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Paul Garth's Week in Review

Paul Garth's Week in Review

By Paul Garth
Paul's Week in Review Podcast - covering a range of self-development topics, with multiple intersections: Hypnotherapy; General Aviation; Personal Productivity; Social Work, Communications... to name a few.
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20211107 Weekly Review

Paul Garth's Week in Review

20211107 Weekly Review

Paul Garth's Week in Review

20211121 - Weekly Review of Paul Garth
GTD -Trust your external systems -Trim down number of projects.  Be appropriately engaged. -Trim down number of action support applications.  Avoid shiny baubles -Be appropriately engaged Headspace -Can't log in yet PTSD-VA -Non-employee portal -Really comprehensive.  LEC-5; CAPS-5 Audio book on PTSD -The Unspeakable Mind by Dr. Shaili Jain, MD -- VA Palo Alto, connected to Stanford U. 
November 22, 2021
20211114 -Paul Garth's weekly review
GTD External Trusted Systems -Clean lists -No preambling additional stuff -Just PocketInformant and Evernote ASW logs -logging various variables Medical exam and fingerprinting -More to come Eye Exam -Done -No glasses, but I know everything about them now... Dan Roam -The Pop-Up Pitch -Highly recommend his work - live-drawing
November 15, 2021
20211107 Weekly Review
COVID-19 booster - temperature; headache; get it done ASW status - acclimating GTD Tip of Week - minimize "apps"; phasing out Notion; try recording yourself for note-taking Dan Roam - his book comes out this week General Aviation - not much this week ASW Law and Ethics EBP - PTSD Apologies - not quite coherent today.  Recovering from Booster shot.  
November 08, 2021
20211031 Paul Garth's Weekly Review
ASW number - arrived!  Hours; logs; signoffs GTD Tip of the week - locators Dan Roam book - marketing plug at end of audio General Aviation - weather - as it happens ASW Law and Ethics - studying; TDC PTSD Studying; VA courses (free)
November 01, 2021
20211024 - Paul Garth's Week in Review
ASW Number status - pending GTD Tip of the Week - externalizing Next Actions using spreadsheets Dan Roam - The PopUp Pitch book (New!) General Aviation - Weather Focus ASW Law and Ethics Spanish
October 25, 2021
20211017 Weekly Review of Paul Garth
I have fewer listeners now.  Where did you go? I removed the comments section from the last couple podcasts, and going forward, will not be asking for comments/input.  The intention of this podcast is to share what's been going on in my life during last week.  I always look for things/tools/best practices that I think will be useful for people and mention them in my podcast.   ASW number status - still waiting.  Maybe early November.   GTD Tip of the week - use a calendar (ideally one for everything -- work and life) and externalize your mind into it.  Use it to capture items for a day without a time.  Also, for a day with a specific time.  An idea is to also include a specific time for yourself -- self-care.   Because voice to text systems are not cheap, I came up with an idea...   General Aviation - working on building my index for reviewing the BFR (Biennial Flight Review) ASW Law and Ethics and the Tarasoff law. Spanish update - Pimsleur.  
October 18, 2021
20211010 Weekly Review
Feedback request - possibly via Spotify GTD Agenda method - building an agenda; waiting-for's Renegotiating a commitment - dropped Spanish and ESRI GIS Courses Reviewing other items for Someday/Maybe ASW number status SOAP notes General Aviation update Law and Ethics course Additional ideas for learning Spanish Kanban at Toyota Yes...  I know these podcasts are getting longer, but I'm only doing once per week.  Hopefully, you're finding something useful to try out for yourself.  
October 11, 2021
20211003 Weekly Review
Anchor - no advertisers yet ASW number status - still waiting - maybe early November GTD Tip - external trusted systems; GoogleCalendar; PocketInformant on Mac and iPhone; for Project/Action Support; Evernote Premium - great for full-text searching Heartmath - Breathing exercise; breathe in and out for 6 counts; visualize breathing thru heart; intentionally think of something positive Pomodoro Technique - 25 minutes; 1 pomo; 5 minute break; multiple pomos then longer break; Dan Levitin Organized Mind; great for staying focused and intentional and on task.  Using Tomato One -- free app on Mac ASW Law and Ethics - no excuse...  haven't started yet Spanish learning - fun imagining what they're saying on the podcasts.  Have to keep up with collegiate-style learning Heading to Toyota this Friday - Kanban
October 04, 2021
20210926 Weekly Review of Paul Garth
Heart-Focused breathing (HeartMath) - working on a bonus track of cognitive breathing technique Advertising with - they're working on it ASW Number - taking a while GTD Tip of the week - Use Tags to group actions by an "Area of Focus" Dan Roam's new upcoming book - "The Pop-up Pitch" EFT Tapping - PTSD; Military; Cognitive ASW Law and Ethics Spanish Class ESRI - GIS Course
September 27, 2021
20210919 Weekly Review.
Podcast recording mistakes, ASW update, Law and Ethics, bonus track - Value Proposition of being a Certified Hypnotherapist, upcoming relaxation audio, advertising with Anchor, General Aviation, learning Spanish, my GTD story and Pocket Informant, ESRI going places, aviation sunglasses.
September 20, 2021
Value Proposition of Paul Garth, Certified Hypnotherapist.
Academic background, Local 472, Code of Ethics, htpps://, Subconscious Behaviorist. Theory of Mind, Boundaries, Integrity.
September 20, 2021
20210912 - Thoughts from the week
Self-Help housing, Good enough, learning, Russell Bishop, David Allen, GTD, Value Proposition, The Way Out - Chronic Pain by Allen Gordon
September 13, 2021
20210905 - Week in Review
Topics covered: -Working as a Social Worker (Case Management/Advocacy) for People's Self-Help Housing Corporation ( -Learning Spanish towards a goal of fluency -Reading "The Way Out: Healing Chronic Pain" by Alan Gordon.  Comments includes boundaries between being a Social Worker and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  
September 06, 2021
Welcome to Paul's Podcast
Borrowing a concept from GTD (David Allen's "Getting Things Done"), my week in review will summarize key updates from various Projects and Actions.  
September 06, 2021