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Sweet Vegan Spills The Tea

Sweet Vegan Spills The Tea

By Jennifer June Chapman
Sweet Vegan is a Nutrition and Holistic Health podcast, hosted by nutrition Coach, vegan nutritionist, and studying Nutratherapy Practioner and Naturopath, Jennifer Chapman. Jennifer, after surviving a near-fatal autoimmune disease, adopted dramatic nutrition and lifestyle changes during recovery and has been researching nutrition and its effect on every aspect of our health; from our gut to our mental health, hormones, neurological system, and immune system, and beyond. We're talking about food, remedies, lifestyle hacks and so much more!

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Fat Shaming

Sweet Vegan Spills The Tea

Fat Shaming
In this episode, we're talking fat!  We're taking a dip into the pool of body fat, dietary fat, good fats, bad fats, and omega fatty acids.  Find out which fats you need and which ones you don't and whether it's true or not that your brain really is made of fat!  Learn what the secret sources of DHA and EPA are, and why you don't need to eat fish to get them.   For more detailed show notes, visit​
April 7, 2021
Is your food feeding you or your anxiety?
On episode 3, we look into foods that affect our levels of anxiety, how your gut bugs affect your mental health, what the gut-brain axis is. Jennifer gives you a heap of tips on what you can do to optimize both, and gushes about her current crush, the Vagus Nerve.
March 1, 2021
Vitamins, supplements, and who should take them
In Episode two, Jennifer talks about misconceptions about vitamin and supplements, which ones everybody absolutely needs, and which ones cause more damage than good.
January 21, 2021
Welcome to Sweet Vegan Spills The Tea
 In the first ever episode of Sweet Vegan Spills The Tea, Jennifer June sits down to tell you a bit about who she is, what she does, why she does it, and how surviving a near-fatal autoimmune disease, and adopting dramatic nutrition and lifestyle changes during recovery, changed her life and inspired this podcast! Welcome!
January 8, 2021