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Paul Garth's Week in Review

Paul Garth's Week in Review

By Paul Garth
Paul's Week in Review Podcast - covering a range of self-development topics, with multiple intersections: Hypnotherapy; General Aviation; Personal Productivity; Social Work, Communications... to name a few.
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Welcome to Paul's Podcast

Paul Garth's Week in Review

20210919 Weekly Review.
Podcast recording mistakes, ASW update, Law and Ethics, bonus track - Value Proposition of being a Certified Hypnotherapist, upcoming relaxation audio, advertising with Anchor, General Aviation, learning Spanish, my GTD story and Pocket Informant, ESRI going places, aviation sunglasses.
September 20, 2021
Value Proposition of Paul Garth, Certified Hypnotherapist.
Academic background, Local 472, Code of Ethics, htpps://, Subconscious Behaviorist. Theory of Mind, Boundaries, Integrity.
September 20, 2021
20210912 - Thoughts from the week
Self-Help housing, Good enough, learning, Russell Bishop, David Allen, GTD, Value Proposition, The Way Out - Chronic Pain by Allen Gordon
September 13, 2021
20210905 - Week in Review
Topics covered: -Working as a Social Worker (Case Management/Advocacy) for People's Self-Help Housing Corporation ( -Learning Spanish towards a goal of fluency -Reading "The Way Out: Healing Chronic Pain" by Alan Gordon.  Comments includes boundaries between being a Social Worker and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  
September 6, 2021
Welcome to Paul's Podcast
Borrowing a concept from GTD (David Allen's "Getting Things Done"), my week in review will summarize key updates from various Projects and Actions.  
September 6, 2021