and the life choices that gave her the confident to start using her voice for the first time. You can check out her work @earthand_water on Twitter and Instagram, as well as Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube (all links available on her website).
July 20, 2020
16. ...To Join a Cult? (for Helen)
Author Helen Zuman ( shares the story of how she got pulled into a North Carolina farm cult after graduating college. She shares with me what drew her in, what kept her there, and what allowed her to break away from that mindset. It's a fascinating conversation, so make sure and give it a listen, and then check out Helen's memoir about her time!
July 13, 2020
15. ...To Be Stranded in Another Country? (for James)
James of the Kamen Ride With Me podcast shares about the time he went to study abroad and found himself, unexpectedly, with no money whatsoever once he got there. He shares about how he coped, what he thinks he missed out on most, and how it impacted his life afterward. Check out him and his podcast on Twitter @Kamenridewithme.
July 06, 2020
14. ...To Do Color Guard? (for Chelsie)
This week, our guest Chelsie shares about her two years in color guard in high school. We talk how intense the competition can get, what she learned from the experience, what makes color guard unique among extracurricular activities, as well as the highest highs and lowest lows of the sport. Check out Chelsie and her podcast Weird Mom on Instagram @weirdmompod and on Anchor:
June 29, 2020
13. ...To Have a Tumor At a Young Age? (for Vincent)
This week's guest, Vincent, shares the story of how he had to get a tumor removed at the age of six. He shares how close he came to losing his life before the diagnosis, how the surgery resulted in severe hearing loss in his left ear, and how being in and out of hospitals so much as a child affects his attitude toward medical care today -- and more!
June 22, 2020
12. ...To Deliver a Baby in a Hallway? (for Nate)
Nate of Love and a Podcast shares his wild story of how he had to help deliver his son in an upstairs hallway. He shares why that happened, why he was actually pretty prepared, and the close-call aftermath. Check out his podcast about relationships, which he hosts with his girlfriend, at @loveandapodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
June 15, 2020
11. ...To Be a Cosplayer? (for Abby)
Abby talks us through her journey with cosplay, starting with the outfits she literally cut and pasted together at age 14. She talks about how cosplay boosted her confidence, stories of costumes that fell apart as soon as moved, and how she learned to sew to improv her costumes. Check out her Instagram @abbydream13 or her Fiverr, where she takes cosplay commissions ( 
June 08, 2020
10. ...To Be a Self-Published Author? (for Will)
This episode, we chat with Will, who is self-publishing his "Wildly Inappropriate Stories for Children" series. We talk about what it takes to self-publish a book, where his ideas come from, and why he thinks this series resonates so strongly with people. Check out his Amazon author page at, and you can find him on Facebook and Instagram at @curiousmindofwill.
June 01, 2020
9. ...To Have a Child With Clubfoot? (for Randy)
Randy shares about the experience of his son being born with clubbed feet. He talks about how little is known about what causes this, the steps they took to fix it, and how he and his wife found support through the process. You can follow along with his wife's perspective on this journey (as well as other mom blog posts) at
May 25, 2020
8. ...To Be a Gastroenterologist? (for Kaveh)
Kaveh of The House of Pod podcast shares his journey to gastroenterology, aka the the branch of medicine focused on the digestive system. Tune in to hear him talk about how healthcare as a whole is changing in response to COVID-19, what motivated him to start a podcast about medicine, and what he wishes more people knew about their doctors. Follow along with his work at @thehouseofpod on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!
May 18, 2020
7. ...To Eat at the Eiffel Tower? (for Kaylen)
Kaylen joins us to talk about the experience of eating at the Eiffel Tower in Paris! She shares how her trip to Europe in high school sparked her love of international travel, other things she's learned from her travels, and how visiting other countries opened her eyes to new experiences. Follow her on Instagram at @_captain_kay_diddy_
May 11, 2020
6. ...To Be Hospitalized for Depression? (for Michael)
Michael joins the podcast to share his story of being hospitalized for depression in his early 20s. He shares why he decided to check himself in, how it was different from the movies, and the mental health resources he tries to pass on to others in need. Follow him on Twitter @meegz_86.
May 04, 2020
5. ...To Practice Mindfulness? (for Shaun)
Shaun joins us to share his journey with mindfulness, from the first yoga class he ever took to the twice-a-week Mindfulness for Beginners podcast he now hosts. He talks about how it improved his mental health, the misconceptions people have about mindfulness, and the things he does to live his day-to-day life mindfully. Follow him on Twitter at @mindfulness_for and check out his podcast here at
April 27, 2020
4. ...To Quit Your Job to Study Abroad? (for Mars)
Mars joins us on this episode to talk about her experience quitting her job in Mexico at 34 to get her Master's in Austria, in a subject she hadn't studied, without knowing the language. We talk cultural differences, why she made such a bold choice, and her new favorite Viennese foods.
April 20, 2020
3. ...To Win Jeopardy? (for Dan)
I talk to Dan of the Beyond Terrestrial podcast about the time when he not only got to go on Jeopardy, but won! We talk through the details of the audition process, the question that tripped him up on game #2, the secret rules about what you can and can't wager, and what makes Jeopardy special among other game shows. Follow him on Twitter @capdan58 and check out his podcast at
April 13, 2020
2. ...To Have a Seizure During Zumba? (for Katie)
Podcast fan Katie sits down with me to share the bizarre story of the time she had a seizure in the middle of a Zumba class. We discuss how she handled it, how she found out what caused it, how it affected her life later, and more!
April 06, 2020
1. ....To Walk Away From Christianity? (for Diego)
For my first episode, I talk with Diego of the Geekology 101 podcast about his spiritual journey, from discovering Christianity as a young teen, to being asked to succeed a pastor at three separate churches, to walking away from Christianity altogether and what his spiritual life looks like now, including relationships he both lost and gained because of his shift in worldview. Follow his podcast on Twitter at @G101podcast.
March 30, 2020